This Prophecy spans the eons of time. Current events, people places and things are commented on throughout the Prophecy in real time. However, such comments are provided within the broader scope of the Prophecy which, spans the eons of time and space. Yes, time and space. Much of the Prophecy regarding Barack Obama has been removed in order to conserve space. What was revealed about Obama and his Presidency remains true and relevant. However, America has a new President now. Comments must be updated to reflect the future of America (modern day promiscuous, lascivious, gluttonous Babylon) and how it was affected by then President Donald J. Trump, and now Joe Biden.. You should read the entire Prophecy, and you will realize the Prophecy taking place all around you. The Universe is attempting to rebalance itself. Your (mankind's) evil doing has caused a portion of the universe to tilt. This Prophecy is handed down through the Ancient Oracle of KMT. (Ancient Egypt).

The Prophecy contains prophetic comments on the stance by President Vladimir Putin of Russia to right the wrong that western history has perpetrated on the Russian people. You will see that the same people, White Western Europeans, who carved up Africa like a pie, and distributed the slices among themselves, are the forebearers of the same White Western Europeans who carved up Eastern Europe like a pie, in 1991. The leaders of the European Union, and NATO are the same people as their great grandparents of yesterday. President Putin as an intellectual, a well read historian, statesman, and patriot of his people and country, has come forth and emerged out of the distorted ashes of history to right the wrongs of western history perpretrated against Russia and Eastern Europe. Read comments below.

You were warned, when this Prophecy was first published in 2000, and continue to be forewarned that "Time as We know It is About to Change".  You were also informed to watch the sky because the precipitious event(s)that will rush in this cosmic change will come from above.  It will come from the sky. According to cosmological time, it should be a peaceful and welcoming change.  However, because of the consciousness that has evolved on planet Earth in the last 2200 years, the change in time will be ushered in by violent events such as a nuclear war, or an unidentified asteroid that falls from the sky.  Both of these events will have a similar impact on Earth.  Read more about one of these events below. What you are reading is Prophecy being fulfilled.

Read below for updates to existing sections as well as new comments on important, recent events.  You may miss something if you scroll too fast, or skip sections.  Updates and additions are not always at the top of the Prophecy, but scattered throughout, where needed, to update an event or topic with pertinent comments and insights.  Find updated comments below regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit as "senior members" of the Royal Family, as well as deceitful Meghan Markle and crazed Prince Harry's interview with "ambulance chaser", Oprah Winfrey.


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To those who have had the privilege and blessing to read the Prophecy in its entirety, all 1000 pages, the knowledge you have learned is priceless.  That knowledge has prepared your mind for the remainder of this incarnation as well as what lies beyond.  The Ancient Oracle has shared this knowledge for twenty years, without any renumeration.  You can come to this Prophecy, and you are not charged a fee.  You are not bombarded by popup advertising, interfering with your learning experience.  Now after twenty years, of not only maintaining the website, creating the contents, and underwriting all of the costs, associated with having a 24 hour presence on the world wide web, the Ancient Oracle is extending an invitation.  That invitation is to those who value what they have learned over the last twenty years from this Prophecy, and would like to continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge.  In life, one values what one has been required to exhange for monetary value in his or her life.  This Prophecy is no different.  The Prophecy is valuable to the extent that you are willing to exhange the equivalent monetary value of time in your life.

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If you have read the Prophecy up until this point, you should recall that you were warned that the Soul is preparing America and the world for what is to come.  You were told, on the Home Page of this Prophecy, that the rampart obesity in America is a message from the Soul; a warning of events in the future, and events that only the Soul could see in the distance.  What has obesity to do with events and conditions that are taking place in America and elsewhere in the world?  Let's start with plagues, diseases, pandemics, droughts, floods, and catastrophic weather.

America has been infected by the pandemic Covid-19 Virus and its variants, which have infected over 500 million people worldwide, and approaching 15 million killed, with numbers growing.  The Coronavirus struck suddenly and unexpectedly, and affected not only America but countries around the world.  In the meantime, a plague of locusts, and other agricultural pests threaten agricultural production in other parts of the world.  While Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress and the Senate were consumed with impeaching President Trump, the Coronavirus had penetrated inside America and was beginning to take hold.  There were indications from news sources, that China had an infectious virus, which had infected large portions of the Chinese populations, as China was trying to contain its spread.  This threat went totally unattended, and uninvestigated by the Congressional committees in the House of Representatives and committees in the Senate.  This could be attributed to the time consuming obsession of resources devoted to impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were warned that their concentration and obsession with impeaching the President were diverting attention from urgent matters which deserved the legislative bodies' consideration.  As late as February 4, 2020, in President Trump's State of the Union Address, President Trump called attention to the Coronavirus threat coming out of China.  That was the speech which Nancy Pelosi tore into pieces, indicating that she did not take the President's comments seriously.  Such contempt!  And the pandemic was already inside America, preparing to fill its hospitals and nursing homes, and kill its people.

America was warned in the segment below regarding the Impeachment of President Tump and the disenfranchisement of the 65 million American citizens who voted for him in 2016, that the impeachment of Trump in the House of Representatives was the beginning of the unraveling of America.  You were warned that America is irretrievably and irrevocably divided and those divisions are so deep that no one can bring the country together again.  The 2020 election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as the next President and Vice President sealed that divide.  The 74 million Americans who voted for the Trump/Pence ticket are not going to roll over and play dead, accepting an election they consider rigged by the left wing, radical liberal Democrat party, supported by the liberal media, and repugnant TV programming such as the "View".  Not to mention the support of immoral and extreme views of pro choice, abortion, gender-denying perverts.  Nancy Pelosi, see what you and the Democrat party have wrought on America!  The unraveling of America and the deep divide is laid directly at the feet of Nancy Pelosi, the liberal, far left Democrat party, and their enablers in the media, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, the broadcast media, the New York Times, the cable TV stations of CNN, MSNBC etc.  You cannot arrest, imprison or kill all those God fearing, 74 million patriotic Americans, who come from all walks of life, and who believe that America has devolved into a cess pool of corruption, which they can no longer support.  Washington D. C., the nation's capitol, belongs to all Americans.  It is the People's capitol, and the peaceful marches and protests will continue in order to redress the perceived wrong doing and corruption within the Federal government and America's seat of governance.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is on her last leg. The country is in the midst of a protracted covert civil war.  The Ancient Oracle prophesied this many years ago. It went in one ear and one eye and out of the other. Why? Because it was unfathomable that the great United States could ever undergo a Civil War again.  But the Ancient Oralce could see things in the distance that you could not see.  You only see when things begin to outwardly manifest.

The upheaval at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, was a manifestation of the great unrest and discord among the citizenry of the United States.  The participants on that occasion came from all walks of life.  They were and are your next door neighbors, your church parishioner, and church member, your school parent association member, your fellow employee.  To treat them as insurrectionists, does a great disservice to the sincere grievances that your fellow citizens have with their government in Washington D.C.

Those United States citizens who demonstrated at the U.S. Capitol, many of whom were caught up in the moment, were in a sense celebrating their freedom to express themselves in a portion of the people's capitol, where they were forbidden entrance.  They appeared somewhat like children who had been turned lose in a portion of their parents' home where they were not allowed to go.  Some were dressed in costumes, laughing, cheering and marvelling that they had gotten entry into a forbidden and mysterious place.  It would have been comical except for the loss of life of one of the demonstrators, who was a female military combat veteran.  Those United States citizens saw themselves as patriots, there to protest what they had perceived as an unfair and rigged election.  They did not view themselves as insurrectionists.

The liberal media and members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi and her gang in Congress, Joe Biden, and the United States Justice Department labeled those fellow American citizens as insurrectionists.  The media controlled the narrative by replaying over and over again, night and day, the videos of the demonstrators romping through the forbidden part of the Capitol.  It was like a celebration where the demonstrators were able to gain access to a part of the Capitol where they were not supposed to be.  They were laughing and romping through offices and having a "good ole time".

However, Nancy Pelosi, the democrats, and the Attorney General were determined to make these ordinary U.S. citizens, from all walks of life, into insurrectionsts.  Many were jailed, mistreated in jail by jail wardens, deprived of their constitutional rights, and accused of varied offenses including treason. Most of those patriots were law abiding citizens with no previous arrest records.  They certainly do not see themselves as insurrectionists.  They wear and have worn the uniform of their country, defending the rights that they are being denied while locked up and abused in jail.

One man's insurrectionist is another man's patriot.  It depends on who is controlling the narrative. The current United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is the then U.S. Federal District Attorney, who prosecuted Timothy McVeigh in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.  McVeigh's 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was directly tied to the 1993 Branch Dividians fiery assault in Waco, Texas by the F.B.I.  Timothy McVeigh was wrong in the atrocious acts of murder that he committed during that crime.  He was rightly tried, and convicted for what he did.  But to just leave it there, and not understand the reasons behind his criminal action, does a disservice to what was brewing then and is still brewing now.  Although most Americans condemned strongly the bombing and taking of innocent lives by McVeigh, many also quietly understood the frustration and anger that had driven McVeigh to that point.  Then U.S. District Attorney, and now Attorney General Merrick Garland still does not get it.  He failed to understand the larger and greater deep seated anger that is eating away at the United States Federal Government by its citizenry.  Many Americans live in fear of their government.  They remain quiet and passive, while seething inside at the callousness and ineptness of their government in hearing their grievances.  The way that the January 6 demonstators have apparently been treated by the Justice Department, Congress and the guardians of the jails, has entrenched the divisions in America even greater.  The Federal government and its leaders are tone deaf to the concerns and grievances of a large segment of the U.S. populatiom.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Donald Trump was elected for a reason.  Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats in Congress, the Justice Department, and the out-of-touch liberal media, are determined to see America meets its destiny of collapse and divison.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the next update to the Ancient Oracle's Prophecy, the abomination of all things good, all things honest, and all things right, as expressed in the November 2020 Presidential election, and the events that transpired thereafter, will be summarized and discussed in detail. Stay tuned.

The Impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives concluded on December 18th, 2019, just before Christmas.  The virus had already reached the shores of America.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats adjoined for the Christmas holidays, but Nancy refused to send the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate.  Nancy delayed sending the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate until January 16, 2020, after the return of Congress from the Christmas holidays.  In the meantime, Senate proceedings were tied up, as the Senate awaited for the House's Articles of Impeachment.  During this delay, while Nancy and the Democrats played petty politics, the pandemic was spreading inside the United States.  The House had not called for any investigations into the pandemic, which would eventually wreck havoc on the nation's economy, resulting in the losss of 40,000,000 jobs, quarantine and social distancing, and overburdening the nation's health care workers, and hospitals.

The Virus Pandemic wrecked havoc on the U.S. Treasury, causing Congress to react by authorizing the Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy with 6 trillion dollars in Stimulus to subsidize workers who had lost their jobs, and to subsidize businesses that had been forced to close because of the virus.


At the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, the western European powers of Britain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands carved up the continent of Africa like a pie, and dividend it among themselves.  Those western European countries created countries, which did not respect the ancient history, tribal, linguistic and cultural differences of the land and peoples that they carved up.  Those European countries, created countries, and artificial boundaries to suit their purposes. The purpose of those European countries, engaged in the carving, was to rape and exploit the natural resources of Africa and her people.  This carving up of Africa, happened after 265 years of the slave trade of African people to America, Europe, South America, Central America, and the Carribean, beginning in 1619.

Fast forward to 1991 and beyond, these same European powers, through the EU and NATO, have carved up Eastern Europe to suit their needs to break up the Soviet Union and dissolve any threat to the sole super power, the United States of America.  Through trickery, and deceit, then Ronald Reagan,and later George H. Bush, convinced the then Presidents of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin to dissolve the Soviet Union.  In return, the United States, and her European counterparts in the EU and NATO, promised that NATO would not encroach upon Russia by admitting the former Soviet states into NATO.  Gorbachev and the leadership of the Soviet Union failed to get those promises made by the great deceivers, e.g. America, the EU and NATO, in writing.  America and NATO went back on their promise to Russia.  The dissolution of the Soviet Union and subsequent membership of former Soviet nations into the EU and NATO were the biggest "land grab" of the 21st century. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia, like the African American slaves, has learned that you cannot trust the White man, the European western, Caucasian White man.  Just like the White man in America, promised African Americans that they would be given 40 acres and a mule post emancipation in America, which never came to fruition, so did America, NATO and western Europe promise that former Soviet Union countries, including Ukraine, would not be allowed to join NATO.  Russia took America, western Europe and NATO at their word, which was a mistake.  For more than 30 years, Russia, has tried to get NATO and America to live up to its commitment to not threaten it borders by allowing Ukraine to join NATO, and by not providing Ukraine with missiles, and other military warfare and equipment.  America and NATO have pushed President Putin and Russia, where it is so threatened by NATO's military alliance with Ukraine on its border, that it has had to take preemptive action.

President Putin is a student of history, educated and articulate.  He comes from a country with a long history.  As an intellectual, and a leader in the truest sense of the word, President Putin articulated to the Russian people and to the world, the reasons why he had to amass troops along Russia's borders with Ukraine.  He described the millennia historical nature of the conflict, which supersedes the short history of the Republic of the United States of just under 250 years.  Ukraine and Russia are one people with historical ties, deep rooted in their Slavic history.  The year 1991 and beyond, and the dismantle of the Soviet Union, did not erase those historical ties of the Eastern European, Slavic people.

America is a criminal enterprise, and has been since her inception.  It uses deceptive practices, posing as a great democracy, when the voters do not have a choice.  The only choice that voters have in America is the choices, that are engineered by the bought and paid for candidates who represent corporate interests of greed and exploitiation, including the technology, pharmaceutical, communications and defense contractors' industries.

If you don't believe that America is a criminal enterprise, consider the fact that leaders in the United States Senate and Congress have openly and publicly called for the assassination and murder of President Putin, as a way of accomplishing their desired end.  A repulsive example of such criminal behavior is the senator from the former slave holding state of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, also known as Boss Hog, the ignorant and ruthless character from the "Dukes of Hazzard."  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As an observation, the Ancient Oracle, would like to comment on the grotesque and shameful display of oratory, by African American United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, as she excoriated Russia for securing her borders against Ukraine, and recognizing the independence of Ukranian regions on Russia borders.  As she castigated Russia for being non democratic, and a threat to democracy and western civilization, Russia's representatives could look at her and think the audacity of this Black woman who can come before the United Nations and defend her enslaver and destroyer of Africa and its people.  What did Russia and the Russian people do to her?  Russia never enslaved African people, and certainly did not participate in the 1884-1885 conference, which carved up Africa between the Europeans.  It was Russia that provided support to every African liberation movement during their struggle for independence.  While Russia was providing military and financial support to defeat the western European powers in Africa, America, the country you defend at the United Nations, was doing everthing in its power to keep apartheid flourishing in South Africa.  America was also doing everything it could to prevent the African liberation movements from becoming independent of France, Britain, Belgium and Portugal.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Barack Obama, General Lloyd Austin and all of the other Black faces in high places are useless to the struggle of African American people as they march toward their destiny of Reparations, and Repatriation back to their motherland, and birthright of the countinent of Africa.  Leave Russia alone! As Mohammed Ali said of the Viet Nam, them "Viet Namese didn't do nothing to me".  Why should I go and fight them?"  Likewise, today, African Americans, - Russia has not done anything to you, why should you speak against them and be ready to take up your "master's" fight with the Russians?  Your only concern with that military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is that America is funding its proxy war against Russia with the Reparations Funds that are owed African Americans.  African Americans, you don't have a dog in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  Stay out of it.  By the way, the money that the United States is using to buy military equipment and Javelin missiles for Ukraine and the other former Soviet Baltic states is coming from the Reparations that are owed to African Americans.  America is bankrupt!  She is using the money that she owes for the Slave Reparations of African Americans to fund the government and to fund NATO and the military.  America is, at the same time, borrowing from China and promising to repay China from the trillion of dollars owed African Americans for Reparations.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is in a mess. Civil War and bankruptcy at home, and disgrace and shame abroad! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Unfortunately, the United Nations, headquartered in New York, is nothing more than a crony international institution, which serves as an apologist and supporter for the wrong doing of America and its NATO allies on the world stage.  The speech by the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, of the United Nations, taking the side of the United States and NATO against Russia in the conflict with Ukraine, shows how corrupt the United Nations, as a body, is. Shameful speeches were given by the lackey Ambassadors in the Security Council, who support  the obsolete, contorted, Old World Order of the United States, NATO and the EU. Europe will never be the same, which is a good thing, after Russia's emergence as a world power.   This is keeping with the new cosmic energies surrounding the Earth.   As above so below.  Read the entire Prophecy.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia and President Putin must realize that the mean spirited economic and financial sanctions placed against Russia and her leadership, cannot do the intended harm.  America is bankrupt, a debtor nation. The member countries of the EU are dependent on America and China for their economic vitality.  Now that the EU and the U.S. have banned the purchase of Russian oil, the leaders of those countries are running to Saudi Arabia, the Midlle East, Venezuela and Iran, to kiss their leaders' hinderparts, begging to buy their oil.  They have cut off their nose to spite their face.  God laughs at them.  Banning the sale of Russian oil does not affect Russia's prosperity.  The source of Russia's financial stength and well being comes from God who is on the side of Russia.  "No weapon, military, financial or otherwise, formed against Russia, President Putin, and the Russian leadership, shall prosper."  Russia must blow the "horns of righteousness" until the walls come tumbling down in Ukraine.  To President Putin and the Russian people invoke "Psalms 138" day and night against your enemies.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The United States must stop robbing the funds that are owed to the African American descendants of America's slave trade to pay for, billions of dollars in weapons, amunition and Javelin missiles being sent to Ukraine.  America owes the suriviving African American descendants of its slave trade more than 300 Trillion dollars and counting with interest, every day the debt is not paid.  Whenever a debt is not paid, the interest and penalties for late payment, continues to grow.  That is where and when the God of the Universe steps in to extract the payment of a long overdue debt.  America has been forewarned.  It continues to ignore the debt owed to African Americans.  Instead, it continue to squander and recklessy spend the money that is owed to African American descendants of America's slave trade. The United States is financially, morally, and spiritually bankrupt. It is a nation without a Soul. For these and other reasons the United States will perish and be reduced to the ashes of time.  America is a cirminal enteprise with a Constitution which has shrouded its wrong doing. So Sees the Ancient Oracle.


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, made a secret trip to Ukraine to promise billions of dollars to Zelenskyy and his misguided war effort against the Russian speaking Donbas, Mariupol, and Kherson regions of Ukraine.  She brought along her Black lackeys, who slurp at the pig trough of Nancy and the Democrats in Congress.  Calling names, Gregory Meeks of New York, and Barbara Lee of California, as Black representatives in Congress, should be busy passing legislation for reparations to African Americans.  Instead they waste their time going on a fishing expedition with Nancy Pelosi, the slick, slimy corrupt abuser of taxpayer money, including that owed to living, African Americans descendants of the African slave trade in America.  Nancy, pay up America's debt to African Americans, before you and your lackeys travel thousands of miles, promising money that you don't have to a misguided civil war effort inside Ukraine. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


This ominous call by Biden for the removal of Russian President Putin from power, "This man cannot remain in power", harkens back to the murder of the great African leader, Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the Congo in 1961. President Lumumba, the newly elected revolutionary leader of the Congo, was viewed as a threat to European and colonial dominance in Africa.  The leaders of the United Nations, with the backing of the United States, and the European colonial powers, ploted to have Joseph Mobuto, a member of the Congolese military, to murder Prime Minister Lumumba.  Mobuto murdered that great young African leader by placing him in a tub of lye, so that his flesh was eaten away while he was still alive. While Lumumba was dying inside that tub of lye, Mobuto and his family members and friends, sat in a room nearby picking their teeth after having eaten a lavish meal. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Are Biden and his fellow European, NATO and EU criminals calling for a similar fate for the beloved Russian President Putin of Russia?  Will they be sitting in their comfortable chambers, picking the bones from their teeth, after having given the orders for the execution and murder of President Putin?  Biden said in Poland, "This man cannot remain in power."  The orders have apparently been given to carry out the murder of President Putin from inside Russia, while Biden and his criminal gang in NATO and the EU suck and pick the bones out of their teeth, from their celebratory meal. Joe Biden does not have the temperament to be President of the United States; he is reckless in thought and behavior.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

African leaders, this must strike a nerve to those who remember, or who have heard how the United nations, the United States, and the European colonial powers plotted the murder of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of the Congo.  It appears they are planning a similar thing some 60 years later, this time to President Putin.  One can only imagine how different the history of the Congo would have been if Patrice Lumumba had been allowed to live.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

May the God of the Universe and Maat protect President Putin from his enemies, wherever they may be! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The military conflict between Russia and Ukraine was caused by NATO and the United States, refusing to assure Russia that Ukraine would not be allowed to join NATO.  One simple act of confirmation and assurance that NATO would not bring Ukraine into its membership, would have prevented the military conflict raging in Ukraine.  The United States, and NATO members are not only responsible for the military engagement between Russia and Ukraine, but are guilty of making it much worse by supplying missiles, tanks, amunition, and other weapons of war to Ukraine.  NATO and the United States are prolonging the conflict by supplying missiles, weapons, artillery and training to Ukraine.  The military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is NATO's WAR.

The United States and NATO have basically gotten involved in a Ukranian civil war, with two opposing sides.  There is the Kyiv government and Northern and western Ukraine fighting the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine.  The Eastern and Southern regions are largely Russian speaking Ukrainians with close historical and family ties inside Russia.  This includes the break away Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as Mariupol, Melitopol and Crimea.  The people of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea have already voted to succeed from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.  It only remains for Melitopol to formally hold their election to declare independence from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. The people of those Southern and Eastern regions have more in common with Russia than the corrupt government in Kyiv.  Unfortunately, NATO and the U.S. have gone in head deep in a civil war which they cannot win.  This is Russian territory and Russian heritage.  NATO and the United States are outsiders interfering in an internal, civil war conflict.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Furthermore, the way that NATO, the United States and the EU have treated Russia, by viewing this nuclear power without respect, has only increased the tension between Russia and her adversaries.  The harsh economic sanctions imposed by the Satanic NATO, the EU and the United States, have provoked Russia, to the point that she has had to remind the world that Russia is a nuclear power.  You can only push Russia so far, and it will trigger Russia to the point where Russia feels that life on this Earth, under control of Satanic forces, is not tenable.  If this happens, the leaders of NATO nations, and the EU, especially that female Belgium/German, shrew, with roots tied to slavery in South Carolina, will be held responsible.  Those leaders and their filthy, stinky, proud egos, which prevented them from denying Ukraine NATO membership, are directly responsible for a crisis that has brought the world to a nuclear war.  To those demonstrating in the streets against Russia, you should be demonstrating and making your voices heard against NATO and the United States, which caused the conflict, in the first place.

The confiscation of Russian banking assets, theft of Russian properties abroad, and deprivation of Russian access to the financial payments system, show the criminal thuggery of the EU and western Europe, and the United States.  Russia has to deal with the war mongering leadership of the EU and western European nations, and the United States.  Those thugs and theives, dressed in pinstripe suits, have made it a goal to strangle Russia to the death.  Western Europe, the EU, the United States and NATO are blood suckers, leeches living off the theft of assets of other nations, which they confiscate with abandon. If any nation dare not follow the rules established by their "World Order, they are punished by isolation and illegal consfiscation of their assets.  Those seized assets and properties are placed in the coffers of the thuggish and criminal western European nations, and the United States to finance their governments.  The history of Europe, western Europe, and America is a history of theft, rape, appropriation, and consfication of other peoples and their assets.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Joe Biden has called President Putin a war criminal.  Joe Biden is a "make the sign of the cross on his chest" bully.  He along, with his thuggish buddies, in the EU and NATO are criminals who levy threats and intimidations against any nations or leaders, who do not cooperate with their evil plans of world domination.  If President Putin is a "war criminal", then Joe Biden, along with Boris Johnson, and all the other leaders of western Europe are "everyday warlord criminals".  Biden, along with all the other leaders of the EU and NATO, daily commit economic and military crimes against defenseless and meek people, who are unable to defend themselves.  Those crimes are economic and exploitative and destroy the souls of their victims.  Only Maat and the scale of balance will sort out the real criminals, and what they have done to the consciousness of planet Earth.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


In a word, Volosymr Zelenskyy, the comedian president of Ukraine is a sycophant, engaging in obsequious war behavior to gain favor with NATO, the EU, the United States and western Europe.  He is preoccupied with holding on to disputed territory, where the majority of the population is made up of Slavic speaking Russsian people. Zelenskyy is not Slavic and is of Jewish origin, whose family members apparently migrated to Ukraine after the Second World War.  In other words, Zelenskyy does not relate to the deep and ancient history that the Slavic, Caucasian people of Russia and Ukraine share.  Zelenskyy's performance on the world stage, advocating and desperately urging military aid and intervention on the part of NATO and the United States, has the elements of a bad Shakespearean play, ending in tragedy.  Zelenskyy needs to understand that what he is doing is no commedy act, or theatrical performnace.  He has the eyes of the world upon him, applauding his performance as the western media and press indulge him in his theatrics.  As the world watches this tragic drama play out, which will end in a nuclear war, Zelenskyy, along with NATO, the United States and the EU will have all played their parts in destroying planet Earth.

A nuclear castastrophe means that all life will be killed on the Earth, including human, animal and plant.  While the nuclear missiles are flying in the air and spreading nuclear radiation in all layers of the atmosphere and layers above, the skin of your bodies will be peeling off your bodies, exposing raw flesh.  As your skin falls away from your bodies, you will be blinded by the radiation.  If you manage to survive for a few minutes or hours, you will pray for your death and escape from the unbearable pain of your burns.  All life will die.  There will be no plant life.  The Earth will be uninhabitable for at least 10,000 years. There will be no sunlight, because the radiation in the air will prevent the rays of the sun from penetrating through the atmosphere.  The Earth will be a dark cold place.  There is no such thing as survivorship.  It will be an event of mass extinction.  It will be the end of life on planet Earth. Earth will be eventually consumed by the Sun, and will become a hellish place, in the process, like Venus and Mercury.  This process will be accelerated through a nuclear war. Get it, and understand that this is where planet Earth is headed.  Thanks to NATO, the United States, the EU, Western Europe and Zelenskyy

So sees the Ancient Oracle.

NATO and America's war mongering military generals are devising a plan to send NATO military fighter jets to Poland, which is a NATO member, to fly into Ukraine.  STUPID, THAT IS AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST RUSSIA!.  Keep playing games like that, and there will be a nuclear confrontation with Russia and a full fledged nuclear war.  Things are going off the cliff fast and taking the entire world down a path of nuclear catastrophe!  The end of the world and time as you know it, as there will be no Earth and no way to measure time.  The nuclear clock is on its last tick tock. So sees the Ancient Oracle!

Zelenskyy, NATO, the EU, Western Europe, and the United States should know that the people of planet Earth, do not believe that one centimeter, one inch or one mile of Ukraine, is worth risking a nuclear war and destroying life on planet Earth.  You do not have the support of humanity for a nuclear war to defend the territory of Ukraine! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The sanctions coming to the EU, America and NATO will be sanctions imposed by the Universe. The very air you breave will be sanctioned and sniffed from your nostrils. Yes, there will be no air for you and your noses to breathe, because of your wrongdoing. Even the air will be sanctioned from your nostrils. You can live many years without America's dollars, or Europe's Eurocurrency. You can live weeks or months without food. You can live several days without water. But you cannot live one minute without breath. When your breath is taken away, you die and return to your dust or to ashes. That day is here. You won't have to hold your breath waiting for the sanctions from the Universe. There will be no breath to breathe. You wretched and evil doers in the EU, America, and NATO, and consequently the world, will soon be without breath and life. Your consciousness has offended the Universe and the Creator of the Universe. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Ancient Oracle will now bring forth an extract of the Original Prophecy, that is now included in Prophecy II.  Most of the comments from this section will be written in the present tense, for events that transpired in years past, but were current at the time.  You need this background information to understand how the United States, the EU and NATO, adopted a policy of "isolating Russia and surrounding Russia" with NATO weapons of mass destruction.  This policy started under Bill Clinton and his State Department, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, leaving Russia as the sole European power to challenge the One World government of the United States, the EU and NATO.  Russia, under President Putin, joined George H. W. Bush's (son of George H. Bush) alliance to fight the Islamic terrorists, who attacked the United States in 2001.  Under then President George H.W. Bush, Russia and the United States joined efforts to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Relations between Russia and the United States improved to the point that Russia was invited to join the EU and to become a member of the G-8 nations.

Russia's absorption into the EU and the G-9 nations was contrary to former Bill Clinton and his State Department's policy of "isolation, and surrounding Russia" with NATO's military weapons.  Under George Bush's administration, Russia was an active and vital part of the western economic union and the G-8 nations.  Russia and President Putin welcomed being included and participating in the global economy.  The world was at peace, except for the threat of Islamic terrorism.  The U.S. economy and European economies were reaping the "peace dividend."  The Cold War was over and there was no need to spend so much taxpayers' money on defense and weapons of war.

This did not sit well with the war mongers in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.  The "Neo-Cons" in the Senate and the House of Representative, who represented the interests of the largest defense contractors, who received hundreds of billion of dollars each year, for making weapons, aircraft, and missiles, were determined to turn this situation around.  When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, he turned the State Department over to the NeoCons who, carried out the expressed interests of the defense contractors. That policy was to "isolate and surround" Russia with NATO's tanks, missiles and nuclear weapons. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It has been President Putin's and Russia intent and desire to be a full particiant in the world economy and democratic institutions.  Russia is after all a European country.  Russia has the culture of Europe from music, ballet, theater, and debutante balls to the finest recepients of Russian Royalty including castles, crown jewels, and great literature and history.  Under President Putin, Russia's military choir travelled the world, singing songs of "pop culture", which were warmly received including in the United States, and around the world.

However, the forces of evil were determined, that the world would not know this kind of harmony and peace between Russia and the global powers.  President Putin's Russia had adapted.  And then it happened, that Barack Obama's State Department, under the leadership of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland, staged a coup d'etat in Ukraine, which achieved Clinton's policy of "isolating and surrounding Russia".  Yes, the malignant wombs of Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, and Susan Rice, carrying the seed of the neo-con warmongers, the Council on Foreign Relations and other NGOS, are directly responsible for the mess that the world is experiencing, through the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. May these witches and bitches be the first to fill the retribution upon the Earth heralding toward it now!  May Hillary Clinton's grandchildren and the children and grandchildren of Victoria Nuland and Susan Rice reap the solar winds of their vicious, devious, warmongering actions.  Read below to see where these comments come from.  Bear in mind the following comments were written years before what you are reading now was published.  They are taken from The Prophecy as originally written, before it was divided into two sections. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To understand what you are about to read, one must understand that the leaders within the U.S. Federal government, its agencies. and the U.S. Congress and Senate are corrupt.  They are all part of the "deep state", which controls Washington and its policies.  America's "deep state" is a threat to America's democracy. Those who participate in the "deep state", including members of Congress, feed off of its corruption. It is a never ending pot of lies, misinformation, deceit, and corruption to maintian the status quo, and their seats of power. America's democracy has been compromised by the "deep state", including their intellectual "think tanks" inside of Washington D.C.  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were and are a part of the "deep state". It is the "deep state" which was the driving force behind the notion that Russia and the Kremlin interfered in U.S. elections to interfere in America's democracy. That has subsequently proven to be a lie

The question must be asked, "Pray tell, why would Russia care enough to want to interfere in America's democracy"? So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America's "melting pot democracy" has tilted so far to the extreme that it is crumbling under its own devices.  It does not need Russia's help. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The United States and western democracies in Europe have imposed harsh and crushing economic sanctions on Russia.  Those sanctions have hurt the Russian economy and above all, the Russian people.  The standard of living among the Russian people has declined significantly as a result of the sanctions.  Russia is using its resources to try and improve the living and economic conditions of its citizenry.  Why would Russia waste precious economic resources engaging in a high tech cyber technology to interfere in America's elections?  It would seem that Russia and President Putin have much more important things to do with their rubles, like ensuring adequate food, shelter, and health care for its population.  President Putin is a great leader, who loves his people.  He would not squander precious resources in that way.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The U.S. and its leaders should be pointing the finger at themselves when it comes to interfering in other countries' election.  America has sent overt and covert representatives to influence political elections in parts of Europe, including Ukraine and in Israel.  America is the number one culprit when it comes to undermining and influencing election results in other countries, including the ones just named.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The world is being brainwashed by the media in that the depiction of the military conflict is controlled by European and American journalists representing a Jewish owned and controlled media.  You get the images and their versions of events.  The reporting is one sided.  There are not Russian journalists inside Ukraine to present the other side of the story that is present inside Ukraine.  All of the images of bombing and injuries are presented as casused by Russian bombing and shelling.  However, how much injury, bombings, and death have been perpretrated by Zelenskyy and his Kyiv government? It is a fact that Zelenskyy and his military have bombed bridges, and other infrastructure to interrupt the flow of Russian cargo, tanks and equipment into Ukraine.  What is the collateral damage to human lives during Zelenskyy's bombing inside Ukraine?  How do you know that all of the bodies of Ukranians that are shown on T.V. were caused by Russian offensives, or by the actions of the Ukranian military?  It is easy for Zelenskyy to blame Russia for all of the deaths of bodies lying on the ground, because there is not one Russian journalist to verify such reporting.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The tear jerk images are bound to stir up emotion and anguish for the people of Ukraine, and against President Putin and Russia.  You are willing to accept at face value, what you are watching on T.V. and on the internet, to convince you to support a nuclear war with Russia.  You are willing to let your emotions be manipulated to the point of obsessive hatred and harsh eonomic sanctions toward President Putin and the people of Russia.  You have been so foolishly brainwashed that you are willing to give the approval for extermination of the whole of humanity and the planet Earth, through a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

A lot of the misery that is coming across the T.V. screens and the internet is because of the actions of Zelenskyy and his Kyiv government.  Zelenskyy could end the conflict today by agreeing to the independence and succession of Eastern and Southern Ukraine to Russia.  That is what the Russian speaking populations of those regions want.  He is also preventing opening a corridor for the Russian speaking population of Mariupol and Meritopol to cross the border into Russia.  Russia has proposed opening the corridor but Zelenskyy has rejected allowing the people of Mariupol to escape to Russia.  That is not an "absurd idea", as Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who is Jewish, indicated.  Through good faith negotiation with Russia, and after agreeing with the settlement mentioned above, Zelenskyy could then call for the return of the millions of refugees that have left Ukraine.  The conflict could be resolved overnight when this happens.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Ancient Oracle can make the comments above regarding the Jews beacuse of knowledge of their nature, and how my people, the Ancient Egyptians, the people of KMT, thought of them. They were in ancient times considered a nomadic, semitic, Hittite people, people of the desert.  They were tent dwellers, nomads, like their Arab next of kin.  They were considered among those who brought chaos to the natural order.  As far as building the pyramids, the houses of stone, or living among my people as slaves, that is a Jewish lie.  A Jewish lie taken from their Hebrew book known as the Torah.  There was no Jew named Moses, who was a prince of Ancient Egypt.  There was no Exodus out of Ancient Egypt by people called Jews.  There are no heiroglyphs in the tombs or temples or Ancient Egypt (KMT) that indicate such a history of Jews, Moses and their Exodus out of my Ancient KMT, Ancient Egypt.  It appears that the Jews attempted to legitimatize their tale of Moses being a prince in Ancient Egypt, by calling him Moses (a shortened version of the great Egyptian king Thutmoses) dropping the Thut, which sounded too African, and keeping "Moses"as his Jewish name. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The "Passover" and "Easter", both arising out of Jewish history, are based on lies and mythology, based on the false history of the Jews being slaves in my KMT, Ancient Egypt.  As indicated above, there was no Exodus out of Ancient Egypt by the Jews, or the Hebrews, or the Levants.  A Jew by any other name is still a Jew.  As you celebrate the Passover, Easter, or any other Jewish or Christian holiday, just remember you are celebrating a false doctrine based on lies and distortions of truths against the land and people of my KMT, and Ancient Egypt.  If any portion of these so called Holy Books, or "Words of God" is untrue, then the entire contents of the the Torah, The New Testament, and the Christian Bible are not to be accepted as the "Word of God". The portions of the Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible, which can be applied and accepted as wisdom and knowledge from God, are the sections and scriptures that came from the ancient texts of KMT, such as the so called Psalms of David, the Songs of Solomon, Proverbs, and various portions scattered throughout the various books of the Bible.  As far as Jesus of Nazareth, his birth death, and so called resurrection were based on the ancient texts of KMT, of the Ancient deities of Osiris, Isis, and Horus.  The very name of Israel, means the "God of Isis and RA".  The Jews named their country after the divinities of Ancient Egypt, KMT.

The Chrisitians refer to Jesus, their savior, as "Lamb of God", grabbing on to a phrase that the Ancient Egyptains, used to worship the Godhead, during the previous cosmological age of Aires, the Lamb.  When the last Cosmological age of Aires ended, 2200 years ago, the earth moved into the cosmological sign of Pisces, the fish, which coincided with the birth of the Jewish Jesus of Nazareth.  Being as ignorant as they were of the cosmological order of the Universe, the Jews and the European Chrisitans, latched on to the "Lamb of God", which the Ancient Egyptians had used during the prior cosmological age of Aires the Lamb.  Lies, deceit, and ignorance, have been perpretrated against Ancient Egypt, KMT and its people, in order to exploit organized religion in controlling the minds and souls of people living during the last cosmological age of Pisces, the Fish sign, and Jesus of Nazareth.  The Catholic church is where formalized, organized Christianity started.  The Catholic Church, over the last 2000 years, has developed elaborate rituals, including the burning of incense, and the wearing of similar head dress of the priests of KMT, Ancient Egypt, in their ceremonies.

The Jews, the Hebrews, did not have a written language in the time of KMT.  Everything was oral.  A great lie has been perpetrated against my people, the Ancient Egyptians, through the Jewish Torah and the Christian New Testament.  Both the Torah and the Christian Bible were written 325 A.D. to 600 A.D.  The Koran was written, even later in the 7th century A.D.  Both the Jewish Bible and the Koran grew out of an oral tradition, since they did not have written communication.  Both the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran are based on the knowledge gathered from inside the temples and tombs of Ancient Egypt.  They were able to come to this knowledge through the Ptolemy kings of Egypt, who invaded my ancient land, and stole the knowledge from the Priests of Ancient Egypt.  This knowledge formed the basis of the New Testament written in 325 A.D.  That was under the rule of the Roman emperor, Constantine, after Roman Emperor Theodosius I, ordered the closing of the last remaining temples of Ancient KMT.  The world has been in darkness ever since.  Read more about the ancient history of KMT and its relations with the "enemies of Maat", "bringers of chaos" in the sections below.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

With planet Earth headed toward a nuclear war catastrophe or a cosmic asteroid collision, whichever comes first, you should be getting as close to your Creator God as you can. When the nuclear sirens start sounding all over the globe, it will be too late for you to try and make that connection. It will happen quickly and you will lose consciousness, as you are blinded by the radiation in the atmosphere. Because the last 2000 years have been filled with lies and distortions of God, through the three main organized relgions, it will be difficult. However, a kind and loving God may receive your earnest search for Him, as you reject all the lies and misrepresentations of Him through organized religions. Start now.  Do not delay.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle did not mean to digress, but felt that you needed to understand this history.


Since the Jewish history in the Torah and the Bible is based on lies and misrepresentation of Ancient Egypt, you cannot believe that anything written in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, are Words of God.  The Jews are not God's chosen people!  That is another lie that has been perpetrated for the last 2000 years.  The protestants and Evangelicals in America, and their missionaries have trotted and beamed this lie all around the world.  In order to accept the Bible as God's written Word, you have to believe that its authors are God's chosen people.  Therein lies the great abomination against God and his Universe.  The Jews, and their fellow accomplices, the Christians, have controlled the minds of men for the last 2000 years. The Bible has been used to consficate the lands and people of other nations, by handing them a Bible, in exchange for their land.  Many billions of people have left this Earth believing in the lies perpetrated in the Jewish Bible.  Unfortunately, when they arrive on the othe side of death, there is no Jewish Jesus waiting there to meet them.  They search in the dark for a Jewish Savior, named Jesus, and he is not there.  This sad situation affects all nations and races where Christainity has been believed and practiced.  The same is true for Islam, since the Koran shadows the Jewish Bible, with the same cast of characters.  A very dark piscean age indeed!  So sees the Ancient Oracle


There cannot be a military solution to the conflict in Ukraine between the warring factions of Ukraine and Russia.  The conflict should never have deteriorated to the point where it is today.  The land and territorial dispute between the Russian speaking land of Eastern Ukraine, and Southern Ukraine, should have been resolved through negotiation. Any government requires the consent of the goverened, if it is to survive.  Clearly, the central Ukranian government in Kyiv, does not have the support of the majority Russian speaking people of Donetsk, and Luhansk, Mariupol, and Melitopol.

In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle of KMT, if Zelenskyy and his Ukraine government, wanted to prevent the loss of civilian life, and destruction of towns and cities in Ukraine, Zelinskyy would have come to the the negotiaiting table with President Putin, Russia, and representatives of the Donetsk, and Luhansk, Mariupol, and Melitopol regions to reach a peaceful settlement.  In that way, millions of refugees would not have been displaced, the infrastructure and buildings of cities, towns and villages would remain intact, through a peaceful transfer of independnce to the Donetsk, and Luhansk, Mariupol, and Melitopol regions of Ukraine.

The Biblical tale of the Judgement of Solomon, 1Kings 3:16-28, recounts how two mothers, living in the same house, each claimed the same boy as their son.  They petitioned King Solomon to decide which woman would receive the child. Solomon decided that he would use the sword to cut the baby in half and give one half of the infant to each woman.  One mother did not contest the ruling.  The other mother, could not bear the thought of harming the baby by cutting it in half. The real mother, begged Solomon to "Give the baby to her, just don't kill him".  The king declared the second woman the real mother, as the real mother would give up her babe if necessary to save his life.  King Solomon awarded custody of the baby to its real mother.

And so it is with Zelenskyy, and the Ukraine central government, in Kyiv.  If Zelenskyy had wanted to save Ukraine and its people, from becoming refugees, and the destruction of major cities, towns and villages, Zelenskyy would have come to the negotiation table and given the Donetsk, and Luhansk, Mariupol, and Melitopol regions their independence, and reunification with Russia.  In that way Ukraine would still retain sizeable portions of its land mass, the people of Ukraine would not have become refugees in other countries, and its cities and towns would still be intact.  However, Zelenskyy has been like a pitbull in his tenacity to hold on to contested lands, and the Russian speaking people of the Donetsk, and Luhansk, Mariupol, and Melitopol regions of Ukraine.  The Ancient Oracle believes that its beligerent and "hold the land at any cost", goes back to Zelenskyy"s Jewish heritage and the way that the Jews have fought to hold on to their land of "Israel", formerly Palestine, at any costs.  The Jews are obsessed over holding on to land, that they believe is theirs, regardless of the consequences.  There is no wisdom among the leaders of Ukraine, the United States, Britain, the EU and NATO.  They exist in a state of blindness.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.


American policy toward the Soviet Union and Russia has been determined by immigrants from Eastern Europe, who brought their personal grievances and animosity toward Russia, steming from World War II, with them to America.  Specifically, those immigrants were and are Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish immigrant, and Madeliene Albright, an immigrant from Prague Czechoslovakia. Both Poland and Czechoslovakia were member countries of the Soviet Union. Both Brezezinski and Albright were staunch anti-communist supporters and brought that zeal and philosophy with them in their educational pursuits.  Brzezinsiki served as then President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, where he crafted a belligerent policy toward the Soviet Union.  He was a member of the infamous Trilateral Commision, which formed the policy of a "New Word Order", based on European and American superiority in every sphere of influence.  Madeleine Albright, who served as Bill Clinton's Secretary of State, was also aggressive in maintaining an adversarial foreign policy toward Russia, after the break-up of the Soviet Union.  She also served on the National Security Council under Brzezinski.  Madeline Albright helped fashion Bill Clinton's foreign policy of "isolating and surrounding Russia", so that it could never become a full fledged European power again. After leaving the State Department, Madeleine Albright continues to influence America's foreign policy by serving on the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Ancient Oracle brings up this discussion to point out how dangerous it is to America's foreign policy to appoint first generation immigrants to positions of power.  They bring to those positions their own warped, and biased perceptions of what America's foreign policy should be, based on their own personal experiences. Those views, in all too many cases do not represent the views of the majority of the American population.  Most Americans are many generations removed from any direct connection to a foreign ancestry.  Americans desire to live in a peaceful world, without name calling.  Brzezinski and Albright saw the world differently and imposed their view toward Russia and the former Soviet Republics on America. For example, Brzezinski, was the mastermind behind insisting that Ukraine was to maintain its independence from Russia, in order to insure that the Soviet Union could never be restored again.  He continued to work to shape American policy through the Trilateral Commision and his association with fellow immigrant Madeliene Albright. So sees the Ancient Oraqcle.

There should be some kind of rule made that first generation immigrants cannot occupy positions of power affecting and determining America's foreign policy.  Without such acknowledgements and policy, the United States winds up with the mess it has on its hands in Ukraine, and Russia.  The policy devised by Madeleine Albright in the Clinton Administration, and supported by Brzezinski, of "isolate and surround Russia", has brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The nation-state, with artificial geographical boundaries, which overrun traditional ancient considerations of families, tribes, languages and culture, was doomed to meet its collapse with the passage of time.  Military force, and authoritarian rule can only keep such boundaries in place, before segments of the population start a revolt and civil war.  Such is taking place in Ukraine, and will take place in other modern nation states (countries), where arbitarary boundaries were drawn by mostly European powers, on the continents of Africa, and Asia, Ukraine, and the United States, itself.  The very civil war which the United States is participating in, in Ukraine, will come on shore to the United States as the Civil War and upheaval grows at home.  It is just a matter of time. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

According to Biblical scripture, this is what God thinks of the nation-states.  Isiah 40:15: "Behold the nations are a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance.  All nations before Him are as nothing and they are counted to Him less than nothing and vanity."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it leaders of nation-states, which European powers have designed to their own exploitative and convenient ends.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Western Ukraine must be separated from Eastern Ukraine immediately.  That includes Donetsk, and Luhansk, Mariupol, and Melitopol.  The Ukranian Nationalists of Western Ukraine are of European, Nazi/Fascist, Catholic origin; whereas the people of Eastern Ukranian are primarily Russian and practice Orthodox Christianity.  The Western Ukranians and their military, which includes the Right Sector Nazi militia, have indiscriminately murdered thousands of Eastern Ukranians as they seek their independence and self determination from Kiev and Western Ukraine.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A government must earn the consent of the governed.  In the case of Eastern Ukraine, the people have voted to become independent of the Kiev and Western Ukraine.  With the murder of thousands of Eastern Ukrainans by the Kiev Western government, the people of Eastern Ukraine will never give their consent to be governed by Kiev and Western Ukraine.  They did not trust the Kiev government before all of the bloodshed, and they certainly do not trust them now.  In fact, there is enmity and hatred of the Western Kiev government and the people of Western Ukraine by the people of Eastern Ukraine.  Let my people go, is the cry of the people of Eastern Ukraine.  Redraw the boundaries immediately between Western and Eastern Ukraine.  The people of Western Ukraine want to be governed by the government in Kiev.  They voted that way. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The people of Eastern Ukraine do not want to be governed or have anything to do with the Western government of Kiev.  The people of Eastern Ukraine are now a new Republic separate and apart from the murderous and oppressive Kiev government.  Keep the Fascist and Nazi Swatiska wearing militia out of the former Eastern Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine is now a separate and independent Republic with its own leaders, creating a new destiny, and a Republic of and by the people of the Eastern part.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The actions of the Ukranian Kiev government, and their president, Petro Poroshenko, in the indiscrminate murder of thousands of Eastern civilians, are war crimes.  Poroshenko, and his murderous Right Sector Nazi and Fascist, Third Reich militia, and military thugs, should be arrested and brought before the International Court of Justice.  NATO has weaponized the Right Sector and the Nazi Kiev military to prolong the killing of the civilians of Eastern Ukraine.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

However, the War Crimes indictment should not stop with Poroshenko, but include the instigators of the overthrow of the legitimate President of Ukraine back in January of 2014.  Those involved in this crime and the bloodshed that followed in the Maidan were the Americans John McCain, who is supported by Fascist money from the State Department, through his foundation, the International Republican Institute, and Hillary Clinton, through her connections at the State Department and the New World Order cesspool called the Clinton Foundation, the State Department's Victoria Nuland, and her famous "F_ck"the EU comments, and Geoffrey Pyatt the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.  All had a hand, directly or indirectly, in the events surrounding the Maidan and the Rights Sector, and the coordination of the overthrow of the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama issued an ominous threat to Russia from the White House lawn on July 29, 2014, when he stated the following:  "If Russia continues on its current path, the cost to Russia will continue to grow".  That statement can mean only one thing.  America and the EU have already issued the harshest economic sanctions against Russia. The only thing left is full scale nuclear war.  "The costs (nuclear war) will continue to grow."   Wow!  President Putin, take U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama at his word.  Prepare for the confrontation.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

So what does this mean for you, who are reading this prophecy, and the rest of the World.  MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION!.  Yes, it's here now.  You will not have time to act or react.  The mushroom clouds will take over the atmosphere.  The heat of the explosions, will cause your skin to peel off of your bodies.  There will be no place to run, no place to hide.  Glass will melt, streets will melt, crops and livestock will die from the intense heat.  The earth will look like the planet Venus, a living hell.  You will pray that you are dead before you die.  Little babies, and little children will die as their skin peel off in their mothers' peeling burning laps.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle sees far greater horrors than these.  But you will experience them soon enough. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

All Americans should be on the phones to their whoremonger, warmonger Congresspersons and Senators to stop Joe Biden from involving America in a nuclear war over Ukraine.  Ukraine does not mean a rat's ass to Americans, when it come to the destruction of America, her people and future generations.  But Americans are too busy working and making a living to get involved in saving themselves and the country from a nuclear catastrophe.  Americans should be marching to Washington in the millions to stop the coming nuclear catastrophe, which is imminent.  Call Senator Corker of Tennessee and tell him not to pursue his dangerous and provocative legislation, S-2277, called the "Russian Aggression Prevention Act", which will provoke a Nuclear War against Russia.  Call the insane McCain, Graham, McConnell, Menendez, every Senator and every Representative in Congress.  Tell them you do not want a Nuclear War with Russia over Ukraine or any other nation.  As the Oracle sees it, it is too late to prevent what has already been set in motion.  But you can try.  You were previously warned throughout this Prophecy.  McCain is deceased and Corker is no longer in the Senate.  However, contact their replacements, and every other member of Congress and the Senate.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is another wicked witch of the West. Hillary Clinton, along with her "always in heat for money" husband, former President Bill Clinton, were among the attendees at a conference in Crimea Ukraine in September, 2013, leading up to the overthrow of then President Victor Yanukovych.  The conference, known as the Yalta European Strategy (YES) conference was an annual gala event hosted by Ukraine's richest ogligarch, Vincent Pinchuk.  Vincent Pinchuk is a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Pinchuk's friend, billionaire George Soros and his International Renaissance Foundation, based in Kiev Ukraine, was also one of the sponsors.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In addition, to the Clintons, the event in 2013 was attended by leaders from Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries, and other Ukranian ogligarchs, including chocolate candy billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, now the "Russian hating President" of Ukraine.  Other attendees included Victor Pyatt, the recently appointed U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, and the "infamous fu_ck the E.U." Victoria Nuland and her husband. Given the contempt with which Nuland held the E.U., it is remarkable that the E.U. supported her and John McCain's coup in Kiev, and the subsequent destablization and upheaval.  How stupid can you be! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The apparent purpose of the September 2013, Crimea conference was to sugar coat and applaud the Ukranian President and the Ukranian legislature into signing the "EU Association Agreement".  When then President Viktor Yanukovych, who was in attendance at the conference, refused to sign the agreement, despite all out pressure from the E.U., Ambassador Pyatt, U.S. State Department's Victoria Nuland, and U. S. Senator John McCain, all hell broke lose in Maidan Square.  All of those U.S. officials and the CIA participated in the Maidan and the overthrow of the then elected Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych.  Even then Vice President Joe Biden had a dog in that fight because it is reported that his son was working in the Ukraine government.  Read a more in depth discussion of the events surrounding and leading up to the Maidan overthrow of President Yanukovych below. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Maidan and the overthrow of then President Viktor Yanukovych is not clear until you see the connection between the sponsor of the event, Ukranian ogligarch, Vincent Pinchuk, and his contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  Pinchuk is a large donor to the Clinton Foundation, along with other ukraine ogligarchs, having contributed more than 10 million dollars to the Clintons and their foundation through 2014.  As Ukranian billionaire ogligarchs, whose wealth comes from the resources of Ukraine and its people, Pinchuk and the others wanted Ukraine to become an E.U. member and a NATO member in doing the bidding of the West.  The purpose of Ukraine's joining the E.U. and eventually NATO, is to "isolate and surround Russia".  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

That policy of "isolating and surrounding Russia" is a policy started under then President Bill Clinton after the end of the cold war in 1991.  The policy continued through the bombing of Kosov in 1999, in order to bring Serbia and kosov under the umbrella of a united Bosnia, in a United Europe.  Bill Clinton's partner in crime during that period was Britain's Tony Blair.  Bill Clinton created the vision of death and destruction in Kosov, Serbia, and now Ukraine, all for the purpose of uniting Europe and "isolating and surrounding Russia".  Hillary Clinton, took up where her husband left off, as Secretary of State, in navigating U.S. foreign policy to create an unwinnable conflict with Russia over Ukraine.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Ancient Oracle issues a warning to the other wicked witches of the west.  America, in recent times, has a way of sending brazen, undiplomatic, sharp tongue women to the United Nations to represent the United States.  The latest one is Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina.  Nikki Haley is of East Indian heritage, being just one generation removed from being born in India.  Since her recent appointment by Donald J. Trump as America's U.N. ambassador, Haley has demonstrated nothing but belligerent, patronizing, and threatening language toward some members of the Security Council, including Russia, Syria, and China. These American women diplomats, including Nikki Haley, are referred to in this Prophecy as wicked witches. They include Victoria Nuland, a former high ranking State Department offficial, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers.  Those wicked women used their prowess to devise every wicked scheme imaginable to overthrow Russian President Putin.  They seemed to delight in not only trying to stab the Russian People with sanctions.  But they also delighted in twisting the knife of sanctions in the wound of the Russian people, to see how much more misery and suffering they could withstand.  Then, in a sadistic ritual, Victoria Nuland, went to the U.S. Congress and described all of the dirty tactics that had been conjured up inside the White House and the State Department, against President Putin and the Russian people.  She told Congress that they are waiting to see what the effects of all of their wickedness would be on President Putin and the Russian people.  In other words, they were waiting for the sanctions to bring a regime change in Russia, to overthrow President Putin.  That wicked woman, who helped engineer the overthrow of the former elected Ukrainain President in 2014, wandered how President Putin could have a poll rating of 86 percent, in spite of EU and American sanctions.  That is wickedness and evil personified. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Sanctions are a violent act because sanctions adversely affect the daily lives of the people inside the country, to which the sanctions are targeted.  It is the people who suffer.  The countries and organizations such as the E.U., America, and the United Nations indicate that the purpose of the sanctions is directed at the economy of the targeted country.  The economy is the people!  Behind every economic statistic is ultimately a human being in that county whose living standard, and access to adequate health care, food products, and other necessities are threatened.  Sanctions represent the worst part of the human character, by those imposing the sanctions.  Instead of promoting a financial system where each nation and peoples can be the best they can be, the current evil World Powers, in charge, aim to stifle and impede progress, and development of mankind.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Sanctions are evil.  Just as evil as war.  By the way, the Russian Federation does not want to take over Europe or any other country.  Russia has more than enough land to meet all of its needs for the present and into the eternal future.  Russia is celestial.  The notion of targeting sanctions against Russia in order to prevent a military threat to Europe is hocus pocus.

Sanctions and NATO military build-up on Russia's borders are nothing more than a reason for America and NATO to justify continued military spending, and U.S. military presence in Europe.  Such NATO expansion comes at a time when the taxpayers of Europe nor America can ill afford it.  The flow of trade and and technology, in nonmilitary goods and services, should move freely among all nations.  Let each nation and peoples be the best they can be.  America and Europe take your feet off the back of the necks of developing countries.  Allow them to be all that they can be without your choking off their lifeblood through sanctions and other violent tactics.  Remove barriers to trade and investment in Russia.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The U.S. and NATO are world aggressors, and are encroaching upon the borders of the Russian Federation, destabilizing the entire world.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


To all of the rabid accusers of President Putin and Russia of war crimes, while you are pointing the finger at President Putin, there are three fingers pointing back at you for your own war crimes, and crimes against humanity.  The accusers of President Putin of war crimes against Ukraine, should consider the war crimes that were committed by former President Bill Clinton and his NATO General, Wesley Clark in 1999, when the U.S./NATO bombed Kosov to smitherings.  Consider the war crimes that U.S. President George W. Bush and Tony Blair of Britain ordered, when they bombed Iraq and killed hundred of thousands of its citizens, in an unjustified and needless war.  George W. Bush apparently used the military resources of the United States to wage a vendetta against former Iraq President Saddam Hussein for his alleged attempt to assassinate his father, Gerorge H. W. Bush.  Going back further in time, consider the war crimes committed against the people of Viet Nam in the name of fighting communism in southeast Asia.  Overriding all of these war crimes, are the crimes against humanity against Africa and African people through the slave trade of millions of Africans by the United States, Britian, Portugal, Belgium, you know, the same characters involved in pointing the war crime finger at Russia in Ukraine.  Such wretched hypocrisy!  Based on the history of Europe, European nations are in no position to judge or accuse any nation of criminal activities, when they are the originators and perpretrators of some of the most heinous crimes against humantiy in human history.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Indeed, time as you know it is about to change, sooner than you realize. The Ancient Oracle of KMT warns you that the world will be destroyed by Nuclear War, caused by America, and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) as they send preemptive nuclear missile warheads on Russia. Through the diabolical overthrow of an elected Ukranian government back in January 2014, the United States and Europe through NATO, set the stage for an unwinnable confrontation with Russia. The January Coup d'etat was planned by the U S State Department, the CIA, the EU, and NATO in order to draw Ukraine closer to the US and Europe, and to allow NATO and America to place missiles and weapons of mass destruction on Russia's border with the Ukraine. This is a provocation so provocative by the evil powers of America, Europe, and NATO, that Russia cannot allow her borders and territorial sovereignty to be threatened in that way. Ukraine has become America's and NATO's proxy to start a war with Russia. Short of starting a nuclear war with Russia, the goal of the EU and NATO is to cause a regime change - to overthrow the beloved Russian peoples' President, President Putin. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The evil empires of America and the EU have achieved their goal to push Russia into a nuclear confrontation with them. The Ukraine Kiev goverment is now, no more than just a puppet of the EU and America. The Ukrainian military has been infiltrated by the CIA, the American military and NATO. NATO and America are busy sending missiles and weapons of war inside Ukraine (Kiev). If NATO and America can free Russian speaking, Eastern Ukraine from the freedom fighters of Eastern Ukraine, the stage will be set to move the nuclear missiles and other Weapons of Mass Destruction right up to the borders of Russia. Russia must prevent this by immediately annexing Eastern and Southern Ukraine, and honoring the plebiscite of the people of Eastern Ukraine in their election in May, 2014, to become a part of Russia. This is the only way to prevent a nuclear catastrophe caused by America's, EU's and NATO's provocation. It is the will of the majority of the people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine to be annexed by Russia. The people have spoken. The Kiev Ukraine government should stop killing the people of Eastern Ukraine because they simply want to leave the Kiev corrupt government, and be annexed into Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia must ignore America's and the EU's threat of economic sanctions. The nuclear threat coming to Russia's borders with Ukraine is far more ominous. Whatever, America and the EU tells Russia to do, President Putin and Russia should do the opposite. Economic sanctions are a ploy and a diversion for Russia to become so distracted with the problems posed by economic sanctions, that Russia will ignore when it comes to the plans for a nuclear strike against Russia and the people of Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

With this kind of buildup and strike on Russia, it would prevent Russia from effectively retaliating in a manner commensurate with the nuclear missiles directed at Russia. The Ancient Oracle sees that Russia must do just the opposite of what America, the EU and NATO tell Russia to do. It is not in Russia's interests. Russia has far greater concerns at hand, now that the evil empires of America and the EU have provoked Russia into a nuclear confrontation, of America, the EU and NATO's making. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle sees that the Cosmos is accelerating, and the enemies of Maat are on a path to total oblivion.


Theresa May has convinced all of her partners in crime, including the U.S., and the E.U., to expel most Russian diplomats from their countries. By isolating Russia in this way, it only increases the "ante" for Russia to withdraw and to turn within. All of these hostile actions toward Russia are coming after President Putin won an overwheming election of 84 percent of the vote. President Putin is more popular than ever. The people of Russia love him. None of these hostile actions will change that. None of the European leaders, who took this action against President Putin, can say that about their own citizens. In the U.S., which is badly divided, Trump's popularity is at 39 percent, and most voters would hold their noses, if they had to vote for him again. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Theresa May and her partners in crime, in Europe and in the European Union, tried to achieve from the outside. what they could not achieve inside of Russia. That was to turn the people of Russia against their great leader, President Putin and defeat him at the Russian polls. When they realized that was not going to happen and that President Putin would win with an overwhelming 84 percent of the popular vote, then Theresa May and her "deep state" of demons within the British government hatched the absurd chemical poisioning plot against Russia. The chemical poisioning allegations were made against Russia without providing Russia with the evidence to defend against such fabricated charges. Britain and her partners in crime in the EU, and the Security Council of the United nations, refused to provide Russia with supporting evidence of the alleged crime. They also refused Russia's efforts to participate in the investigation. The bottom line is that the wretched Theresa May and the British government attempted to overturn the results of the Russian election of President Putin for another 6 year term, by attempting to isolate Russia from the rest of the world. Fortunately, justice, and the blind lady of justice, and the scales of balance will not allow Theresa May and her British demonic government to acheive their wretched goal. History bears out the observation that Britain and the British monarchy have been at the forefront of all the evil and demonic behavior of man during last the 1000 years. Britain is a real, old motherf_ _ker, especially where the people of Africa and people of African descent are concerned. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Europe is like an old lady's vagina. Everyone knows she has one, but who wants it? Europe has passed her days of stolen wealth and glory. She is like the sexual parts of an old lady, whose breasts are sagging, crepey and wrinkled, like an old dried up prune. The old lady, Europe's vagina, is shriveled and dried up like dying fruit on a vine or tree. Europe is in a rotten, decaying, dying mode. Nothing can save her. Hence her hostile action of aggresions toward Russia, the one part of Europe that is not contaminated with the sins of European colonialism, slavery, and imperialism. Russia is emerging from the ashes of abuse and isolationism by the old Lady of Europe. Russia, in spite of the isolationism, and sanctions, will arise and be stronger than ever. So sess the Ancient Oracle.

On the other hand, the rest of the world, with the exception of India, is like juicy, firm fruit, unripe, and breaming with juciness, and sweetness. This includes the young, brimming countries of Africa, who are awakening to their identity, and removing the European shackles of slavery, and colonialism. They want no part of so called European values, which have oppressed them. The fruit of African countries is like a young, firm, shapely lady, whose breasts are round and firm, and her other parts are delicious and juicy. Her body is full of life and filled with expectations. On the subject of India, India has become like her former colonizer. India has adapted the greed and covetousness of her former colonizer, Britain. In many ways, the Indian people have become just as arrogrant and obnoxious as their former British exploiters. Ask the people on the continent of Africa, where they have taken root and brought their arrogrance and sense of superiority with them. Hidden news stories in the newspapers of India bury the discrimination and brutality that Africans, visiting and working in India, experience at the hands of Indian racists inside the country of India. More comments about India and its hidden hand of racism towards Africans and people of African descent, in other sections of this Prophecy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


President Putin speaking at a Press Conference in Moscow.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


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Comments written in 2014, years before the military conflict with Ukraine.

President Putin at the Kremlin.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

As mentioned previously in this prophecy, President Putin is the most magnificent world leader on this planet, called Earth. His star shines so brilliantly that it snuffs out the candle light of other mortal men, who would dare to be called leaders. President Putin was called from the heavens to lead a blind and decaying mankind from the evil mountain of rot, from which it has descended. Say a prayer for President Putin and thank the heavens above that President Putin is on your side.

Man looks at the outer.  God looks at the heart.  President Putin is the annnointed one who was chosen to lead for a time like this. His annointing has nothing to do with man made religions. President Putin's calling is celestial. And those who interfere with the great calling of President Putin will suffer a hellish ending. President Putin belongs not only to the Russian people, who have suffered so much, but he belongs to the world. Be strong, President Putin! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Russia"s Victory Day Parade on May 9, 2015 in Red Square commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan in World II was a grand and somber military parade. Like the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia's great history, culture and people were on display for the entire world to see. And what a commemoration it was. It was filled with pomp and circumstance and the solemnity that such an occassion deserves and demands. The parade paid homage and respect to the 26 million Russian lives lost in the Second World War (1941-1945). Other nations, which participated in the parade and commemorated their war dead included China, which also lost million of its citizens during the Second World War. Together, Russia and China lost more of their citizens fighting Hitler's Nazi Germany and Hirohito's Japan than any of the Western powers, who refused to attend. Russia displayed her awesome military power through thousands of her soldiers, special forces and military equipment, tanks, missiles, and fighter jets. China also had a military presence in the 70th Victory Day Parade. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Small minded Western nations who fought in World War II to defeat Nazi Germany and Japan, and who lost many of their soldiers and civilians, refused to attend the Victory Parade in Moscow. The parade commemorated those who perished in defending all of Europe, not just Russia and China. The pettiness of those leaders shows how the leaders of those countries put their own pettiness ahead of the recognition of the millions of Russian and Chinese citizens who perished, fighting for the liberties that they enjoy today. After the parade, the leaders of the 34 countries in attendance went to the tomb of the unknown soldier to lay flowers at the tomb. Another poignant part of the ceremonies. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin and the Russian peoples' Victory Day commemoration extended into the night, where the poignancy of the event was commemorated through song, music, dance, ballet and dramatic reenactments. The opera/ballet performance depicted the horrors of the war. as young men left girl friends, fiances, and wives to go off and fight the Germans. It was a breath taking and profound reenactment of such tragic and horrible events. Even so, the music, song and dance pierced through the sorrow and trauma to touch the nerves and hearts of those fortunate enough to watch such performances. The Opera/Ballet was followed by spectacular fireworks lighting the night sky. The end of a long and commemorative 70th Victory Day came to a close with etched memories to last for a lifetime. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A nation is known through its rituals and pagentry. Russia is rich in rituals and pagentry in all aspects of its society, including cultural achievements, military might, religious rituals, enertainment, dance, ballet, figure skating, acrobatics, and gymnastics. Russia is returning to her splendour and glory. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Ultimately, such magnificence is a tribute to the Heavens and the Creator. Through Russia and her great civilization, the magnificence of God and the Universe are manifest.  Russia, What a Nation, What a nation!  President Putin, What A Leader, What a Leader!  Russia reminds the Ancient Oracle of KMT of the splendour and glory of Ancient Egypt (KMT). Ancient KMT was a land of ritual and pagentry, which enriched the lives of the people of Ancient Egypt (KMT). So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin and President Xi attend China conference.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of the War Against Fascism and Japanese Aggression in China on September 3, 2015, in a glorious military ceremony in Bejing. Attended by representatives of 45 nations, including Russia , South Korea, Egypt, Pakistan, South Africa and surrounding Asian countries, it was indeed an impressive display of military power and cultural greatness. China opened up its magnificent beauty to the world so that all nations could share in China's celebration of this momentous event in the history of China and its people.

The day long ceremonies began with the inspection of the troops by China's President Xi Jinping. This ceremonial act was followed by marching of Chinese soldiers, and soldiers from guest countries, through Tiananmen Square, and in front of the Great Hall of the People. Impressive indeed! The procession of soldiers, in formation, was followed by the awesome display of China's advanced tanks, weapons, missiles, and attack helicopters. Ready for warfare, in defense of the nation of China and its people, but at the same time strong enough to seek peace and negotiation. Long live China and its greatness!

The evening ceremonies concluded with a theatrical spectacle of the reenactment of the suffering of the Chinese people at the hands of the Japanese invaders, beginning in 1938. That was before the rest of the World declared war on Japan, Germany and their Fascists partners. The Chinese people, including soldiers and civilians, were tortured, raped, burned, starved and murdered at the hands of the Japanese invaders. It is estimated that more than 30 million Chinese, both soldiers and civilians, were killed during the Japanese War of Agression against the Chinese people during World War II. The evening festivities celebrated the triumph of the Chinese people through, beautiful music, song, and dance. It was an entertaining, yet, a somber conclusion to the day's memorial events.


The U.S State Department is filled with Nazi and Fascists sympathizers. The State Department funds many of the NGOs in Ukraine, Russia and countries all around the world. They include, but not limited to, USAID, including Voice of America and PACT, a private contractor, NED (National Endownment for Democracy), USIP (United States Institute for Peace), the Internews Network, funded by the State Department, Center UA. and many more funded direcly through the U S State Department. The private foundations are also suspect and receive secret money including the Clinton Global Initiative, and George Soros' IRF (international Renaissance Foundation). These are just some of the American alphabet organizations, and do not include other countries' clandestine organizations, such as the the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA),the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the Embassy of the Netherlands. The Embassy of the Netherlands played a key role in funding the online television outlet which brought the violent demonstrators to the Maidan in Kiev, and the overthrow of then President Viktor Yanukovych. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is ruled by the infrastructure of a "non-military empire", operated through the U.S. State Department, which controls foreign governments, the U S military and local police departments through the Department of Homeland Security. The truth will never come out about Benghazi because the "non military empire" operated by the State Department controls the White House, the NSA and the military. The outlandish power of the State Department started under Madeline Albright, with Bill Clinton's "encircling of Russia" and "strategic containment of Russia", and continued through the wife of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton. Under Hillary Clinton, with the blessings of Barack Hussein Obama, the State Department's power has grown and the influence of NeoNazis-Neocons, Fascists. The "non-military empire" at the State Department uses all of its private contractors, allied NGOs and foundations, to overthrow governments that do not conform to the EU, NATO, and the New World Order. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

By the same token, the "non-military empire" at the State Department, uses its influence and power to control and destroy any domestic group or persons who wants freedom from an abusive and overpowering Federal government in Washington D.C. The State Department, through its NGOs, lobby for militarization of local police departments to squash any discontent and prevent the exercise of the Bill of Rights, which no other country has. The New World Order, which Barack Hussein Obama promised when he took office, is occuring under the auspices of the State Department, which is an empire unto itself, and which has expanded power to implement the New World Order, both internationally and domestically. You were warned in this Prophecy that America has become a Fascist state, with the erosion of personal and civil liberties. The administrration of this Fascism is controlled by the State Department and extends from NATO to the militarization of the local police Departments. A vivid example of the militarization of the local police force was the display of tanks and military hardware by the police in Ferguson Missouri, after the shooting of the Black teenager. This is all part of the New World Order, operating through the State Department, the EU and NATO. Connect the dots. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin must expel all of the NGOs and every alphabet organization operating inside Russia. Russia is far better off going it alone. The EU, America and NATO want to isolate Russia. Give them their wish. Close the American Embassy, the British Embassy, the Dutch Embassy and the Spanish Embassy inside of Russia, immediately. They are filled with three and four letter alphabet spies. In addition to closing the American Embassy, Russia should expel all of the NGOs and and internet tv and all other communication that the Russian Federation does not monitor and control. Russia does not need this kind of mischief taking place within its borders. They will only try to undermine and overthrow the government of President Putin, invade and subjugate the Russian people.  NATO and the EU will not be satisfied until they conquer and control Russia and its people. That will be NATO ultimate land grab when they confiscate the Russian Federation. Don't let that happen. Start by kicking the barrel of NGO snakes and State Department Snakes and George Soros snakes into the sea and the deepest part of the ocean. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A word of caution to President Putin and Russia, do not allow "the enemies of Maat" to draw or goad you into a war on their terms, over Ukraine. Pick the time and place of your choosing to engage and conquer the forces of darkness as they attempt to bring chaos and annihilation to the created Universe. May the Force be with Russia and President Putin as you fight the "enemies of Maat" and all demons on planet Earth. No weapon, financial, military or otherwise, formed against you (Russsia) shall prosper. The U S dollar, the British Pound, and the Euro will crumble, and Russia and the Ruble will rise and remain strong. America's "fracking" to recover oil from rocks will be the literal break up of the country. In their bid to become a leading oil producing country and undermine Russia, to drive down the price of oil, the "fracking" is apparently causing earthquakes, which will literally break the country apart. So much for karmic justice. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department during the 2014 overthrow of the then elected President of Ukraine, and Richard Miles, the former American Ambassador to Azerbaijan and Georgia, appear to be busy stirring up trouble in Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. These two American denizens of formenting upheaval against Russia, are busy trying to undermine any regional cooperation between Russia and Russia's neighbors. Richard Miles' appointment to Kyrgyzstan may be the ominous warning for staging another "Color Revolution", around the time of parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan. It is that time of the year for geo-political considerations. Exploitation of ethnic differences in order to ferment dissension and to interfere with Uzbek-Russsian relations is also on the agenda of the U.S. State Department and their associated NGOs, in neighboring countries of Russia. Even though Uzbekistan is thousands of miles away from America, the U.S. will do everything in its power, to interfere in the relations between Uzbekistan and Russia. The EU and America's goal is to separate Uzbekistan from Russia, just as the U.S. brokered "Kiev Maidan" divided Ukraine from Russia. Such devious shenanigans do not stop with undermining and trying to destabilize Russia, but also extends to Belarus, the Eurasian Union, Uzbekistan and China. Beware Russia and China, as the U.S., NATO, and E.U. plot thickens to destabilize and undermine your governments, through existing regional and international partnerships. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To add insult to injury, the workers of iniquity have brought out of retirement, former NATO Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark, to advocate for large shipments of lethal arms and military equipment to Kiev, Ukraine. These weapons are to be used to fuel the war against the people and fighters of Donbass and Eastern Ukraine. This is the same Wesley Clark who headed up NATO during Bill and Hillary Clinton's adminstration, in 1999, and bombed Serbia almost to smithereens. This was all part of the one world government initiative, started under Bill Clinton, with his British partner in crime, Tony Blair. Clark, is being aided in his clandestine initiatives against Russia by U.S. Army General Robert Scales. Scales has used bellicose, war-like language against the Russian Federation. These two appear to be stirring up a military confrontation with Russia. Beware! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


If you have read the contents of this prophecy from start to finish, you will understand why The Ancient Oracle cautions President Putin and the Russian Federation to refrain from attending any further meetings, negotiating any documents, agreements or treaties wih the Gang of the EU, America, and any organization from the West. The treaty and accords which Russia signed with America and the European gangs of the EU and NATO, were violated by those parties. Initially, they did not abide by what had been agreed to, upon the breakup of the Soviet Union. In return for the dissolution of the Soviet Union, NATO and Western powers agreed that NATO would not position or encroach upon the boundaries of Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States of the former Soviet Union. NATO and America have violated the agreement signed in 1991 by moving machinery, lethal euqipment, and soldiers, to the borders of Russia and Ukraine. Agreements and Treaties, signed with America, the EU, NATO and their surrogates, are and will be used as financial and military weapons against Russia, and her friends and partners. Russia must refrain from entering into such agreements. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Then like the scoundrels they are, NATO and EU countries complain, when Russia takes a defensive posture to protect her vital interests along her borders with Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. In the present situation that Russia finds herself in, with the criminal western gangs of NATO, America and the EU, Russia is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't. Nothing Russia or President Putin does to satisfy the provocateurs in the EU, America, or NATO will satisfy their demands. Therefore, President Putin, and the Russian Federation should just abstain from further negotiations, and meetings with such evil entities. In other words, "fuck 'em", the universal expression like no other!. The only phrase that is more powerful and potent is to put a "Mother in front of the f--ck, as America's slaves used to do, when speaking about their white slave masters behind their backs. The slaves watched, helplessly, as their slave masters raped their mothers. America's history is filled with mother f--kers. If you are offended at these words, you should be more offended by America's vile and inhumane history. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The time for Europe's and America's dominating the world is running out. The sanctions that they have used to hurt Russia, will turn around and strangle their economies. EU and American sanctions are based on printed paper currency that has no value, except what the EU and America can bluff the world to accept as valuable. There is no gold backing the trillions of dollars and Euros supporting the EU and American economies, and, therefore, their sanctions against Russia, and other countries. What a scam! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Regarding the $15 billion loan that Ukraine owes the Russian Federation, Russia should accelerate immediate repayment of all of Ukraine's bond debt, including the $3.5 billion dollars due in December. The reason is that the IMF has somehow required a write-down of Russian Ukraine debt, as a pre condition of a $40 billion loan to Ukraine.   In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, such terms constitute a hostile act, and an event of default, which are grounds for Russia to accelerate the maturity of its bond debt with Ukraine. If Ukraine does not immediately pay off its debt to Russia, then Russia has the right to seize Ukrainian assets for repayment. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America tries to play so big and bad, but her negotiations with Iran have shown how low she is willing to go, by literally begging Iran to accept the terms of a nuclear deal. In return for lifting all sanctions, Barack Hussein Obama and his emissaries, are literally kissing the feet of their former enemy; in order to get a nuclear agreement signed with Iran. America's economy is dependant on having her military bases, in one form or other, occupying 150 countries, around the world. In order to keep those militaty bases, and other representations, in those countries, America bends over to kisss the hinder parts of the leaders of those countries. This is how America manages her employment rate by funding the military with soldiers stationed all over the world. America's soldiers and military bases police the world, providing military cover for American corporations doing business in those foreign countries. America's military industrial complex comprises a large percentage of America's economy. Again, it is taxpayers' money, which finances the military bases, soldiers, and equipment on those bases. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Both the EU and America are like running dog lackeys, running to beg, borrow and steal whatever they can from China and its leaders. What China must realize is that China is just one treaty away and one negotiation away from the same fate as Russia, in dealing with the criminal gangs from the West. It will be a serious mistake to allow the countries of Britain, Germany, France and Italy to join the China led Asian Bank (the AIIB). These EU countries will sit among the other member nations of the AIIB as spies and as obstructionists. These European Union countries will be a detriment to the AIIB, instead of an asset. Beware China! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin and Russia, keep building your nuclear defense capability. The only thing that your enemies in the West respect is military and nuclear power. Keep that power until MAAT deals with your enemies, and smite them back in space to the evil rocks from which they came. Everything that the Ancient Oracle has predicted and explained in this Prophecy has come to pass or is coming to pass. President Putin, and the Russian Federation, fret not yourself because of evil doers, they will get their just due in time. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Angela Merkel should go back to being a scientist, working in a science lab. She has no sense of what the real issues are in dealing with the Russian Federation and President Putin. Her sense of history goes no further that the Iron curtain, when Germany was divided into East and West. She is blind to the Ancient history of Russia, and the fact that Russia and the Russian Federation are ancient people. Their history predates the breakup of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany. The boundaries that were drawn up in 1991 by Europe and America's leaders at the time, can be redrawn just as quick as they were devised with the breakup of the Soviet Union. Angela Merkel could have been a real force for positive change, in preventing the destructive course that the EU is now on. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Just a few comments about Poland, the main agitator in the EU against President Putin and the Russian Federation. Poland, you worship a Black Madonna in your Catholic churches. Yet, in the view of the Ancient Oracle, you are one of the most prejudiced countries on earth. Ask the Blacks who live in Chicago, about the historical racism and prejudice of the Polish people, who migrated to Chicago. You come to my Ancient KMT (modern day Egypt), and you dig and excavate the remains of my great Ancient civilization. The painted stoneware and porcelain, that Poland is famous for, in no way makes for a great civilization. Poland's Lech Walesa and Pope John Paul II both played a significant role in the breakup of the Soviet Union. Lech Walesa, to this day, is still creating discord, and fermenting war against Russia. Like the Catholic Church, Poland is filled with the antiquities and knowledge from my Ancient KMT. There will come a date and time when Poland, the EU countries, America and the Catholic Church will pay for their theivery from my Ancient KMT. Read the entire prophecy so you can understand of which the Ancient Oracle speaks. Maat is about to bring the scales of balance and harmony back in order in the material realm. The scales have been out of balance in that realm for the last 2000 years. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are the other three countries of the Economic Union, the E.U., who are bullish on imposing stiff economic sanctions against Russia. As members of NATO, these former members of the Soviet Union, are urging a NATO military buildup on their borders with Russia. The Baltic states, especially Latvia and Lithuania have active Neo-Nazi parties which are closely assoicated with the Nazist and Fascist Right Sector. The Right Sector, described in another sction of this Prophecy, facilitated the February 2014 overthrow of then Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych.

To understand these Baltic countries, and their lust and appeal for Europe and the West, one must understand the ancient history of the Baltic peoples. In the view of the Ancient Oracle, the people of the Baltic States, excluding the Russian populations, are descendants of people who emerged from the ice age some ten thousand to twelve thousand years ago. Their ancestors were child-like, attracted to things that glittered and shined, like the sun. Because they were deprived of sunlight, in the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, they yearned for anything which shined and reminded them of the sun. This lust for glitter, and all things material, is apparently still in their DNA to this day. Consequently, the yearning and temptations for the glitter and glamour of Europe and America. The Ancient Oracle is being kind and in describing this aspect of the people of the Baltic States. There are more descriptions that could be used. However, they will remain unsaid for purposes of this Prophecy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This obsession and craving for the material trappings and illusionary glitter of Europe and America will be hard to overcome. It seems that the lust and yearning for the trinkets and glitter of the EU countries appeals to their child-like, deprived nature. However, one day, they will come running back to the folds of the Russia Federation after the EU crumbles, and America crumbles with it. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia should not fear America and NATO. America's military has been ravished by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With many soldiers killed or maimed and disabled for life, America has to try and rebulid her military. Those who remain in the military are mainly either gay, bisexaul or transgender. America's military is representative of the effeminate nation that America has become. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is an effeminate nation which has been compromised by the values of radical feminism, homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, bisexuality, and every other deviant behavior known to man. In the interest of being tolerant and nonjudmental, America is a culture of tolerance, where every lifestyle and way of living is tolerated. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia must turn inward, become self reliant and self sufficient in every aspect of life. The Russian people are a great people, with skills and technology, second to none. Unlike America, which must import skills and know-how from other countries, Russia's schools and Universities produce brilliant scientists, engineers, doctors, and Internet professionals who can use science and technology for the greater good. Russia's great sense of nationalism and love of country and President Putin will propel the Russian people to their great destiny in history. Don't share your beautiful ballet, opera, figure skating, snow skiing, gymnastics, and so much more, with America and the EU. President Putin has an approval rating of almost 90 percent. Compare that to Obama's approval rating of 38 percent and Congressional approval rating of 15 percent. This is because the people of Russia trust and love their President, President Putin. Most people of America loathe and hate their leaders, including the apparent Nazi and fascist sympathizer, John McCain. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


If there is one reason that the world will be spared a nuclear catastrophe, it will be because God has shined his grace on President Putin and the Russian people. The Creator of the Universe sees how the nation of Russia and its President have been placed in a trap by the evil forces that currently rule the world. The "enemies of Maat" and all evildoers will be destroyed by the trap they have set. They have tried to set up President Putin and Russia into the trap that they themselves and their people will fall into. The Great Lake of Fire awaits all of the evil doers of the EU, America and NATO. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

When Barack Hussein Obama has the audacity to say that Russia "does not manufacture anything" and is not a world power, Barack Hussein Obama should look at the woman he sleeps with and ask himself, how much does her race manufacture in America? The answer would be that Blacks in America do not manufacture anything. They are foolish consumers, serving as a captive market for American capitalism. Before Barack Hussein Obama tries to dismiss the great nation of Russia and the Russian people, he should look at the plight of his wife's people in America, and their sordid and miserable history in America. President Putin and Russia have a flag. Barack Hussein Obama got elected to the White House on the backs of his wife's people (the Blacks) in America. The musical, "Porgy and Bess", sums up the misery of the Black experience in America. The depressing state of the characters in that drama is still being played out today in various ways. Back off Barack Hussein Obama, you make yourself look like a fool, when you try and belittle President Putin and the great nation and people of Russia. Seventy years ago many homes in America had outdoor toilets, and people used Sears Roebuck catalogue pages for toilet paper. The progress that America has made in terms of material convenience and comforts of life has been within the last sixty years, Obama! So stop trying to be superior to President Putin and the Russian people. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

If you look at a world map today, you will see that the European Union and NATO are the "land grabbers" of the 21ST CENTURY. The European Union and NATO have confiscated the countries of the former Soviet Union and brought them under the dominion and control of the EU and NATO. The EU and NATO would be nothing but old, colonial, relic, racist countries, without the "land grab" of the former Soviet Union countries. "African countries should never forget the role that Russia played in the liberation of African countries from their European, colonial masters. It was Russia that funded and provided the equipment and training that the liberation, freedom fighters of South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea Bisau, needed during their struggles against Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America was at the forefront of labeling those liberation movements "communists" because they were supported by Russia and the former Soviet Union. America did everthing in her power to support and keep the European colonial powers in control of their African colonies. It was only Russia that the liberation movements of Africa could depend on for support in their struggles. China was no where to be seen or found, when it came to supporting Africa's liberation movements in the 1960's 1970's and 1980's. "African countries should always remember the vital role that Russia played in their liberation. America was an obstructionist to the liberation of Africa. Russia was on the right side of history then and is on the right side now. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America (modern day Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah) is placed at the top of the Prophecy. There is too much promiscuity, both heterosexual and homosexual, in America. Pornography is rampant.  America is a socially permissive society, where everything goes. There are no boundaries of what is and what is not acceptable. For fear of offending another's social behavior and being politically incorrect, America tolerates behavior which exceeds the boundaries of moral authority. A way of life characterized by promiscuity, pornography, abortions, and homosexuality is what America has become. America is exporting that way of life to other countries. What nation in their right minds would want such a democracy which has resulted in moral decay and decline? Homosexuals are given permission to adopt and raise children of the same gender as the homosexual couples. The opportunity for for abuse is obvious. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Americans turn a blind eye to such situations because there is no moral fortitude. Obama carried America's brand of democracy to Africa on his recent trip, urging African leaders and their people to accept and legalize homosexuality in their societies. African socities are ancient and have ancient traditions that will not allow for acceptance of that western lifestyle. The democracy practiced by the democratic republic of America is something to be rejected, if it will wind up where the United States of America stands today. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The world is entering a period when major religions will compromise eternal values and truths for the sake of political expediency.  In order to win favor with the sinners of the world, who do not wish to repent of their sinful ways, said religions will compromise their teachings and beliefs. A case in point is the Catholic Church, which through its leader, the Pope, has publicly declared acceptance of the practices of abortion and homosexuality. One can only surmise that the Catholic Church, in its waning days, has been contaminated by the Illuminati and the New World Order. This new stance by the Catholic Church, which was the first church, has enormous and resounding implications for the Christian Church and Western civilization. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

There are some important updates for you to read in various sections below. Updates are made within various sections of the prophecy. You will have to scroll through and see the changes and updates.  The Prophecy, as it was originally presented, will follow the comments in the various sections below. You may read the entire Prophecy as presented until further notice. Beware, that this is a prophecy and the vision of an Ancient Oracle. It is nothing more, nothing less. You are privileged to be here.

The Ancient Oracle is about to leave you. The Ancient Oracle has hovered over you and provided you with enough information that you should be able to place everything in context and go on from here. Remember the Prophecy is being fulfilled. The Prophecy will help you watch events and know what is happening and why. The Ancient Oracle weeps for you with dialated heart.


There is no rudder for America.  America is a failed State.  America has been failing for some time. However, you were too blind to see. The notion that America could never fail because it was too big to fail, is just that, a notion.  The Ancient Oracle repeats again, America is a failed State. America is also a Fascist State.  If you read the section of the Prophecy dealing with the suspension of the Constitution and "THE COMING MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL DICTATORSHIP", you will see that the U. S. Constitution has been suspended on a de facto basis, for some time, through the loss of civil and personal liberties.

One of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin, said in 1787, "We leave you a Republic if you can keep it".  Well, the Constitutional Republic that was willed to those who followed, has been ravaged through the lying, manipulative, secretive shadow government, which rules and controls America, and which is beyond the reach of the American voters. Barack Hussein Obama and every American President, since Herbert Hoover, have been and are a part of that shadow government.

The suspension of the Constitution is taking place on a defacto basis through the Department of Homeland Security, and the Patriot Act, which have encroached on all manner of individual rights defined in the Constitution. The widespread abuse of Americans' constitutional rights begs the question as to whether 9/11 was diabolically planned by powerful elements within the Federal government, in order to take away the basic constitutional rights of the American people. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, said that "he who would sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither".

This relinquishing of constitutional rights, coupled with the recent so called "terrorist threat" leading to the closing of many American embassies, at a time of rising criticism of the National Security Agency (NSA) raises many questions. The timing of the "terrorist threat warning", at the height of the controversy surrounding the spying on American citizens by the NSA, suggests a conspiracy to justify the activities of the NSA. Did Hillary Clinton help Barack Hussein Obama plan that strategy during their private White House lunch, a few days prior to the announcement? Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bill Clinton, both had a hand in the bombing of Serbia, on the eve of his impeachment, by the U. S. Congress. Although Bill Clinton bombed Serbia and Kosov under the cover of NATO's umbrella, the damage to both people and property took a heavy total on the people of Serbia. The unseemly timeing of the bombing campaign was intertwined with Clinton's impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives. Hillary Clinton, was Bill Clinton's closest advisor in the White House. It all goes back to lies and manipulation of the American people by the NSA, and whoever is in charge in the White House. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 by the Minneapolis police, happened out of the "Blue".  Totally unsuspected, and like a thunderbolt out of the sky, the murder of George Floyd at the knee of a racist Minneapolis Cop, was captured on video for the entire world to see.  The cop held his knee on George's neck, while George pleaded for his life, complaining that he could not breathe.  It was a horrible act of police brutality, all too common for African American men in America.  The difference between George's murder and all the other murders of Black men by the police in America, is that his arrest and subsequent torture and murder were captured on video.  For every act of police brutality against Black men, where there is some sort of video recording, there are ten cases of police brutality that go unrecorded, where the police are never held accountable.  Police killings of African Americans will continue in America.  No amount of legislation will stop it.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Police brutality is just one aspect of racism that African Americans endure in America.  Black men in America live in fear on a daily basis of losing their lives at the hands of racist police, or the hands of an armed and dangerous White civilian population.  African American men feel as if they are an endangered species inside America, a waiting shooting target, while walking down the street, or riding in their cars.  George Floyd, an unlikely figure, was the one who was chosen by the forces of convergence, to crystallize the desperate plight, of African Americans in this moment of history.

Converge the murder of George Floyd, with the Coronavirus Pandemic, which already had Americans living in social distancing, shortages of basic household and cleaning items, and grocery supplies, shut down of public transportation, and a rapidly spreading infectious virus, the forces of desperation caused Americans to take to the street in protest.  After being couped up in their apartments and houses for almost 3 months, unable to move about freely because of social distancing, associated with the pandemic, Americans, of various ages, races and gender took to the streets of America to express outrage at the brutal murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police.

George's death has catapulted the struggle of African Americans into a new dimension.  While police reform and other measures will be highlighted to address the specific needs of controlling police brutality and excessive use of force, the plight of African Americans goes such much deeper than police brutality.  The systemic practice of racism against African Americans (Black, Bantu Negroes), ever since their capture and kidnap from Africa in 1619, until the present day, in all areas of their lives, calls for a bold, and comprehensive solution, which will restore the humanity lost to African Americans since 1619.


The proposed measures taken by Congress to address police brutality and police abuse of African Americans will not solve the systematic problem of racism against African Americans.  Specifically, the legislation being rushed by Nancy Pelosi, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Democrats, e.g. "Justice in Policing Act", is only one aspect of living as an African American in America.  It is too little too late!  At the root of the racism that Blacks face in America is economic disparity.  African slaves were shipped to America as chattel, deprived of their humanity, and sold as property to their White slave masters.  After being treated as chattel, and branded with the white master's hot cattle branding irons, the Black slaves had no economic status, except as that of slave.  After toiling for the White slave masters for more than 250 years, and after the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves, America's Black slave population were each promised 40 acres and a Mule.  The African American slaves and their living descendants to this day are still waiting for the 40 acres of land and a mule.

The 40 acres of land and a mule was an empty promise.  The White man, the slave master, never intended to live up to the promise of giving Blacks 40 acres of land and a mule to start a livelihood for themselves after slavery. The White slave master had another form of slavery of Black people, and that was to turn the freed slaves into sharecroppers, working on the land that belonged to the White master, in return for sustenance crops for the freed slave and his wife and children.  The sharecroppers and their children worked from sunrise to sunset, without any pay, but received a portion of the crops they raised on the White master's farm for their basic sustenance.

The late Dr Martin Luther King Jr., was asked in an interview why Black people, have not made progress in America, like other immigrants.  Dr. King indicated that the Negro was never given the basis of wealth in this country, that is land, as other immigrants.  The Whites who came to this country when it was being settled, and up until the early 20th century, just claimed the land as their own.  Wherever they placed a stake on land, that land was theirs.  The ownership rights to the land were handed down generations to generations.  Wealth of the land was theirs just by laying a claim to it.  As for the Negro slaves, they were property and never allowed to own land, since they were considered chattel.  After the end of slavery, the White man reneged on his promise of 40 acres and a mule to the freed slaves so that they could have land ownership, and reap the benefits of that land ownership.  So White people always had the upper hand, the most unfair advantage over the Negro from his very status as slave and freed slave.  The freed Negro slave never had the opportunity to get rich off the land, and pass on to his children and future generations the wealth of land ownership, and the natural resources flowing from the land such as mineral rights etc.  Is it any wonder that White people are wealthy and advantaged over African Americans, descendants of African Slaves, when White people came into posession of free land and had more than 250 years of free slave labor to produce on that land?  While White people were acquiring their wealth, they did not have to pay income taxes, since income taxes did not become a part of the Constitution until February 13, 1913.  Wealthy cattle barons, oil barons, gold barons, copper barons, you wonder how they got rich in America?  They got rich off the "grab of free land" and mineral rights, and the free labor of millions of African slaves, whose descendants are now demanding Reparations and Repatriation.

Dr King in his last sermon before his assassination, said prophetically, that we, "as a people" (African Americans, Black people) "will get to "the promised land".  He said that he had been to the mountian top and looked over and saw that we (African Americans), as a people, will get to "the promised land".  In Dr King's prophecy, he was talking about Negro people, his people in America.  He said that "we, as a people", will get to "the promised land".  He was not talking about White people , when he said we, as a people, will get to "the promised land".  "The Promised Land" for African Americans was not America.  The promised land for White Americans was and is America.  But Dr. King, said that African Americans will get to "The Promised Land".  That "Promised Land", that Dr. King saw, in the vision of the Ancient Oracle, is South Africa.  White people interpreted his prophetic sermon to mean that Dr. King was talking about all Americans, when he said "we as a people".  He was not.  He was talking about his people, African Americans.  He was not talking about America as the promised land for African Americans.  He was talking about "The Promised Land" as South Africa, as the promised land for African Americans.  He saw this in his prophecy when he looked over the mountain top.  Dr. King's prophecy and the Ancient Oracle's prophecy have converged at this moment in history.  White pople have a way of interpreting history the way they want it to be interpreted.  For example, White and European scholars insist Ancient KMT, where I am from, means the Black Land.  That is so ludicrous that it is laughable.  KMT means the land of Black people.  The people of Ancient Egypt, Ancient KMT, were Black people.  End of discussion.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


As mentioned above Dr. King, in his last sermon just before his assasination in 1968, had moved past his dream of 1963 into the reality of the divine Prophecy which had been revealed to him just before his untimely death.  If Dr. King had lived, he had changed course.  He had abandoned the dream that White People, clinged to, in order to deceive Black People about their true status of slaves, forever inferior to the White Slave Master.  It was a dream and nothing more. But Dr. King had moved beyond the deception of that 1963 dream into the reality of his divine Prophecy of African Americans reaching "The Promised Land".

It is up to this generation of the African American descendants of African slaves, to pursue the divine Prophecy of Dr. King.  The White power structure and their Black enablers, running dog Black lackeys of White Supremacy, will do everything in their power to ensure that African Americans do not pursue the divine Prophecy of "The Promised Land" in Africa for African Americans.  It is past time for African Americans to stop allowing White People and the White power structure to pick their leaders.  The rank and file of the African American population is far ahead of the so called Black leaders in America, so far as how they perceive their status in America.  It is only the so called leaders in the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, the Urban League etc, Black Office Holders, including Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams and Keisha Bottoms, who want to continue the charade of America being anything but a trap to keep Blacks in perpetual dependency on their former slave masters.  There is no dignity to the status of African Americans in America. By the refined racist, Joe Biden, adding a Black, African American woman on the Supreme Court will not change that. Just one more act of decpetion and trickery where African Americans are concerned.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The way in which Nancy Pelosi, the feel good racist, off of misrepresenting African Americans, used the death of John Lewis, a Civil Rights marcher and demonstrator of the 1960's to immortalize Lewis, like a head of State in the nation's capitol.  Lewis chose to run for Congress and became a part of the power structure in America.  He continued to pursue a "people of color" agenda, advocating for people of color, immigrants of all cultures and nationalities, especially Mexicans and Latin Americans, homosexuals, transsexuals, White feminists, abortion rights, and voting rights.  Lewis' vision as a so called Civil Rights leader, became muddled, as he became an advocates for those who did not need his advocacy.  Toward the end of his career and life Lewis realized that he had lost the leadership of African Americans. Lewis' popularity primarily was concentrated in Atlanta Georgia, the Congressional District which he represented.  Lewis realized that he had become in a sense irrevelant, except to the Congressional Black Caucus and Nancy Pelosi.

Photo of Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Nancy rewarded him generously for his loyalty and patronage.  She staged a full State funeral for Lewis using the military assets, military guards, flags lowered to half mast, military aircraft for transportation.  His funeral, in the midst of social distancing, was attended and eulogized by three living Presidents.  Most African Americans, outside of Atlanta Georgia, wondered who was this guy and why all of the fanfare.   They knew he was a Civil Rights demonstrator and marcher.  They knew he had experienced police brutality during those marches of the 1960's.  They knew he had become associated with Voting Rights legislation, but was that enough to honor Lewis as a fallen hero in combat, or as a President?  For Nancy Pelosi, the feel good racist, it was.  Nancy Pelosi used the occassion of Lewis death to create an exaggerated spectacle of honor, to accomplish her purpose of creating hero worship of a Black man, who had clearly outlived his bygone purpose.  She did the same thing for the late Black Congressman from Baltimore Maryland, Elijah Cummings.  James Clyburn, will be the next Black Democrat stooge that Nancy Pelosi immortalizes, if she lives long enough.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Instead of pursuing Dr King's "Divine Prophecy of getting African Americans to the promises land", Lewis was bogged down in passage of another Voting Rights Bill.  In other words, Lewis was busy, like the rest of his counterparts in the Congressional Black Caucus, (CBC), of rearranging the chairs on the deck of the sinking Titanic. They have chosen to stay on the sinking Titanic.

The Democrat National Convention in which old, tired, Joe Biden and his "colored East Indian woman " running mate, Kamala Harris, were elected by the Democrats to be their candidates for President and Vice President, was a spectacle in re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic to keep African American descendants of slaves, on the sinking Titanic ship, known as the United States of America.  The Titantic at the Democrats convention was captained by the brain-washed, illusionist, Barack Obama, and his "mildly depressed", wife, Michelle Obama.  Dripping in the spoils of wealth and privilege from living in the White House for 8 years, it was their duty to convince African Americans to stay on the ship, continue to sing, rap, twerk, dance and other foolishness, while the ship is sinking into the abyss.  Barack Obama, wrapped himself again in the trappings of the symbols of America's constitution and independence, found in Philadelphia, as he appeared as a pale faced, mulatto man, trying to appear as a Black African, while promoting the values, and ideas of the country that has destroyed the Soul and lives of African Americans.  His wife, Michelle, sitting in the living room of one of their multimillion dollar mansions, since leaving the White House, was filled with vitriole, at Trump, instead of addressing the root of the Problems of African Americans.  Barack Hussein Obama, with his mixture of African, Caucasian, and Arab bloodline, is still holding on to the illogical and preposterous, motto, written on the great seal of the dollar bill, "E pluribus unum", that "from the many come one".  How in the hell can the branches of a tree, produce the root? It is the one root that produces the branches.  That is the fallacy of America and her melting pot.  The many can never produce the one.

Joe Biden, in his Democrat Convention Acceptance Speech, offered Africans Americans the equivalency of his dentures, and soiled underwear, as African Americans emerge from their fresh baths and showers, in their demands for Reparations for the slave labor of their African ancestors, and Repatriation to their homeland in Africa (South Africa).  What Joe Biden offered in his speech to quell the unrest and quest for what is rightfully and justly theirs, namely compensation for more than 300 years of free slave labor of their African ancestors, and subsequent 155 years of share cropping, Jim Crowism, hangings, lynchings, segregation, and terrorism at the hands of racists, was an insult. In the first place, African American people, the descendants of African slaves, can never believe or trust any thing that White people promise.  Biden did not offer anything of substance when it comes to monetary repayment of the debt that is owed to African Americans for Reparations, not to mention Repatriation.  He offered up platitudes of "love and light", "eradicating racism", which is the same thing that White people have been dishing up to African Americans for decades.  Nothing has happened or will happen to eradicate racism.  To eradicate racism in America, you would have to eradicate White people.  And that is not going to happen, nor should it happen.  African American people are only too happy to leave America in the hands of the racists, who founded America, and return to their homeland in South Africa with the 350 trillion dollars that are owed collectively to each African American descendant of African slaves.  African Americans will only be too happy to board the luxury cruise ships, with their Reparations in hand, bound for the promised land of South Africa, which Dr. King saw in his divine Prophecy just before his assassination.

To African Americans do not vote for Joe Biden and his "fake Black", East Indian running mate, Kamala Harris.  As new creatures, stepping out of the aromatic baths and showers of the just demands of Reparations and Repatriation, you cannot accept what Joe Biden and his running mate are offering African Americans, which are their dentures and soiled underwear.  African Americans, you are now dripping in the fresh aromatic demands of Reparations as described above, and Repatriation.  You cannot and should not accept what old Biden and the Democrats, and their Black lackeys are offering.

In their zeal to prove to African Americans, that they are as Black as Black people are, both Joe Biden and his colored, East Indian running mate, take every opportunity to speak for Black Lives matter.  They are the first to compare the marchers and protestors of Trump's MAGA movement to the BLM movement.  They create further divisions among the American people, when they try to make an issue of how the Trump supporters are handled by police, as compared to BLM protestors.  As a point of fact, since the murder of George Floyd, policing authorities, have been very tolerant when it comes to the often violent street demonstations by BLM.  To make those kinds of comparisons by Joe Biden and his vice President, Kamala Harris, only inflame already tense and volatile situations.  However, expect more of the same from Biden and Harris, as the Democrats are hell bent on keeping America as divided as possible, leading to its ultimate breakup.   So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To African Americans and all Americans who have a history in America, you should realize that the Biden/Harris ticket is really a Harris/Biden ticket.  They are now running as JOE/KAMALA in a last ditch effort to persuade African Americans to vote for them.  Biden is running as a de facto President, in name only.  Due to Biden's apparent dementia, and declining cognitive abilities, KAMALA will really be President.  Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats have already laid the groundwork, to declare Biden unable to perform his duties, and transfer the power of the Presidency to Kamala Harris.  Can you see KAMALA as President and Commander in Chief of the nation's military?  KAMALA Harris has no executive experience, having neither served as head of a large corporation, Governor, or even a Mayor.  She certainly is not qualified to seize the power of being Commander in Chief of the Nation's military forces.  Besides being an East Indian American, colored woman, who is riding on the votes of African Americans to elect her to the Presidency, she is utterly unqualified.  Do not let her so-called "fake racial identify" cause you to vote the wrong way, and vote for the "Harris/Biden" ticket.


Joe Biden has already appointed Black, African American faces to high places and positions in his administration . The list of Black Faces include some carryovers from the D.C. swamp that President Trump had worked so hard to drain. Nevertheless, the list of Black Faces in high places in the Biden Administration include the recycled, corrupt Susan Rice, Symone Sanders, Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Marcia Fudge, Michael Regan, Cecilia Rouse, Cedric Richmond, and others to be named, including the appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. None of those Black Faces in high places will do one thing to change the status and condition of African American, descendants of African slaves. Biden and Harris are the worst kind of deceivers when it comes to messing with the lives of African Americans. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Ketanji Brown Jackson is one of those Harvard educated lawyers, who has learned to play the "master's game of being a "Black carbon copy" caricature of those who mentored her.  Although she has a Black face, and coiffs her hair in African braids, that is where her Blackness stops.  Like, Joe Biden's vice president, Kamala Harris, Ketanji is married to a Caucasian Jew.  She has biracial children.  Her nomination is supported by White and Black feminists. She is supported by those who wish to blur the lines between the sexes, to the point that she could not give a "definition of a woman."  Ketanji said she did not know how to define a woman, since she is not a biologist.  By that same reasoning, then she could not define herself as being a woman.  Ketanji did not represent African American women well in her Senate confirmation.  African American women have common sense, and would have been able to give a forthright answer to the "definition of a woman".  Ketanji represented the liberal, white, Harvard, Ivy League, Jewish promoters who groomed her to be Biden's Supreme Court pick.  Biden selected Ketanji as his Supreme Court nominee to fulfill his promise to the "Black behind closed door, kingmaker, James Clyburn.  Clyburn is not worthy of being an African American leader.  He is a sell-out to the Democrat party, political machinery, offering up the Afican American votes in return for his grab on power.  Karma awaits Clyburn for being an impediment to the quest of African Americans for Reparations and justice in America. As far as the emotional support of Ketanji Brown Jackson by Senator Cory Booker, another Black Ivy League trained lawyer, Booker does not begin to know what it is like to be an African American woman in America.  Booker appears confused about his own sexuality, not to mention taking up the issue of African American women's struggle. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Ketanji Brown Jackson at Senate Confirmation Hearing

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


Many of you, who have early voted for the Democrat ticket of Biden/Harris, will have "buyers' regret" or "buyers' remorse".  The JOE/KAMALA Democrat ticket is a ticket of delusion and deception.  Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had their chance, when they held positions of power, as Vice President and Attorney General of California, respectively, to make positive changes for African Americans. Instead, they both engaged in harsh policies and practices which locked up African American men in prisons for non violent drug offenses.  African American men were deemed as "predators" by Biden and Harris, and were showed no mercy in receiving long prison sentences.  There is not a Black family in America who has not been adversely affected by having a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a neighbor, or friend incarcerated under Biden/Harris onerous, required prsion sentences.  In a deceptive mode, at the last minute, JOE/KAMALA, are asking African Americans, to forget the history of JOE AND KAMALA, and vote for the Democrats, on the basis of empty promises.  They even have Barak Obama running around like a grasshopper, at the last minute, to convince African Americans to overlook their combined failures and missed opportunities, and to vote for JOE/KAMALA.  The last minute, empty promises of JOE/KAMALA are supported by the billions of dollars in campaign contributions of Bloomberg, Soros, Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Bezos, the mainstream media, Hollywood and the Entertainment industry.  To African Americans and all Americans, for that matter, do not be deceived!  So sees the Ancient Oacle.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made the lives of all Americans harder, but especially African Americans. Inflation is rampart. Gasoline prices are through the roof, supply shortages of consumer goods, rising crime rates, racial division and animosity, miseducation of America's school children, and unaffordable housing. Adding to this misery, Joe Biden and his NATO partners have brought the world to verge of a catastrophic war with Russia, where there will be no winners. Wish you had your vote back?

African Americans, in general, you are a rebellious people.  However, you are too often rebellious in the wrong way.  You get bent out of shape because some White person has offended you by the way they speak to you.  Most of you are bent out of shape by the words of President Donald Trump, and his words that you consider racist.  There is nothing wrong with wanting and demanding to be respected.  However, what you, African Americans, should be upset about is your post slave status in America.  The progress that African Americans have made in America is discussed in another section of the Prophecy.  You should judge Trump by the measureable actions that he has taken to improve the economic lives of African Americans, prior to Covid-19.  Trump is no more racist than any other President that has occupied the White House.  The others are more refined, devious and misleading.  Stop allowing your thoughts and minds to be manipulated by the liberal media and news outlets, entertainers and Hollywood.  You deserve so much more.  Joe Biden was wrong when he said President Trump is the first racist President.  George Washington, the nation's first President was the first racist President, and a succession has followed, including the ones you admire.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


To all African Americans, do not cast another vote in another election, until you have signed the Petition for Reparations, and the Petition for Repatriation.  The only votes that count for the African American Descendants of African Slaves are the signatures that you will cast when you sign those two petitions for Reparations and Repatriation.  Voting in America's elections will not advance or elevate the status of African Americans inside of America.  There should be petitions started in every neighborhood, every community, every town, city, and state, where African Americans live, so that the 35 million Black, Bantu, African Americans, who are descendants of African Slaves, can sign the Petitions toward recovery, Reparations, and Repatriation.  African American Legal Professionals, get busy drawing up those Petitions to distribute among all African American descendants of African slaves.  Collect all of the Petitions and signatures and take them to the U S Capitol and the United Nations.  Camp out at the Capital in Washington D.C., and do not leave until America pays its long overdue debt of Reparations, and a Path to Repatriation to their Mother land, of Africa, South Africa.  You will be carrying out the Divine Prophecy, of the great leader and Prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King.  Walk, live and breathe in Dr. King's Prophecy of the "Promised Land" for African American descendants of African Slaves.  So sees the Ancient Oracle!


White America will never do what is right by the descendants of her former slaves, African Americans.  African Americans know that they cannot trust White people and their promises.  They lied about 40 acres and a mule and they are lying about addressing the systemic economic racism against African Americans in America.  It is time for African Americans to demand, not ask, for Reparations, in compensation for the almost 300 years of slave labor of millions of their African ancestors, and the unfullfilled promise of 40 acres of land and a mule for each freed slave subsequent to emancipation in 1863, and the subsequent years of terrorism, lynchings, Jim Crow, segregation, and voter disenfranchisement.

Liberal Whites and their apologists Black supporters are calling for reconciliation.  There was a time for reconciliation.  However, White people did not want to reconcile, admit their wrongdoing toward African Americans and ask for their forgiveness, when it may have made a difference.  Reconciliation may have worked back in the 1950's.  Black people have moved so far away from that state of mind, and now will not accept anything short of repayment of the debt owed to them for the enslavement of their African ancestors in America, and repatriation back to their homeland of Mother Africa.

A conservative estimate of the value of Reparations, as compensation for the kidnap and more than 250 years of free slave labor, which formed the foundation of racist America, would be $10,000,000 for each of the 35 million descendants of the African slaves brought to the shores of America starting in 1619.  That amounts to $350,000,000,000,000 or $350 trillion.  (That is 25 times the amount of Reparations of $14 trillion calculated by Robert Johnson, the founder of BET.)  According to Mr. Johnson, $14 trillion is only $400,000 for each of the estimated 35 million descendants of African slaves brought to America starting in 1619.   That would be a small fraction of the $10,000,000 owed to each African American descendant of African slaves kidnapped and brought to America starting in 1619, as determined by the Ancient Oracle.  However, in defense of Robert Johnson's $14 trillion estimate, he is the only African American descendant of African slaves, with a mind free enough and unchained enough, and bold enough to stake a claim and make a case.  The Ancient Oracle salutes Mr. Johnson's leadership.  Carry on Brother!  The forces of the Universe are with you in your noble quest for real justice for African Americans!

As previously discussed in another segment of this Prophecy, only the African American descendants of African slaves kidnapped and brought to the shores of America from 1619 up until 1865, would be eligible for payment of Reparations from the United States government.  That would exclude Blacks and the descendants of Blacks who migrated to America, as other immigrants including White people, from the Carribean, Central and South America and Africa, Canada and Europe.  For an example of exclusions, the beloved Marcus Garvey would be excluded.  So would Colin Powell, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, and Minister Louis Farrakhan because, in the case of Powell, he is a descendant of parents, who immigrated from Jamaica to the United States.  Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier both immigrated from Carribean countries, and thus are not African American descendants of African slaves brought to America, starting in 1619. Neither is Louis Farrakhan an African American descendant of African slaves. Farrakhan, like Colin Powell's parents were immigrants from the Islands of Jamaica and St. Kitts.  They are descendants of African slaves, but not the slaves brought to America over a span of 300 years, starting in 1619.  Their African slave ancestors were dropped off in the Carribean by their European slave masters, where they developed those islands.  As for Nigerians, Ghanaians, and other Africans who have immigrated from African countries to America, they certainly would not be included as African American descendants of African slaves brought to America starting in 1619.  Barack Obama would not be entitled to receive Reparations since neither of his parents are descendants of African slaves, who were brought to the shores of American starting in 1619.  Africans, from West Africa, Nigeria and other parts of Africa, started immigrating to America in the early 1960's after their independence.  They are not a part of the slave experience in America, and would not be eligible for Reparations form the U.S. government.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As the Stimulus checks rolled out, to those affected by the Coronavirus, in trillions of dollars, it is time to start rolling out Reparation checks to each descendant of the millions of African slaves brought to this country starting in 1619.


The amount of $350 trillion in Reparations is a demand for payment for a debt to the descendants of African slaves in America, which is long overdue.  It is a just compensation and a debt that must be paid. As the Ancient Oracle of KMT, if you read this entire Prophecy, and you understood the energies that are occuring in the Universe, you would understand that old things are being swept away.  Renewed spiritual energies are manifesting as the earth and the sun move into the Great Year of the Astrological Age of Aquarius, which will last approximately 2000 years as the age of Pisces, the Fish sign of the Christian Jesus of Nazareth is passing away.

If you had read the Introduction to the Prophecy, you would have seen where the Soul had forewarned of the coming famine, plagues, disasters, as it allowed the physical bodies to start accumulating adipose tissue, in prepartion for the shortage of foodstuff, due to famine, locust, plagues, floods and other disasters.  The Coronavirus Pandemic is the beginning of what is to come.

The Coronavirus Pandemic came as a thief in the night causing the loss of 40,000,000 jobs, the disbursement of up to 6 trillion dollars from the U S Treasury to compensate workers for loss of jobs, and to subsidize hospitals and medical workers, and research to develop a vaccine for the highly contagious virus.  Now, if one pandemic can cause such economic devastation, imagine the devastation to the U S economy and the American people if there are repeat pandemics, epidemics, plagues and other disasters.

Don't blame Donald J. Trump for the spread of the Coronavirus in the White House and the U S Government, including the halls of Congress and the Senate.  Covid-19 has the intelligence of the energies that are manifesting on Earth, to right the wrong that has been done to the African Bantu Negro descendants of the millions of African Slaves brought to America, starting in 1619.  The virus has the intelligence of the sharks that followed the Slave ships, waitng for the dead and diseased African Slaves to be dumped into the Atlantic Ocean, as their prey.  Trump did not cause that Karma.  The evil, liberal Democrats and their supporters, are looking for an easy way out to smear over the karma, which they participated in, to blame President Trump for forces that he has no control over.  Use common sense.  Wear facial covering, wash and sanitize your hands, and practice social distancing.

As the Ancient Oralce sees, if America does not pay up her debt to African American descendants of African slaves, kidnapped and brought to America, disaster after disaster will come upon the house of America.  The Corona Pandemic was sent as the first warning.  The Democrats, and their supporters and financial backers, will receive the brunt of the first waves of the pandemic and other disasters, because of their wickedness and deception.  That includes their feminists members and supporters, both Black, and White, who have made a mockery of God's Creation.

Black women, African American women, you have helped to create and support a decadent, immoral and decaying political party, the Democrat Party; and you will succumb in the putrid wretchedness of the Democrat Party.  Black women, including, members of the Black Congressional Caucus (CBC), you have missed the mark.  Your time and energies should have been spent and should be spent in African American communities, creating sound moral values for African American youth and adolescent.  You have raised a generation since the 1980's that produced a generation of "street people".  In other words, the generation raised from the 1980's through the present day, received their moral values from the street.  A street culture of decadent Rap music, vulgar dancing and twerking, and "slut" dressing.  This illicit and immoral culture has produced a culture where unmarried pregnancy is rampart, which creates a permanent "welfare class".  Two out of three Black children are born to unwed mothers, many in their teens.  When they should have been learning in school, their thoughts and mind were focused on what is between their thighs, instead of what is in the learning center of their brains.  It is a gross dereliction of parental duties on the part of Black women, in particular.  This should be the real work of African American women in the Democrat Party.  Your work is for nought, otherwise.  The African American clergy have a role to play in addressing this moral failure, and have largely remained on the sidelines.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To quote a poem: "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is still a-flying: And this same flower that smiles to-day, To-morrow will be dying".


Not only are Reparations due to African Americans, the descendants of slaves brought to America, but it is time for African Americans to be repatriated back to their homeland in Africa.  Yes, the motherland and home of the African Americans in America, is Africa. A repatriation to Africa would not be to West Africa, from which their African Ancestors were kidnapped and brought to America, but to South Africa.  African Americans have been away too long to return to their African roots in West Africa. African Americans have more in common with the Blacks of South Africa. The struggle of Black South Africans, under Apartheid, is similar to the segregation and abuse that African Americans faced in America.  The same institutionalized Apartheid used by the Europeans, who colonized South Africa, is the same dehumanizing system of racial segregation used by American White People against Blacks in America.  The modus operandi of Whites, whether they be European or American is always the same, when it comes to the subjugation of the Negro, Bantu Black populations.  Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masakela, and many more South Africans exiled during Apartheid came to America and, lived among Black people and saw first hand the struggle of African Americans inside America.  Strong bonds were formed.

South Africa and Namibia, SouthWest Africa have plenty of land to absorb the returning African Americans to their homeland.  First, the White Europeans living in South Africa should be deported and repatriated back to Europe.  Second the Indians from India should be deported and repatriated back to India.  The Arabs, should be deported and repatriated back to their Arab countries.  Under Apartheid, which was a racist caste system based on race, the Whites were at the top, next were the "coloreds", which included the Indians, and mixed race Africans, derived from the White European men having sex with Black South African women.  At the bottom was the Black, Bantu South African, the majority in their own coumtry.  The Ancient Oracle sees that the Indian population, who have camped in Durban and other parts of South Africa, have a racial superiority toward the Black South Africans.  Same goes for all of the other Asian, and Arab cultures in South Africa.  Deport them back to their native, home countries.  It is time for the Black African American, Bantu Negroes to return to Africa and live among their South African Black, Bantu brothers and sisters.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The great African freedom fighter and South African President, Nelson Mandela, visited America during Bill Clinton's Presidency.  He was so moved by the struggle of African Americans that he offered to bestow South African citizenship upon those African Americans who wanted to return to Africa.  Clinton and his State Department, did not pursue President Mandela's offer as Clinton, being a White Southerner, could not envision African Americans leaving the slave plantation of America for their beautiful homeland of South Africa.

African Americans will not leave America empty handed.  They will each have received the $10,000,000 in Reparations as compensation for the enslavement of their African ancestors in America.  This compensation will help them resettle in their new homeland of South Africa.

African Americans ancestors landed on the shores of America in slave ships.  Their African American descendants will return to Africa in luxury cruise ships.  OH HAPPY DAYS!  America will commission the building of hundreds of multilevel luxury cruise ships to transport the 35 million African Americans, descendants of African slaves brought to America.  Luxury ships such as the "Royal Carribean Symphony of the Seas" the world's largest 6800 passenger cruise ship.  To transport 35 million African Americans, back to their homeland of South Africa, will require many ships to be built.  Luxury cruise ship building, for the repatriation of former African slaves, will be a major industry in America for the next 50 years.  The cruise ships will be paid for by the U S government, like the colonial government financed the slave ships and paid the slave captains, who transported millions of African slaves across the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of America.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


To the young White people who were and are in the streets, demonstrating in support of African Americans and against police brutality, you can return to your homes and start writing, texting, emailing, phoning campaigns to your state and local officials, to your Congressional Representatives, to your Senators, and the President - demanding that the United States honor her debt to African Americans, the descendants of African slaves brought to America.

Apartheid in South Africa was ended and Nelson Mandela was freed from prison by the actions of petitions to local city councils demanding an end to apartheid in South Africa, and the divesture of any investments in South Africa by American companies.  It was a movement throughout the country in every city which brought the economy of South Africa to its kness, by boycotting American companies doing business in South Africa.

Likewise, if well meaning White people want to do the right thing and honor the overdue debt of Reparations and Repatriation that are due to the descendants of African American slaves, they will make it their mission to right the wrongs of the past by paying Reparations and start the process of Repatriation to South Africa.  The House of The United States of America was built on a disastrous foundation of slavery.  Such a foundation would not stand the test of time.   The House of America is crumbling.  Doing what is right and just by African American descendants of African Slaves, may buy America more time.  But the payment of Reparations must begin immediately.  As mentioned below in another section of the Prophecy, a commission is not needed to study Reparations for African Americans.  The history is well documented.  As indicated in the section below, payment of Reparations by the U S Government would be limited to the 35 million direct African American descendants of Africans who were brought to the shores of America starting in 1619.  Reparations would not include payments to other Black people who have immigrated from other countries, such as Jamaica, Trinidad, the Carribean, South and Central America, Canada, and Europe.   Those descendants of African slaves would have to petition the European countries, including Britain, Portugal, Spain, and Belgium, which transported them to those countries.

A warning to African Americans, you cannot expect the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, or any other so called Black leaders to advocate and get behind immediate payment and distribution of Reparations to the African American descendants of African Slaves.  All those status quo, boot licking apoligists for maintaining the system as it is, will only at best call for a "commission to study" Reparations.  Some compromised Negroes are so brain dead and slave whipped, that they say that they "don't want Reparations".  Or the ones that have formed self aggrandizing organizations, like "Black Lives Matter", say don't pay Reparations to individuals, but rather give it to an organization.  Bullshit!  No way are these hustlers, these pimps off the suffering of African Americans, in a foreign, racist land called America, going to speak and act for the downtrodden, forgotten African American descendants of slaves.

Young African American are not going to compromise.  They want justice and Reparations now.  They will not wait.  As George Floyd's young daughter said, "my daddy changed the whole world".  His murder and death was the seminal event that rushed in a new era of African Americans destiny in America.  Reparations, and the door of Repatriation have been opened for African Americans to return to their home in South Africa.


The organization, Black Lives Matter, is a lose configuration of people organized under the leadership of three women in California, two of whom identify as "queer".  Alicia Garza, also known as Alicia Schwartz, grew up in a mixed race, mixed religion household.  Her mother is Black and her stepfatherr is Jewish.  She married a transexual man named Malachi Garza in 2008, took the name Garza and announced that she is gay.  The second organizer of Black Lives Matters is named Opal Tometi, born in 1984.  Tometi is of Nigerian heritage, both her parents are Nigerian.  The third organizer of Black lives matters is Patrice Cullors, born in 1983, and also from California.  Cullors also revealed that she is "queer".  Black Lives Matters, the group that they founded began as a hastag#Black Lives Matter on social media in 2013.  It is supposed to have coalesced around the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, The organizers of Black Lives Matter are provocateurs with a liberal, white feminists, gay, transgender mode of operation.  Their origin is suspect.  They have used a catchy phrase and put Black in their name, thereby confusing the nature and origin of who they are.  Black Lives Matter has attracted many young people, black and White because of its name.  The organization and its founders and leaders do not represent the struggle of the African American descendants of African slaves in the opinion of the Ancient Oracle.  Their message and messaging is a befuddled message of liberal White feminists ideology, minorities rights, gay representation, and transgenderism.  They have attracted donations and contributions in the millions of dollars from people who want to get involved and relieve the pain and suffering of Black people.  It has been reported that the billionaire George Soros is a financial backer of the group.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To the African American descendants of African slaves brought to America starting in 1619, the Ancient Oracle's advice is to steer clear of the organization, "Black Lives Matter".  It is not what it appears to be.  It will only steer you off course and off the path of Reparations, for the debt owed to you for the slave labor of your African Ancestors.  George Soros appears to be playing a similiar role to that, which the Jews played back in 1909, at the founding of the National Association of Colored People (NAACP).  The NAACP was founded and started by rich Jews and other liberal White people.  The NAACP, with its Jewish supporters, did everything in its power, to thwart the organization of Marcus Garvey and his Universal National Negro Association (UNAA), which was formed to instill racial pride and repatriate Africa's diaspora back to Africa.  The Jews and the NAACP, headed by W. E. Dubois, diluted Garvey's efforts, by stressing the need for assimilation, and by expressing Black peoples struggle as one of "Colored people".  The NAACP and Negroes, like W.E. Dubois, and others, insisted on removing the name Negro and Black from the struggle of Blacks in America at that time.  The NAACP was founded by Jewish people, and to this day is still largely controlled by Jewish money.  The NAACP fought for integration, assimilation, and Civil Rights for Black people in America.  It was and is still dedicated to fighting for the civil rights of all "Colored People" and minorities, gays, lesbians, and transgender people..  The NAACP, and their Jewish, liberal backers will not touch Reparations for African Americans with a ten foot pole.  Yet, the Jews are the first to demand Reparations from Germany, for what the Nazis did to them during their Holocaust, during World War II. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Marcus Garvey and his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) were about the Black man's struggle, and only the Black man's struggle in America and across the world.  The UNIA was the largest Black organization in the world.  Marcus Garvey was opposed to mixing the Black man's struggle with that of "Colored People", because "Colored", light skin people always had the upper hand, in a racist society based on skin color.

 According to Marcus Garvey's writings, The Jews did everything to persecute and demean Marcus Garvey and his pro Black movement.  They eventually conspired to have him charged with mail fraud and sent to prison, which ended his UNIA movement, based in Harlem, New York.  Young African Americans, start reading your history.  Learn about Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association, which was the forerunner of Malcolm X, as being about liberating the Black man's mind, body and soul from bondage in America.  Take time out of your marching and demonstrating to read about Marcus Garvey, and to read books about the NAACP and W.E.Dubois, and how they conspired against Marcus Garvey.  Read the book, The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey.  Then you will understand that great Black Man and his purpose on Earth.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Black Lives Matter bears scrutiny.  In no way does the Ancient Oracle consider Black Lives Matters and their organizers as a legitimate expression of the aspirations of the African American descendants of African Slaves brought to America, and their quest for Reparations and Repatriation.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This Prophecy will go a long way in educating you and setting you on the right path.  My people die from lack of knowledge.  The knowledge that you need is contained here in the Ancient Oracle of KMT's Prophecy.  KMT is the name of Ancient Egypt, which means land of the Blacks.  The Ancient Egyptians were a Black People.  It was only when they began to intermix and assimilate foreigners into their culture, that started the decline and destruction of the greatest civilization known to the man, which lasted more than 75,000 years, over the span of many Great years.  The Ancient Oracle is from KMT, and imparts ancient wisdom to you.  May it live in you always.


The descendants of African slaves in America should not waste time and energy arguing with White People about their statutes and monuments.  Let White People keep their monuments.  Don't be offended by their statutes and monuments because they show what horrible people, White people and their ancestors, were and are.  Those Confederate statutes and the statues of the Founding Fathers are a reminder of the inhumanity and cruelty that formed the foundation of America.  To get caught up in trying to tear down and rewrite their history is a decoy for African Americans.  White People are who they are and no amount of removing and destroying their statutes and monuments will change who White people are.

At this juncture in the history of African American descendants of African slaves, African Americans cannot afford to be taken off the path of Reparations and Repatriation.  R & R, does not mean rest and relaxation, but Reparations and Repatriation.  Reparations and Repatriation are the only words and phrase that should be on your tongue, and coming from your mouth.  Reparations and Repatriation should be the only word and phrase that your ears attune to.  If the conversations around you are about any subject other that Reparations and Repatriation, close the entrance to your ears with the fingers of both hands.  That will be the signal to the other party or parties, that you are not open to hear anything that does not contribute to the subject of Reparations and Repatriation for you and your African American brothers and sisters.  The time for foolishness is over.  African American do not have time to play games.  The fate and future of a race of people, who have suffered immeasurable damage over 400 years in America, are at stake.  This is no time for African Americans to be distracted by Confederate statutes, Founding Fathers statutes and monuments etc, or the election of a closed minded, feeble old racist, like Joe Biden.  Neither Biden or Trump are qualified to undertake the task of remedying the wrong doing of America towards African slaves and their living descendants.

The remedy of Reparations and Repatriation must be taken to the Capitol of the United States in Washington D.C.  It is time, past time, for a national march to the Washington Monument, by the millions of African Americans, to demand that America pay its debt to the descendants of the African slaves, who built America.  Such a march would garner wide spread support from African Americans from every Continental state in the Union.  The costs of the march should be undewritten by Wall Street, which profited so much from the sale and barter of African slaves.  There should not be a day that passes that a demonstration and march is not held at the White House and at the Capitol in Washington D.C., by African American.  This must be the mission and work of all living descendants of African slaves.  There will be no let-up until America pays the debt of Reparations, and a plan forward of Repatriation to the living descendants of African slaves in America.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Resolutions and the like, passed by local City Councils cannot adequately address the totality of the national debt owed, to America's living descendants of African slaves, by the Federal government.   As indicated above. the national debt owed to African American descendants of African slaves can only be adequately addressed, at the national level by the U S Congress and the office of the Presidency.  A case in point as to the inadequacy of an attempt to address, at a local level, is a local resolution passed by the city of Asheville North Carolina, approving a "Community based" Reparations to its African American citizens.  The Asheville Resolution does not approve direct payments to African Americans but proposes to invest in projects such as increasing "minority" owenrship of homes, and access to health care etc.  Such action on such a modest level is a drop in the bucket, when it comes to making restitution and paying the collective debt owed to the living descendants of African slaves.  Reparations cannot be adequately addressed at the local level as the Asheville North Carolina Resolution passed on 07/14/2020, demonstrates.  As discussed previously, the compensation and renumeration, in the form of Reparations to the descendants of African slaves, is a national matter and must be addressed at the national level, at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Get back and move out of the way of the African American descendants of African slaves kidnapped and brought to America in 1619.  Your vision is too narrow and your mind is too warped by the privileges you have enjoyed in White America, to ever be receptive to the direct payments of Reparations to African American, Bantu Negroes.  Most of you have been educated in White Universities, and many of you are married to White women or White men.  You have obtained positions of power and privilege in White America.  However, as Malcolm X, so righteously pointed out, you are still called a "nigger" in America.  You are still subject to being pulled over by a racist cop and killed just for being Black.

You go on national TV and the cable channels pontificating about how you feel that Reparations are not a good idea for African Americans or for the country.  You then go on to give every reason, in your wretched mind, why you feel it is impossible to work out a plan where the payment of Reparations would be possible.  The Ancient Oracle is going to name names here and the list includes Professor Cornell West at Princeton University, Professor Michael Dyson at George Washington University, Professor Robert Gates at Harvard University, and the list goes on and on.  So sees the Ancient Oracle

You are in no position to compromise the suffering of the African slave ancestors of African Americans, who lost their lives waiting in in the dark dungeons for the slave ships to return and transport them thousands of miles on slave ships across the Atlantic Ocean to America.  You are in no position to compromise the suffering of the African slaves whose bodies were dumped into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, because they fell ill on the slave ships and could not complete the journey.  You are in no position to compromise the suffering of the African slaves, who once they survived the unfathomable voyage on the slave ship, and reached America, were branded on their backs with the hot cattle branding irons of their slave masters.  Can you smell the burning flesh as the hot branding irons penetrated the backs of the slaves as blood and human tissue clinged to the hot branding irons?  You are in no position to compromise the suffering of the African slaves who were whipped with the Master's whip every day in the fields, like animals to produce more crops, pick more cotton.  You are in no position to compromise the suffering of the slaves who were used as studs to impreganate the African slave women to produce more slaves to work on the White master's plantation.

You are in no position to compromise the suffering of the slaves as they gave more than 250 years of free slave labor, and never received one penny for their toil from sunrise to sunset.  You are in no position to compromise the ordeal of the emancipated slaves, who after slavery were still considered 3/5th of a person, until passage of the 14th Amendment.  You are in no position to compromise the suffering of African Americans post slavery and Reconstruction, as they became sharecroppers, for the masters, and still toiled from sunset to sundown with a handout, and not renumeration.  You are in no position to compromise the daily terror that African Americans felt at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan.  You are in no position to compromise Jim Crowism and segregation and other indignities that African Americans suffered at the hand of White Supremacists in America.  You are in no position to compromise the suffering of African Americans who survived the ordeal of the Civil Rights marches and demonstrations, for the right to to be seved at a restaurant or stay in a hotel.  You are in no position to compromise the terror that African Americans suffer at the threat of living in America, from being killed by a trigger happy racist cop, or a gun toting White civilian racist.  You are in no position to compromise the daily trauma that African Americans feel from living in a racist society, where they are a desolate minority.

The descendants of African American slaves are tired of being an unconnected minority.  There is a place, a land where they can return to, where they will be part of the Black majority.  That land is South Africa.  It is going to happen this time.  Unlike in the time of Marcus Garvey, the calendar had not quite reached the point where we are now.  As above so below.  According to the great Astrological year of 25,960 years, the sun is moving into the Astrological sign of Aquarius.  The sun is moving out of the astrologcal sign of Pisces, dominated by the Christian sign of Jesus of Nazareth, which has dominated mankind and the world for the last 2000 years.  The White man, who has dominated planet Earth, has no authority and no control over the energies that will dominate the Earth for the next 2000 years in the age of Aquarius.  If he tries to interfere, he will suffer immense tribulation and turmoil.  African Americans and Black people, in general, should be grateful that the Universe is moving into a new Astrological sign.  Say good bye to the Fish sign of Pisces, characterized by Jesus of Nazareth.  Because the Black man, the Bantu Negro, caught hell under the astrological fish sign of Jesus of Nazareth.  Yes, the last 2000 years have been a hellish, nightmarish time for Black people.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Read the Prophecy below to learn more.


Barack Obama and his Presidency stymied the situation of Black people in America.  White People allowed him to become President so that African Americans would think they had come much futher along in this country than they had.  Obama was used as a tool for the further oppression of Black People.  That is true in the view of the Ancient Oracle because, with a so called Black President, too many Black people thought they had achieved a milestone and change in status.  No!No!No!  Barack and Michelle Obama became the ultimate "Black faces in high places", for Blacks to look up to, and quell any apprehensions about how far they had come in America.

Obama was afraid to say that he would advocate for Black people while he was in the White House.  Instead his mantra was that he had to be the "President of all the people".  He did not take a firm stand on criminal justice reform, working with police departments to see that "choke holds" and other abusive tactics, too often used against Black men were abandoned.  If that had been the case, then the "knee on the neck" that the racist cop used against George Floyd, would not have been used. Perhaps, he would be alive today.  Obama did nothing to quell in the "Deep State" that has taken over the Federal government and threatens individual freedoms, and brought about wide spread corruption.  Under obama, the "Deep State" became more entrenched.

It could be said that Barack Obama wanted to be in the world of entertainment and wealth, as the Trumps.  Since they left the White House, like the Clintons, the Obamas have become very wealthy trading on their time spent in the White House.  They have landed a 65 million dollar book deal, become producers of film for Netflix, and given lucrative speaking engagements.  This is in addition to the billion dollar Presidential Library that he and Michelle are building in Chicago.  The land that the library is being built on, required the "consfication" of Public Park land that ran along side Lake Michigan, thereby denying the public use and enjoyment of that Jackson Park land.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle, Barack Obama, took his title of his book from the section of this Prophecy dealing with the last sermon of Dr. Martin Luther King, in which he prophesied the reaching of "The Promised Land" for African American people.  Up until the time of the publishing of this section of this Prophecy, Barack Obama had held off naming the title of his new book.  Shortly after this section was added to this Prophecy, dealing with Dr King's prophetic last sermon, prophesying reaching "The Promised Land" for his people, African Americans, Obama titled his book "A Promised Land".  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, his title of "A Promised Land", is a rip off, a ploy to drum up interest in his book.  Obama did not make clear in his book what his title is about.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, A promised land for Obama is wherever he can make tens of millions of dollars on pedalling delusion and misinformation about his place in history.  Obama has not had an original idea during his public life.  He is like a sponge, a parasite, who lives off the ideas and originality of others.  Obama and his wife are both about becoming as wealthy as their billionaire friends, who have propelled them to enormous wealth, since leaving the White House. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Since Michelle Obama left the White House, she has written a book on "Becoming Michelle Obama".  In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, the book is a book about "Becoming Vain, and more Vain".  It is a book about becoming Vanity, in the view of the Ancient Oracle.  It is a book wherein she paints herself as one who is to be looked up to and admired, in spite of her humble beginnings. Her portrait, in the Smithsonian, depicts her as some grand Black Queen, poised to be adored and admired by present and future generations of little Black girls.  She has given Melania Trump a run for the money in some of her choices of outfits, since leaving the White House.  Melania Trump was a model and that was her profession to dress in high fashion.

Michelle Obama Smithsonian Portrait.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of Michelle Obama's Book, "Becoming Michelle Obama"

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Michelle Obama in Shiny Balenciaga Boots giving celebrity interview

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Barack and Michelle Obama are supposed to be examples of outstanding parents.  Yet, in their infatuation with the entertainment industry, they allowed their older daughter, Malia to go to work for Harvey Weinstein in New York, for one year after she finished high school.  Harvey Weinstein has since been designated a sexual pervert and convicted of sex crimes.  Granted, the Obamas probably did not know that they were exposing their daughter to a sexual pervert when they sent her to New York to work for Weinstein.  However, it does show their fascination with Hollywood and the enterainment industry, and that infatuation and magnetism has followed them since they left the White House.

Photo of Barack Obama and his friend Harvey Weinstein

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of Michelle Obama and Harvey Weinstein

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of Milia Obama working for Harvey Weinstein in New York after she graduated from high school.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

All of America's great Black, African American leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Booker T. Washington, etc attended and graduated form historically Black colleges and universities.  Both Barack and Michelle Obama attended White Ivy League Universities, including Harvard Law School.  It shaped who they are and how they view and react to the world.  They do not have an Afrocentric view of the world.  Rather, they think and view the world as any of their White, liberal colleagues.  They are tolerant and advocate as Michelle says, "love the one you want", that is to say, advocate for homosexual relations and marriages, interacial dating and marriage, and, dilution of the African American struggle with "people of color".  That may be because Barack Obama, himself is of mixed race, and unsure of his identity.  He has a sister who is Caucasian/Asian, and Michelle's brother is married to a White woman and has biracial children.  Barack and Michelle Obama, sent one of their daughters to Harvard, where she has been seen dating a White classmate.  The other daughter is attending a predominantly White University.  Attending a predominantly Black College or University was apparently not a consideration for either of their daughters.  Did they even visit the renowned Historically Black University, Howard University, in Washington D.C.? Or was Howard University too Black and not good enough for either of the Obama daughters?  Just asking.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Photo of Malia Obama and her British boyfriend at Harvard University.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of Malia Obama and her British boyfriend

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Barck Obama is mixed race with a White American mother and an African Muslim father.  His African ancestry is from Kenya, a country on the Eastern coast of the continent of Africa.  Barack Obama road into the White House on the back of African slaves.  It was the descendants of African slaves, who put him in the White House.  He would not have been elected President if he had not been married to a Black woman, who is a descendant of African slaves, as much as she apparently tries to rise above it.  When the Obamas made their first trip to West Africa, in Senegal, they stopped on Goree Island and visited the "door of no return", where the African slaves were kept until the next slave ship arrived to take them to America.  It was a profound and emotional moment for Michelle and her mother, who was also on the trip.  Although Barack Obama said that it was an awful place, he did not have the same visceral feelings as Michelle and her mother had.  He could not relate to the African slave experience on that level because his ancestors were not a part of that legacy.

Photo of The Obamas and Michelle Obama's mother visiting the House of Slaves in Goree Island, Senegal 2013.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


To African Americans: It makes no sense to vote for Joe Biden as President just because he was Barack Obama's Vice President.  Joe Biden was hand picked to be the Democrat nominee for President by James Clyburn, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus from South Carolina.  It is reminiscent of a time when decisions like that were made behind closed doors in smoke filled room by crooked politicians.  Be that as it may, James Clyburn had the political sway with the Black voters in South Carolina to sway the vote for Joe Biden, which ensured Joe Biden would be the Democrat nominee.  It is interesting that Clyburn would not support the one Democrat Presidential candidate, who was running at the time, Tom Steyer, who was calling for Reparations to be paid to African Americans.  He was the only Democrat candidate running to make that pledge.  Clyburn shorted the process and did not make that an important consideration in any one running for President.

Don't fall for the devious ploy of adding an African American woman as Joe Biden's Vice Presidential running mate.  Adding a Black woman to Biden's ticket is similar to Barack Obama's run for President.  It is a smokescreen to hide the condition of African Americans in the smokescreen of a Black figure head, who cannot bring about meaningful change for African Americans in America.  The names that have been mentioned are repugnant.  Kamala Harris, who is a "colored person", is not of African American heritage. Harris does not call herself African American, because she is not.  Kamala is an East Indian American woman, with Jamaicain/European heritage.  Kamala Harris has aligned herself as a person of color.  Harris is not Black and she is not African American.  Furthermore, she is married to a White man. Harris' culture is not deeply rooted in the African American experience.  Her little ride on that school bus in California, does not begin to touch the experience of racism that Blacks have suffered in America.  Don't insult African Americans with your contrived description of a ride on a California school bus. Her experience with racism as experienced by African Americans is fake.  That is why she could not sympathize with incarcerated African American men, who had received harsh sentences in California for non violent crimes, such as posession of crack cocaine, and marijuna.  Harris was a hard ass, mean nose Attorney General in California.  She opposed prison reform. She fought to keep prisoners, mainly Blacks, in prison even after they had been found innocent.  She resisted calls to investigate police shootings.  Her record as DA in California, would preclude African Americans from voting for her. African Americans, in the name of the blood of your African Slave ancestors, do not vote for the Biden/Harris Presidential ticket.  Kamala Harris is an East Indian American, whose maternal family members come from the racist nation of India.  She is not one of you. Kamala Harris, unlike Barack Obama, will never get to the White House on the back of the descendants of African American slaves. Unlike Obama, Kamala Harris is not Black, not African American, and is married to a White man, a Jew in fact. Her husband looks like Chuck Schumer in the Senate.  If Kamala Harris wants to help eliminate racism, she should return to her native, root country of India, and work to eliminate racism toward African People, and African American people, in her native India.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

 See comments below in another Section regarding Racism, Racial Superiority and Kamala Harris.

The most famous East Indian figure in history, Mahatma Gandhi, who led the Indian people to freedom, while exiled in South Africa, was himself a racist.  Although, Gandhi lived in South Africa as a "colored person", he had a racist and superior attitude toward Black African People.  Although Dr. King adopted Gandhi's non violent tactics during America's Civil Rights movement, it should always be remembered that Gandhi was racist to his core, when it came to Black, African Bantu Negroes.  Again, as indicated before, If Kamala Harris wants to help eliminate racism, she should return to her native, root country of India, and work to eliminate racism toward African People, and African American people, in her native India. She should never be a heart beat away from becoming President of the United States, owing to the suffering of the descendants of African American slaves.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Photo of Kamala Harris, Appropriator of African American, Black culture, mixed race of East Indian heritage. A "fake" Black person.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

The Democrats at their convention tried to convince African American women that their struggle is the same as all other women, including White women, Hispanic women, Indian women, Asian women.  That is unabatedly not true.  The struggle of African American women is the same struggle as her African American man.  When White people and other races of people see African American, Bantu, Negro men or women, they see your color first.  In other words, race triumphs everything else, including gender. Never forget that.  If you do, you will get caught up in all kinds of other diversions, such as class struggle, women's suffrage, "common oppressor" verbage.  All those issues and banners are secondary and far removed from the over-riding burden that you, like your black brothers face, and that is White supremacy and racial supremacy of other races toward the Black, Negro, Bantu African race.

Susan Rice is another one of those Black graduates of a White University, Stanford University, married to a White man, with "colored" children.  She is corrupt and does not reflect the values and struggles of African Americans.  She is a "Deep State" liar. She used her contacts in Africa, from serving as Bill Clinton's State Department Representative, to enrich herself.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, she became a multi millionaire from making deals with African leaders, based on her high position in the Clinton administration. She was profiting off her high level contacts with African leaders, while married to a White man.  Rice is as much of a fraud when it comes to identifying with the struggles of African Americans, from a different perspective, as Kamala Harris.  The former Florida Police Chief, Representative Val Demings, proved during Trump's Impeachment Proceedings that she will follow and read whatever the Democrats put in front of her to read.  She followed Adam Schiff, the lead Democrat Impeachment Prosecutor, illogical and unsubstantiated reasoning and arguments, for Trump's impeachment, to a fault.  She would be incapable of taking over the Presidency if something happened to Biden.  She would be worst than Obama.  Stacey Abrams has her own issues.  Her message is muddled in that of advocating for "people of color" and the gay rights movement.  Joe Biden is too old, senile, and is using African Americans to be elected President.  Don't vote for Joe Biden or "fake" Kamala Harris.  Neither Joe Biden or Donald Trump will support the payment of the debt of Reparations to the descendants of African American slaves. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Joe Biden is on record as saying that "I'll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago".  Those are Biden's comments about reparations, when he was uncensored and not protected by his Black, political handlers, who attempt to make him look like who he is not.

The Ancient Oracle's advice to African American voters is to concentrate on local, State and Congressional and Senatorial elections.  Work with well meaning Whites to get Reparation Bills through the City Councils, through the State legislatures, through the Congress and Senate.  Do not settle for "commissions to study" Reparations.  Reparations must be paid directly now to each African American descendant of African slaves brought to America.


The August 2020 March on Washington galvanized by Rev Al Sharpton, and which was meant to commemorate the 57 years since the "I have a dream speech" of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., at the 1963 March on Washington, demonstrated the confusion and futility of the struggle of African American descendants of African slaves.  To use an analogy of the Chrisitian Bible, it is comparable to the narative of the Hebrews, who wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, to reach their promised land of Canaan, which was only 11 days away.

African Americans have been wandering and lost in this wilderness called, America, when they could have demanded and should have demanded to be repatriated back to their homeland, their motherland of Africa.  At this late date in history, 155 years since Emancipation, 56 years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and 57 years after the March on Washington, African Americans still wander helplessly in the wilderness, going around in circles, with no thought or sight of reaching their promised land in Africa.  Africa is the birthright of all of the descendants of African slaves in America.  Marcus Garvey tried to start the process of return to Africa, for Blacks in America and around the world, back in the 1920's.  Unfortunately the Jews, and other powerful White people in America, made sure that his Nationalist movement would be doomed to failure, even though a large majority of African Americans, resonated with and embraced his movement.

Not one speaker at Sharpton's 2020 March, took hold of the ship and attempted to navigate African Americans on the course of Reparations, and Repatriation to Mother Africa. There were the same complaints and protests over police brutality, discrimination, economic inequality, voting rights etc.  The things that African Americans have been protesting and demonstrating against for hundreds of years.  The Civil Rights movement won African Americans the right to use the same toilet that White people use, the right to sleep in a hotel bed that White people have slept in, and the right to eat at a restaurant where White people dine.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 ensured the rights of African Americans to vote freely in America's elections.  But even all of those changes and advances, have not meaningfully changed the root status of the African American descendants of African slaves.  When the relationship of a people began as slave to slavemaster, that relationship will always be regarded by the slavemaster as superior to the slave, and the slave as suservient to the master.  The slave master does not respect the slave. That is why the White man, and his police can indiscriminately shoot and kill African American men, without hesistancy.  There is a basic lack of respect of the humanity of his slave status in America.  That is what continues until this day in America.  It will never change until the slave breaks aloose from his master.  In this case, the descendants of the African slaves demand Reparations and Repatriation back to their root land of Africa.  This can only be done by the slave and the descendants of the African slaves.  The slave master, the White man, will never navigate and help the slaves free themselves of the physical, phsychological, spiritual, and emotional bondage.  This must be done by the African American descendants of the African slaves.

Dr. King had left his 1963 "I had a dream " speech at the Lincoln Monument. Just before Dr. King's assassination in 1968, Dr. King, in his last sermon, revealed his divine Prophecy.  That Prophecy was that "We (African Americans), as a People, will get to the "Promised Land".  Why are you African American people, afraid to live in the the divine Prophecy of Dr. King?  He went to the mountain top and looked over and saw the "Promised Land" for his People, African Americans.  Dr. King is in Heaven, waiting and looking down for his people, African Americans, to get to the Promised Land of South Africa.  A Prophecy is something that has already occurred in time.  It just waits for manifestation, through the actions of those whom the Prophecy was intended.  Oh Ye of little faith!  If you can believe the Prophecy of the Jews in the Bible, why can you not have faith in the divine Prophecy of one one of your own?  African Americans, start living the Divine Prophecy of Repatriation and return to your home land of Mother Africa, South Africa, as prophesied by Dr. King.  See further comments in above segments regarding Repatriation and Reparations.


If you live in America, you are living as a beneficiary of slavery.  The House of the United States of America is built on the blood and backs of African slaves.  That foundation continues to enure great benefits to America and all of its immigrants.  If you are an immigrant to this country, no matter when you came, or how long you have been here, you have reaped and continue to reap those benefits.  People like Tucker Carlson, with his snide, loud screaming voice, and others like him, who protest that they do not owe African American descendants of slave one penny, because they did not own slaves.  They miss the mark.  They fell to realize that just because they did not own slaves, that does not keep them from benefitting from the gains of slavery.  Tucker Carlson, Russ Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Joe Biden, you, as well as all other immigrants are all beneficiaries, on a daily basis, of almost 300 years of slave labor of milllions of African slaves.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Every institution in America is permeated in slavery.  America's finest universities owned slaves, including the Ivy League Universities.  Slaves were traded on the stock market, from which you make all of your obscene profits. Churches and their pastors owned slaves.  The same churches that are preaching the message of the cross from the same cross, which the Ku Klux Klan hung and set Black People on fire.  So many heinous crimes have been committed in the name of the Christian cross.

It is past time for America to pay her debt of Reparations to the African American descendants of African slaves.  You will begin to pay now or expect more of what has been described above, which will drain the U.S. Treasury to the point that it will never be able to replenish itself.  America has a chance for this not to happen by doing the right thing now.  Not tomorrow.  Not the next day.  But now.  If America does the right thing, provisions will be made by the forces of the Universe.  If not, all will be taken away by disasters, plagues, famine and God only knows.  Be forewarned.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


As seen during the marching and demonstating against the murder of George Floyd by the racist Minnesota Police, taking a knee in protest was an expression of resistance.  Might the Ancient Oracle suggest that all of America and especially the Black man should be taking a knee for his Black sister, his Black mother, his Black grandmother, his Black wife, and his Black daughter.  It is hard to take a knee, as a Black man when you are married to a White woman.  Most of the Black professional atheletes, who are taking a knee are married to White women.  Understanding the history of White women in this country and the role they have played in the detriment of the Black man, it is hard to reconcile taking a knee against racism, when the practice of racism centered around protecting the White woman from the Black men.  How do you reconcile the two?  How can you sleep White and take a knee at the same time?

Don't say that "Love knows no color", in order to justify your betrayal of your African American sister to marry a White woman.  That is a "cheap love" of which you speak.  A love which allows you to disregard and ignore the history of your people in America, and the beauty and love of your own Black sister.  Too often, African American men, and especially atheletes and entertainers, find "cheap love" with a White woman and bestow upon her the comfort and privileges of wealth, ignoring his beautiful forgotten sisters.  Why do you do that?

Take a knee for your beautiful Black women, African American men!

Take a knee for the beautiful Nina Simone, who was truly a Black, Bantu, Negro African American woman, who had more talent in her little finger than Motown and Hollywood combined.  She gave up her career and stardom, at the height of her career to join the Civil Rights demonstrations in Alabama and Mississippi.  She comforted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and other Civil Rights leaders with her freedom songs.  She was punished by the music industry, and had to leave America, settling in Africa for a while before spending her final years exiled in France.  Young African Americans, read about Nina Simone.  Listen to her Soul penetrating music.  Take a knee in respect for the high priestess of Soul, the late great Nina Simone.

Photo of Nina Simone

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of Nina Simone singing Civil Rights songs

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


The efforts of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to form a Commission to study Reparations to African Americans for slavery is too little too late.  It is a gesture to placate the rising dissatifaction among African Americans, and especially young African Americans, about the staus and conditions of Black people in America.  The best that such a Commssion can produce is a a set of recommendations to address the issue.  As with most commissions those recommendations usually do not go anywhere.  They do not receive the traction needed.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle, no fact finding commisssion is needed.  The facts are known.  What is needed is compensation, hard cold cash to attempt to pay the descendants of African slaves brought to America, for the brutal enslavement of their ancestors, and the aftermath of that devastating trauma on the lives of those descendants until this day.  The Germans are still compensating Jews for the Holocaust; the U S government compensated the Japanese for their internment in concentration camps during World War II. What is needed is legislation defining in quantifiable terms what each descendant of African slaves in America will receive as compensation.

Many African American families hold family reunions where thy have traced their family roots back to the landing of the slave ships where their ancestors arrived.  In other instances, the Federal government owes it to every African American, Bantu Negro, family member to help trace their family African roots.  This can be done through the Federal government setting up an African American ANCESTOR Geneology resource, funded by the Federal government, to assist African Americans trace their roots back to Africa, and provide the basis for their compensation. The Reparation Compensation funds and resources would only benefit the African American descendants of slaves who were brought to the United States of America.  It would not include Reparations to descendants of slaves who were shipped to other geographical locations such as the Carribean, Mexico, Central America, South America, Hati, Cuba etc.  Black descendants of slaves in those countries should seek Reparations from the European countries of Britain, France, Spain and Portugal, which captured them and brought them to countries in the Carribean, Latin America and South America.  Those European countries should set up their own Reparation funds to compensate for the enslavement of those descendants' ancestors. So sees the Ancient Oracle

Slavery in America was more brutal and devastating than in other places, where the African population became the majority and formed their own countries, such as Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, etc.  The brutality of American slavery was in a league of its own and its lingering effects are still felt today by the descendants of the African American slaves.


The Civil Rights Legislation of 1964 and the Voting Rights Legislation of 1965 were meant to correct the injustices and indignities that Black People had suffered in this country as a result of more than 300 years of slavery, lynchings, hangings, castrations, rapes, terrorism (at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan), Jim Crow, and segregation.  In no way was it to be expanded to cover other so called minorities, including the "White Woman".  The White feminists of the day devised a methodology to become a "protected class" by persuading then President Lyndon Johnson, to expand the Civil Rights Legislation to include "Affirmative Action" and themselves.  Through "Affirmative Action, the White Woman became a "minority", that needed special laws under "Affirmatvie Action" to protect her rights.  Affirmative Action was subsequently expanded to include every so called "minority" in the world, including, gays and homosexual, Asian Americans, East Indian Americans, Mexican Americans, Central Americans, Latin Americans, and whoever else can get included under the "minority" banner.  To the White Woman and all of the other so called minorities, referenced above, where were you when African Americans were enslaved?  Where were you during Jim Crow and the lynching of Blacks by the Ku Klux Klan?  Where were you during the inhumane segregation that Blacks suffered in America? Where you when Emmett Till was brutally lynched and murdered at the hands of lying racists for "whistling at a White Woman".  You were no where to be found.  You were in your home countries of origin.  As for the White Woman, she was comfortably at her home, probably sipping Mint Juleps, while her Black servants tended to her every need.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It is appropriate here to make a sentence or two of how ludicrous it is for the White Woman to be included as a protected class, and piggy back off of the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's amd 1960's and the Civil Rights Legislation of the 1960's.  Nothing about the White Woman's status in America is based on "under privilege" and hardship.  Quite the opposite.  The American White Woman has been a creature of privilege and opportunity since the founding of America.  What do you think slavery was about?  The White Man, her man, her partner, engaged in the brutal and inhumane practice of slavery in order to provide comfort, riches and privilege to satisfy her cravings.  The driving impetus for slavery was for the White Woman and to make her rich, wealthy, comfortable, and indulgent, on the backs of Black slaves in the view of the Ancient Oracle.  The Black slaves, and their free slave labor for more than 300 years in the United States, built the foundation of America and all of the wealth that was to flow from that foundation.  The White Woman was at the center of it all, benefitting and profiting from her life of luxury and riches.  She continued to enjoy that status post slavery, post Reconstruction, during all of the lynchings and terrorism of Black People, during Jim Crowism, and during segregation.  She did not suffer one iota during that cruelty.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Fast forward to the years 1964 and 1965, the White Woman decided to leave her privileged and pampered status to seek her rights outside of her pampered house, where everything was provided for her.  She wanted her rights to compete side by side with her White Man in the work force.  She was becoming disgruntled and wanted more than the privileged or pampered life she had been accustomed to.  She wanted to leave home, and leave her children to be raised by her housekeeper, or nanny.  The leaders of this White Woman's movement, were left wing feminists, who saw a chance to piggy back on the Civil Rights movement to gain rights for themselves in the work force.  Most White Women at that time had led sheltered lives.  They were stay at home Moms, rasing their kids, with the help of Black domestic help, whom they paid the lowest wages possible.  The Black Woman in America did not need separate legislation, apart from the Civil Rights Legislation.  Her struggle was the same as the Black Man in America.  The Black Woman had worked outside of her house, since slavery, looking after "Massa" children, cooking and cleaning his house.  The Black woman, out of necessity, had been liberated when it came to working.  She worked as hard as her man to provide for her family and keep a roof over their heads.  The Black Woman did not need Affirmative Action, separate from the Civil Rights Legislation.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The gains that White Women have made since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and supporting Affirmative Action policies, have enabled the White woman to climb the corporate ladder of success in every major industry, where she holds the top executive and management position.  Not only in the corporate world, but also in the Federal government and the military, the White Woman has risen to the top manangment and leadership in those fields.  Sadly, the same cannot be said for the Black Man.  The Black Man is still disadvantaged, and is less likely to receive promotions and recognition, as corporations and government strive to meet their Affirmative Action goals.  The same hold true for the Black Woman.  The Black man in America is still the last hired and the first fired.So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Nancy Pelosi, who has difficulty forming intelligent sentences, is the White Woman who is heading the feminist movement in America.  Affirmative Action led her from her kitchen table in San Francisco to the halls of Congress, and the House Speakership.  This is whom African Americans in the House pledge their allegiance and support to. She is a pitiful specimen of a leader.  Yet, she represents well the misguided, aggressive, immoral posture of the ultra, feminist movement in America.  Members of the Black Congressional Caucus depend and rely on Nancy for financial support in their political campaigns.  They do not have the gall to stand up to that old, dimwit granny, who should return to San Francisco as soon as possible.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Hillary Clinton is another ultra feminist White woman, who has claimed the Civil Rights movement has her own and is a part of the Affirmative Action movement of the White Woman to piggy back off Federal Civil Rights legislation, which was meant to bring justice for the many atrocities endured by Black, Negro Americans, after nearly 400 combined years of slavery, Jim Crow, Ku Klux Klan terrorism, segregation and voting rights denial.  She showed up in Selma Alabama recently to march along side Blacks to solidify her bonafides as "one of them".  How insulting to Black Negro people.  She still does not get it.  Black people suffered so miserably through the horrors of slavery, and Jim Crowism, and segregation because of people who look like her, a bona fide White Woman, protected and cuddled by the State.  Hillary, the Black struggle in America is not your struggle.  You and Nancy Pelosi are both obscene when it comes to using Black, Negro people of America to further your political agenda.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Upon the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, and after 300 years of brutal slavery in America, the freed slaves, were without a country.  They were no longer chattel and property of their masters, but they had no status and recognition on the land they had toiled for over 300 years.  Leaders of the government knew they had to devise a way to make this unique race of people, American Citizens.  They were indeed as native to America as one could get, since they were many generations deep in America.  They were not subject to any "foreign jurisdiction".  They were hundred of years removed from Africa with no ties to any foreign jurisdiction in Africa.  So the drafters of the 14th Amendment, the Slave Amendment, gave citizenship to the freed slaves and their descendants, because they were not "subject to any foreign jurisdiction".  This is a unique clause and pertains only to the freed African slaves, and their descendants.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

No other group or nationality of people needed the protection of the Fourteenth Amendment, because of the unique status of Black slaves and their descendants, after the Emancipation Proclamation.  All other groups, nationalities from wherever you come, the 14th Amendment was not intended to grant automatic citizenship to those who are born in this country, and who are subject to a foreign jurisdiction.  The Fourteenth Amendment was meant and intended solely to bestow citizenship upon the freed slaves and their descendants. The Whites in America, at the time of the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, certainly did not need the protection of the citizenship bestowed in the Fourteenth Amendment.  They were citizens from the founding of the Republic. The only other group of people in the country at the time of passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, were the native American Indians.  They did not need the protection of the citizenship rights of the Fourteenth Amendment, since they received their citizenship through the Indian Reservation Act, which made them a protected class, with the benefits of nationhood.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Every other immigrants, whether they are illegal or legal, are subject to the "foreign jurisdiction" from whence they came.  They remain citizens of that foreign jurisdiction, and subject to that jurisdiction until such time as they earn their citizenship.  Citizenship is not automatic.  They have to earn it because they enter America from their home country, as citizens of that country, subject to to a "foreign jurisdiction" So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To the Mexicans and Central Americans, who cross the southern border, illegally, you have no rights to U.S. citizenship, and neither do your children.  You and your children are subject to the foreign jurisdiction from which you came.  That is why the Mexican Consulates, the Honduran Consulates, the El Savador Consulates, and other Latin and Central American consulates work to protect you once you enter the United States.  You continue to have all of the rights of citizenship in your home countries.  You cannot use the Fourteenth Amendment, the Slave Amendment, to claim right of citizenship for you and your children.  That was not and is not the intent of the Fourteenth Amendment.  Go back home, to your home country, if you cannot abide by American laws. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The U. S. Supreme Court should review the Fourteenth Amendment and clarify the Amendment in consideration of the drafters' intent.  President Trump is the only leader or President who has challenged the exercise of the Fourteenth Amendment and its original intent.  He is a courageous leader to challenge the traditional way that it is interpreted, as opposed to its original intent.  No African American leader or lawyer has had the foresight or ability to challenge the abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment and its special place in the history of Black People. They go along with the status quo on such an important issue.  So sees the Ancient Oracle."

The Congressional Black Caucus, many of whom are lawyers, have been dumbed down by their pursuit of the Democrat party line.  Besides that, many of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus receive large campaign contribution from Hispanic groups, who do not favor a review and interpretation of the "intent of the Fourteenth Amendment".  It would leave most of them out in the cold, when it comes to their citizenship in America. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Democrats encourage immigration of all kinds across the Southern border.  They support open borders.  They see those illegal immigrants and the many children that they will produce as future Democrat voters. Blacks as loyal Democrats, follow the party line, supporting the continued mass influx of illegal immigrants across the Southern borders.  Never mind to them, that as the percentage of Hispanic populations grow, their (African Americans) numbers diminish as a percentage of the population.  As this trend continues, Whites will be a minority in their own country, after being in the majority since the founding of the nation.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Blacks have not studied and understood the history of Black slavery in Mexico and Central and Latin America and South America.  The oldest Black Slave remains have been found in Mexico. Blacks have had limited contact with the people who live inside of Mexico and Central America.  The Ancient Oracle can tell you that most non Black Mexicans and non Black Central and Latin Americans, as wll as South Americans, are prejudiced against Blacks or people of African descent.  They practice racial superiority against the Black, Negro population, who were brought to those countries by the European colonizers.  Even though there has been a lot of race mixing with the native Indian population, as well as the mixed races, the dark skinned Black, Bantu looking people are victims of racial superiority.  The Hispanic populations bring those racial prejudices and racial superiority toward Black people, with them, when they come to America.

Despite the suppression and opresssion of Black people in Mexico, Latin and Central America, and South America, Black people have contributed signifcantly to the culture of those countries.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, Mexicans, and Mexico, Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans, and other Hispanics would be singing and dancing to Mariachi music, singers and dance, without an ounce of soulful rhythm and beat, if it were not for the African, Black slaves who were brought to those countries.  So called Latin dances owe their origin to the African beat which found its way into the Rhumba, Samba and other dances.  When Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal, arrive in America, they pretend to be tolerant and respectful of Blacks.  This is often because they need to benefit from the Civil Rights Legislation that Blacks fought so hard to achieve.  They want to be part of the "minorities" so they can get preferential treatment. Blacks think that they have caught hell in this country under the White Man.  Just wait until the Hispanic population continues to grow into the majority.  Then Blacks will know a different kind of hell.  Blacks know and understand the White Man after living around him for hundreds of years.  They know and understand little about the Hispanic population that will soon be weilding power from a majority standpoint.  Words to the wise are sufficient.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

On this point, most Black people in America, the descendants of Black slaves, want a secure border with Mexico and along the Southern border.

Illegals climbing fence to crossover into the United States.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

They do not oppose building a wall or fence, because they believe that those who come into America should follow the law.  They should come through the Visa process, starting in their home countries.  They see the continued flow of undocumented aliens as a threat to national security and also an imposition of an economic burden on American taxpayers, who have to provide health care, and education for them and their offspring.  Fund the wall! Congress friviously spends more than 5.7 billion dollars every year with little to show for it.  At least in building a wall to secure the Southern border, there would be a wall to show for the expense.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The picture of an illegal alien mother being separated from her child or children does not hold much sway with Black people when they consider how they were violently separated from family and sold on the slave blocks to the highest bidder.  The point is that the Mexican or Cental American illegal mother or father, crossing the border from Mexico or any other points of entry, have a country, a language, a culture; they can return to their "foreign jurisdiction" at any time.  Black people, Black slaves never had that freedom to return.  In the first place they were kidnapped from Africa and brought to America, and sold like chattel, with no regard for family, or keeping a family together.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Separation of illegal alien families is a consequence of a conscious decision made by the adults, who bring their children to America illegally.  Their children will be returned to them.  Unlike the children of Black slaves, who were separated from their mothers and auctioned at birth, or as children, to the highest bidder.  Again, Black citizens of America cannot get outraged by the optics of separation of the children of undocumented aliens, who have crossed the border illegally.  The parents understood the risk and were willing to risk the separation.  Besides, the children will eventually be reunited with the illegal alien parent.  That experience is so different from that of the Black, or the African American experience coming out of slavery.  The children were never returned.  Their roots and the family connection of slave children, with the slaves, to whom they were born, were forever severed.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


To grant a path to citizenship or citizenship to the more than 700 thousand young people who crossed the border illegally with their parents, violates America's immigration laws. The parents made the decision to bring their children with them to America without documentation. As a result, those Hispanic children, primarily from Mexico and Central America, and many of whom are young adults, are undocumented, illegal aliens. They have received all of the benefits of taxpayer financed education, medical care, and food stamps. This group of people is seeking a path to citizenship and citizenship. There is only one problem. To extend this special exception to them rewards the DACA recipients for the illegal actions of their parents. It also discriminates against the thousands of people waiting their turn to come to America legally. How do you put the 700 thousand DACA recipients ahead of those waiting patiently in their home countries for approval to immigrate to America? How do you reward those who have broken the nation's immigration laws by being in the country illegally. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The bottom line is that actions have consequences. The decisions that the parents of DACA recipients made years ago to cross America's borders illegally, have come to confront the ability of their children to remain in America. Although American taxpayers provided many welfare, heath care and education benefits to those DACA recipients, their status has not changed. They are in the country illegally. And so are their parents. The country of Mexico has welcomed their citizens, designated as DACA, to return to Mexico and bring their education and skills that they learned in America. Perhaps, that is the ultimate solution. Return them to their home country, where they remain subject to "a foreign jurisdiction", and of which they are citizens. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


In the annals of human history, there has never been a race of people who have been stripped and kidnapped away from their home countries, separated by thousands of miles of oceans, brought to a distant country in chains, in the most brutal and savage conditions immaginable.  Words cannot adequately describe what the kidnapped slaves experienced on those long, and tortuous voyages, characterized with maggots, worms, bacteria, vomit, feces mixed with humans stacked and chained on top of each other like black slabs of meat, across the Atlantic Ocean.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Certainly the people of India have never experienced such a human tragedy.  Certainly the native people of Latin America, Central America, and Mexico did not experience such tragedy.  Certainly the people of Europe did not experience such conditions; they were the cause of those conditions and experiences.  Certainly, the Arab people of the Middle East did not experience those conditions.  In fact they were the causative reasons for the African capture and kidnap by the Europeans.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Although those races or groups of people may have "colored" skin, their struggle and experience are not the struggle of the Black man and woman in America.  In the first place, when members of those population groups come to America, they come as whole people.  They come with the citizenship of their home country.  They come with their language, their culture and their religion.  They are only designated as "minority" or "people of color", so they can benefit from the protections of the Civil Rights legislation that Blacks fought for.  Outside of participating and benefitting from the Civil Rights Act and Affirmative Action, these so called "minorities", or "people of color" have little in common with Blacks in America.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Aside from the unique experience of Blacks in America, there is a racial component which makes Blacks in America different from other races.  Blacks are part of the Negro or Negroid race with unique facial and hair characteristics, which make them uniqe and different from other races.  Other races make have brown skin, or black skin.  Other races made have wide noses.  Other races may have large lips.  But no other race has the unique hair type of the Black Negro.  A true Black Negro has tight, tiny balls, sometimes referred to as "kakabuds" of hair on their heads.  The African Sun dried all of the moisture and oil from the scalp and hair of the Black, Bantu Negroes. It is because of this distinguishing feature of their hair that distinguishes the Black man from all others.  This unique characteristic of the Bantu Negro of Africa cannot be duplicated by any other race. It cannot be duplicated through intermingling and cohabitation of the races.  It is a natural feature bestowed by the Sun on the Negro race and can never be duplicated.  It is this feature plus the Black skin color of the Bantu Negro of Africa that causes other races to discriminate against him, because of his close, unknowable relation with the Sun, the life giver of planet Earth.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Example of Bantu girls.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Blacks should be very wary when any leader or person starts mingling their struggle and conditions with that of "people of color". That is a non starter for Black people.  In the first place, those people, or so called "minorities", who they want included under the banner of "people of color", do not need that designation.  They come from countries as described above where they have identities based in their native cultures, religion and language.  The only reason that any Black leader wants to group the Black man's struggle in America with that of "people of color", is for political gain.  That political gain is at the expense of Black people.  All of America's great Black leaders called the Black struggle in America for what it is.  Those great Black, Negro, African American leaders include Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Stokeley Carmichael, who never called the Black Man's struggle in America as a movement of "people of color".  That is one of the reasons so many, particularly young Blacks, are confused about who they are and their place in history.  So sees the Ancient Oracle


That designation was settled many years ago, by the late wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King, and other Civil Rights leaders in the 1980's.  It was agreed that the descendants of African slaves in America would be called "African Americans".  The Black struggle in America had reached the point that it had become more than about just Black people living in America.  It was recognized that the roots of the descendants of African slaves in America must be tied back to their African ancestry.  With that pronouncement and recognition, it was a pivotal moment in African American history when Blacks wanted to be, and defined themselves in terms of their African heritage as descendants of African slaves, ripped from their homeland and brought to America.  It was a recognition that after hundreds of years of separation from thier root continent of Africa, Black Americans, were still African by birthright and heritage.  Nothing will change that.

So African Americans, be proud of who you are and your rich heritage.  Call yourself African American!  You have been through the stages of calling yourself, Negro, colored, Black, and finally, the true name of who you are, African American! When you are repatriated back to the African continent, with reparations in hand, you will drop the American from your identity and be who you ultimatley are: African!  That is who God made you to be.

In the meantime, stop co-mingling your genes with other races and ethnicities.  You must reclaim who you are, undiluted and a whole Black African Bantu people!.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


For the Black, Negro, Bantu people, all over the world, racism is more than just the practice of White supremacy.  Racism includes White supremacy and all forms of racial superiority practiced against Black, Negro Bantu people.  With the exception of African Bantu Negro nations, every nation of people on this Earth practices racial superiority against Black People, i.e. people of Bantu Negro descent.  If you visit any nation described above, the people from those nations with "minority" designation in the U.S., practice racial superiority and discrimination against Black people.  Take the world globe and point to a nation, and there will be a nation that is prejudiced against Black people, and a nation that practices racial superiority against Black people.  In every country, Blacks are always at the bottom of the economic scale.  Name the country and you will see the Blacks of African, Bantu descent, not mixed races, or so called "coloreds", at the poorest, the least educated, homeless or living in substandard housing.  That is a fact.  Travel the world and you will see for yourself.  Brazil is a standout example of overt racism in the practice of racial superiority against Black people.  This designation also includes Cuba, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Central America in general, and of course the European countries.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

India must not be left out.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, India is a racist country when it comes to the practice of racial superiority against Black People.  Ask any Black South African, or Blacks along the Eastern coast of Africa.  Ask Ghanian students studying in India about the kind of racial harsaament they endure inside of India, and the attempts of the government and news media to cover it up.  The people of India, although most have dark skin, have hair as straight as any White person or Caucasian.  They are Euro Asian and considered White or Caucasian because of their long, straight, hair.  See the discussion above regarding hair type and the role it plays in racism as practiced against Black people of "Bantu Negro" descent.  The most famous East Indian figure in history, Mahatma Gandhi, who led the Indian people to freedom, while exiled in South Africa, was himself a racist.   Although, Gandhi lived in South Africa as a "colored person", he had a racist and superior attitude toward Black African People.  Although Dr. King adopted Gandhi"s non violent tactics during America's Civil Rights movement, it should always be remembered that Gandhi was racist to his core, when it came to Black, African Bantu Negroes.  If Kamala Harris wants to help eliminate racism, she should return to her native, root country of India, and work to eliminate racism toward African People, and African American people, in her native India.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Democrat Senator from California, named Kamala Harris is an East Indian/Jamaican American, whose roots are deeply emerged in the Indian race and culture both on her mother's side and her father's side.  Her mother is a full blood East Indian woman.  Her father, although Jamaican, apparently has deep roots from India, as many Jamaicans do.  The indians sent indentured servants to the Carribean and they mixed and cohabitated with the Black Jamaican population.  Hence, many Jamaicans are Indo-Jamaicans, among other mixtures.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Try as she may to appropriate Black culture, by attending a predominantly Black University and joining a Black sorority, rooted in the Black, Negro tradition in America, Kamala Harris will never be Black.  She is an Indian American, by birth and culture.  The only thing that is missing is the red dot in the center of her forehead, and one of her mother's sarees.  Her hair is as straight at the root as her Indian mother.  No "perm" needed there.  Black people can tell a phony when they see one.  Kamala would be better served by acknowledging her Indian racial and cultural roots, and run from that platform.  She would certainly gain more respect, rather than running as something she is not. She must be kept as far from the White House as possible.  Kamala is a great deceiver.  Like most so called "colored people" in this country, her driver's license, probably listed her race as Caucasian or White, at some point.  Yeah, when the so called minorities, or "people of color", from other countires, have to indicate their race, they elect to be designated as Caucasian or White.  That is true, when given a choice, most of theses so called, "people of color", will list their race as White or Caucasian.  They certainly will not indicate that they are Black.  So much for "people of color" nonsense.  Case closed.  They only will identify as "people of color" when it is to their advantage to benefit from the struggle of Black people in America.   So sees the Ancient Oracle.

On the subject of Drivers' Licenses and other official documents, the so called "people of color", who want to unite with the Black, Negro Bantu population of the United States, for political purposes, almost always indicate their race as "Caucasian", "White", or "Hispanic-Caucasian".  That goes for all of the so called minorities, and so called "people of color, whether they are from India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, Latin America or South America.  Racially, these people consider themselves as "Caucasian", when it comes to their identity.  It is only for political gain, at the expense of Black People in America, that they call themselves "people of color" and "minorities". So sees the Ancient Oracle.

All of the public personalities on television, radio, cable stations, in the movies and in Hollywood, who call themselves Hispanic, or East Indian, or Arab, etc, identify themselves on their driver's licenses, and other official documents, as "White" or "Caucasian". Yet, when they are on television, they identify themselves as a "person of color", and speak with empathy from that position.  This is true from Jeraldo Rivera, to Gloria Estefan to Jennifer Lopez, all are identified, racially, as "Caucasian", or "White", not as a "person of color".  Next time you get into a conversation with one of your "people of color" friends, ask him or her how do they identify themselves on their driver's license? White, Caucasian, or Hispanic-Caucasian?  Would they be willing to show you their license, if they indicate otherwise? Doubtful.  America is a racist nation populated by racists (people who practice racial superiority against Black, Negro, African people) from all around the world, on many levels.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the Democrat Presidential debate, there is another so called "minority or person of color", who will identify himself racially as "Caucasian" or Hispanic-Caucasian".  That Presidential candidate is Julian Castro from Texas.  On Castro's driver's license, like most Hispanics, his race will be listed as "Caucasian", or "Hispanic-Caucasian".  So much for identifying with Black people as a so called minority and "person of color".  This just goes to show the fallacy of Black, Bantu Negroes, the descendants of African slaves, of ever tying their struggle to those "people of color", who in reality identify themselves, racially, as Caucasian.  They hold the same prejudices and racial superiority against Black, Negro, Bantu people as Whites or Caucasians, which they are. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Black people, African Americans, should become independent of both major political parties by forming their own political party.  The base of the Democrat Party is comprised of African Americans.  Without Black People, there would be no Democrat Party. Let the Democrat Party and their lackeys in the Congressional Black Caucus, fall into irrelevancy.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, members of the Black Congressional Caucus (CBC) possess some of the same corrupt attributes as their counterpart African leaders on the African continent. The CBC members look out for their own self interests, and the interests of family and friends first. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Photo of the Democrat Squad: Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Blacks in Congress, and anywhere else, must avoid getting entangled in and manipulated by the Socialist, Islamic agenda of the two Arab/Muslim women in Congress and their Puerto Rican American counterpart.  They have managed to persuade one African American Congress woman from Massachusetts to join them on the basis of solidarity with the poor and downtrodden in America. The problem with forming coalitions, which are outside of the particular and unique conditions of Black, African Americans in America, is that the struggle becomes diluted and confused. Whenever class is injected into trying to solve problems of Blacks in America, there is a "struggle between the ass struggle and the class struggle and the ass winds up on top every time". In other words it is a losing propositon for Black people. Three of the members of the so called "Democrat squad", are from countries or territories that practice racism against Black, Bantu Negroes. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Consider that Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, (Omar), is from the Muslim country of Somalia. Somalia, although located on the Eastern coast of Africa, is an Arab/Isamic country. The Arabs are not original to the continent of Africa. They invaded the countries of Africa from Mauritania to Morroco, to Algeria, to Tunisia, to Libya, to Egypt, to the Sudan, to Somalia and established themselves and their religion on the native African people, who had lived in Africa for thousand of years. Their prophet, Mohammed, captured and invaded Africa with the sword.  Islam spread from Saudi Arabia, through their prophet Mohammed's sword, and through Arab men cohabitating and raping the African native women. Those children, over the span of many generations, beginning in 640 A.D., became more Arab and Islamic than African, Bantu Negroes. So sees the Ancient Oracle

The Arab and Muslim conquest of Northern Africa, East Africa, West Africa and Central Africa was facilitated through Arab traders who set up trading routes, which included slave trade, with the indigenous Bantu African population. The Fulani people are a pastoral people of nomads, originating from North African, Arab Berber, Muslims. Through conquest and cohabitation with Black Bantu Negroes, they became the Fulani or Peul people of West Africa, including in the countries of Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Cameroon. Black, Bantu Negroes of Northern Nigeria, through conquest and slavery by Arab Muslims, became the Muslim Hausa, as well as in large portions of the Bantu, African populations of Ghana, Benin Republic, Cameroun and Chad. Many Black Bantu Negroes in West Africa, Nigeria, and Central Africa, have lost their true identity and customs to the point that that they see themselves as Arab/Muslim. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Case in point, there is a Nigerian terrorist "underwear bomber" locked up in high security prison in the United States for taking up the cause of Islamic Jihad and trying to bomb a U.S. Airliner. If you look at that person, he has all of the physical attributes of a Black, Bantu African. Yet, he assumes the identity of a Muslim, fighting for Allah, a religion and a God that invaded his ancestors and imposed Islam as a way of life. He is so removed from his authentic Negro, Bantu roots that he is in bondage for the rest of his life. Something is wrong with that picture. Every Black Bantu Negro in Africa, should look in the mirror and if they cannot see an authentic Black African Bantu Negro, underneath the Muslim veneer that they wear, then they should cry out for liberation and a return to their real African selves. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Even the languages that are spoken from West Africa to East Africa has been corrupted by the Arab invaders and slave traders. Case in point, Hausa, which is spoke by the Fulani and Peul people of West Africa, Northern Nigeria and parts of Sudan, is an Arab/African dialect. Hausa, which is spoke by the Fulani and Peul people of West Africa, Northern Nigeria and parts of Sudan, is an Arab/African dialect. KiSwahili, spoken in the countries, along the East Coast of Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, and parts of the Congo, is an Arab/African dialect. The Arabs penetrated the East Coast of Africa, bringing along their language, and their religion of Islam, converting large portions of the populations of those countries to Islam. The African slave trade with the Arabs, was facilitated by adoption of Arabic phrases into the local African language. So sees the Ancient Oracle

This is a major problem throughout Africa today. Blacks in parts of Africa are confused about who they are. When they look in the mirror they see a Black face, who is mixed with Arab ancestry, who speaks Arabic, or an Arabic /African dialect, such as Swahili in Kenya and parts of East Africa, and who worships a god, Allah, that brought death and destruction to their African culture.  There is no such thing as Sub Sahara Africa and North Africa.  Africa is the home of the Black, Bantu African Negro, period.  North Africa and the countries named above, were invaded by the Arabs and Islam, changing the native Africans into "colored", Arab, Muslims.  In Omar's native country of Somalia, Sharia law is practiced, and the discrimination there is against Christians, and anyone who is not Muslim.  In the neighboring country of Sudan, Omar's fellow Arab/Muslim brothers, cut off the breasts of nursing Black, Negro nursing mothers, if they refuse to practice the Islam religion.  Saudi Arabia to this day is still enslaving Black, Bantu Negroes in Saudi Arabia.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Photo of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, entering the "Door of No Return" in Ghana

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, entering the "Door of No Return" in Ghana

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

On the 400th Anniversay of the arrival of the first African Slaves from the port of Ghana to the United States, in 1619, the President of Ghana invited the descendants of Black African Slaves in the United States to return to Ghana to commemorate their history.  U.S. Representative Pelosi took a delegation of African American Congress people to Ghana for the occassion.  Included in that delegation was the Somalia Arab American Rep Ilhan Abdullahi Omar.  Both Pelosi and Omar had a lot in common because they are the descendants of the Europeans and Arabs who started the slave trade.  The picture above shows Pelosi and Omar entering the Door of No Return, where the captured African slaves were held, until another slave ship arrived to transport them across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ask Omar and her fellow Arab sister, Rashida Tlaib, representing the Palestinians, in Congress how they feel about the cruelty and racism of Islam as practiced against the native, Black Negro populations in Africa. These two Arab Islamic women, in the view of the Ancient Oracle, are hypocrits, and manipulators of Black people, trying to attract them to their class warfare based on the notion of a common identity of so called "people of color". Rashida Tlaib, of Palestinian descent, is particulary offensive and assuming when it comes to Black people.  She wrongly assumes that because she is from Detroit Michigan, which has a large Black Bantu Negro population, that she can lump her issues with the struggle of Black Americans. She refuses to acknowledge the racist history of the Arab nations and their imposition of Islam, through force upon the continent of Africa.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As far, as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (AOC), she is of Puerto Rican ancestry. In Puerto Rico, like in most Latin American, Central American and South American countries, there is a tacit, overt, and covert form of racial superiority practiced against the Black, Negro Bantu populations. They are always at the bottom of the economic ladder. When they can find work, it is at the most menial jobs, where the pay is low, and they are kept in a permanent, subservient class. If AOC, wanted to correct the wrongs of slavery, she could make a meaningful contribution by going to Puerto Rico and trying to change the unfair economic system as it pertain to Black people in Puerto Rico.  She maintains that she is concerned about "people of color" in America, and yet she turns a blind eye to the discrimination and racial superiorty being practiced against the Black, Bantu Negro population in her own ancestral land.  She seems to be just one generation removed from Puerto Rico. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The bottom line is that the scales are falling off the eyes of Black people. They are beginning to see how they have been used and misused by practically every group of people on the face of the Earth.  They are beginning to see that this "colored" nonsense, of "people of color" is just a way of manipulation to confuse and take Black people off their true course. They see that they have nothing in common with the so called "people of color" movement, which is a strategy based on class struggle and warfare.  They are beginning to realize that when there is a "struggle between the ass struggle and the class struggle, the ass winds up on top every time"  Blacks always get the worst end of such coalitions.  Black people, Black leaders stay in your lane and that is advocating for your people and your unique struggle and experience in the annals of human history.  Don't let the class struggle and the "people of color" nonsense overtake you.  The scales have been removed from your eyes.   Now, act accordingly.  So sees the Ancient oracle.


Many African Americans, particularly young African American youth, want to know how could the European, white American slave traders invade the coastal countries of Africa, take captive their African ancestors and ship them as cargo to another continent in America? The answer lies in the history of Africa prior to the White man's arrival in Africa with his slave ships.  You see, for more than a millenia, Africa had been invaded by the Arab Muslim hordes from the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. The Arabs first came to Africa buying and selling African slaves. Through the process of selling and buying African slaves, many of whom cohabitated with the African women, and produced half African/half Arab offspring, the culture and identity of the African population began to change over hundreds of years.  By the times the White, European slave ships arrived along the coast of Africa in the 17th century (1619), the Arabs and their Muslim religion, had penetrated Africa and African people, thus weakening their identity and strengths. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As slave trading had been taking place with the Arabs, long before the first European/American slave ships reached the shores of West Africa, Africa was ripe for further exploitation and trade in another type of vicious slavery. That slavery would transport African flesh and blood as cargo, on a long and tortuous trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Arab slave trading continued even while the Europeans and Americans were filling their ships with African slave cargo. The Arab Muslims as late as the late 19th century were still capturing African slaves as far East at Zanzibar and trading them to be sold as slaves in West Africa. Arab/Muslim enslavement and trade of Black African slaves was brutal and vicious. The Arab Muslims considered Black African people as savages, and "people not of the Book". By not being "people of the Book", in the racist Islamic religion of the Arabs, where Blacks were concerned, it was necessary to enslave them, capture them and enforce the Muslim religion of Islam on them. After raping the African women, through the slave trade, and producing offspring who were "included in the Book" from birth, the continent of Africa, along the West Coast and East Coast became increasingly Arabic/African. Blacks took on Muslim ways and identified with their Arab captors and traders. At the risk of simplification, for purposes of this Prophecy, the Ancient Oracle provides the broader perspective. Scholars and students of history can bear the details of what has been described if they wish to explore their history in greater details. African Americans will not learn this perspective in any school or university anywhere in the world. It is not taught. Therefore, they remain blind as to what lies behind their tragic and unique place in the annals of history. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle, the Ancient Oracle cannot understand why any African American or any Bantu African person would become a Muslim or practice the Islamic religion. Islam started from a racist premise when it entered Africa. The Arabs and their Muslim religion did not consider the humanity of Black Africans when they crossed over into Africa. Africans were not considered "people of the Book". In other words they were not deserving because they were Black and did not worship their Deity in the way the Arab invaders worshipped their Allah. The Ancient Oracle believes that if African Americans understood and knew the extent to which the Arabs and Islam contributed to the destruction and ravaging of their African homeland, they would not practice Islam. If there is a choice between the two religions, Christianity or Islam, of the slave masters, it does seem that Christianity is less violent, and in today's environment would be more embraceable and palatable in meeting one's intrinsic need to have a relationship with God. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As far as Christianity is concerned, the Ancient Oracle, finds it abominable that African Americans would sing the slave ship's captain"s "Amazing Grace" as part of their worship. "Amazing Grace that saved a wretch like me". African American slaves were not, and neither are their descendants "wretches". It was the captain of the Slave ship, and all of the Americans and Europeans who benefited from the slave trade who were and are the"wretches", not the slaves and their descendants. The Ancient Oracle advice to African American church worshippers, is to refrain from singing that song in your churches. That song was not intended for you and should not be used in your petition to God for his Grace and mercy. Leave the song to the real "wretches" to sing. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Black young people, out of the frustration with the plight of the Black man's status in America, have taken that frustration and used it in the most artistically vulgar and inappropriate ways. Because Blacks form the base of the Democrat Party, the Democrats have applauded and encouraged Blacks to display this vulgar element into American culture. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Everything is political and music is no different. Prior to "Rap" music and hip hop music in the late 1970's and continuing to the present day, Black music reflected the Soul of Black people. That genre of music was called Gospel, the Blues, and Jazz. Gospel music grew out of the Negro spirituals that Black people sang in the midst of the pain and misery of being enslaved. Despite their despicable conditions of brutality, the Negro slaves sang about "that lucky old sun had nothing to do but roll around heaven all day". "When I get to heaven, I'm gonna put on my shoes and just walk around heaven all day". The White man had not introduced his Negro slaves to Christianity for fear they would use the Bible to stage a resistance against their masters. So Negro slaves found a way of singing and talking to God through imagining what it would be like to be the Sun, or to have shoes to walk around heaven all day. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Post slavery and Reconstruction, Black Gospel music and the Blues really took off. The White Man allowed Blacks to learn to read, so they could read the Bible and hear the Word of God. To that end, Black preachers became the leaders of Black people. Their task was basically to keep Black people in their place and to worship the slavemaster's God through song and prayer. Through all of those generations, wonderful Soul music of gospel was produced. The Blues, which was an offset of slavery and the sorrowful Black experience, created a musical experience where Blacks could laugh, cry and make love. Jazz was a classical form of the outgrowth of Gospel Music and the Blues. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Jazz is to Black people as classical music is to White people and Europeans. It has a unique rhythm and beat all of its own. To listen to the Jazz greats is to be mesmerized in the sound of the music. It takes you away. Away from your troubles and cares of this world, if only for a temporary experience. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

From the three major genres of Black music, grew the Motown beat of the 1960's and early to mid 1970's. The great artists of that period, such as Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Little Milton, Etta James, Sam Cook, Nancy Wilson, The Drifters, etc, formed the basis of the beat for Rap music that Rappers rap to. Black music of the late 1950's to the mid 1970's was and is the most soulful music this side of heaven. Modern day Rappers cannot duplicate it. They cannot and do not make music that divinely serenades a black man's love for his woman. There is something so beautiful and magical about the lyrics of a Jackie Wilson song, or Little Milton, or the Drifters. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Black Rappers and their producers have maligned the beautiful music tradition of Black music as described above. The lyrics that they rap to are vulgar and demeaning to the Black woman, and women in general. It is filled with violent lyrics and the vocabulary centers around the words "Mother fu--er" and "bitch". In the view of the Ancient Oracle, so called "Black" female Rappers, like Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B., who are not really "Black" but "pseudo misappropriators" of Black music, are a disgrace to Black, "Negro", women, and their hardships and struggles in America. Derivative of Latin American and Carribean nations, where they can get away with calling themselves Black, when it suits their convenience, they bring vulgar and demeaning lyrics and embarrassing, twerking movements to their versions of Rap music. All one has to do is look at the straight natural roots of their hair to see that they have a strong East Indian (Caucasian) heritage, inherited from their Carribean roots. In the view of the Ancient Oracle the so called "wannabe, fake, Black" female Rappers referenced above, and others like them, are a disgrace and insult to the dignity and beauty of the struggle of authentic, Black, Negro women in America. The Black male Rappers who support and benefit from the exploitation of those "counterfeit, vulgar and disgraceful female Rappers, do a disservice to the millions of their soulful, authentic Black Negro sisters in America. If they had an ounce of respect for the Black Negro woman in America and her noble traditions, they would not display their vulgar lyrics and vulgar bodies in the way that they do. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Because Black people are creative when it comes to the street world of fashion, music and entertainment, the Democrats have encouraged them to use this street culture of Rap music and fashion, to criticize and disrepsect President Trump, and therefore the office of the Presidency. Most Black entertainers and performers have jumped on the bandwagon. They come up with clever and catch phrases to disparage the President, because the Democrat party has labeled President Trump a racist. Young Black Rappers and seasoned Black entertainers throw around the word "racist", not understanding the true meaning of the term. The provocateurs in the Democrat Party are the most racist of all in the view of the Ancient Oracle. This is said because the liberal, Whites and Jewish Americans control the Democrat Party. These Black Rappers and entertainers are pawns in an ignorant and manipulative game of power and politics. Throughout this demeaning process, America's culture has become debased and generations are duped and blindsided by that type of manipulation. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle would like to comment on the young African American rapper, "A$AP Rocky", aka Rakim Mayers, who was arrested in Sweden for breaking Swedish law. The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, took time out of his busy schedule to contact the Swiss government on his behalf. President Trump personally intervened on his behalf going so far as to state that he would "personally vouch for his bail", to get the entertainer out of jail. The President of the United States used the prestiege and power of his office to expedite Rapper, A$AP Rocky's release from the Swedish jail. After the President's intervention, Mayers was released from detention, after his trial. The Rapper apparently did not have the courtesy to call or express gratitude to the President in a public fashion. The Ancient Oracle asks A$AP, where is you home training, boy? Didn't your mother raise you, or teach you to express gratitude and respect to anyone who does a favor for you, especially if it is the President of the United States? If it is true that you never expressed your gratitude to the President, for his intervention on your behalf, it does not reflect well on you, your friends, and certainly nor the street culture of Hip Hop, Rap music. This incidence just futher points out the arrogrant, disrespectful and rough aspects of Rap and Hip Hop culture, so prevalent among African American youth. African American young people, you can do better. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America is a divided country, the likes of which have not been seen since America's Civil War of 1861-1865. This time the division is based on a liberal out of control philosophy which seeks to undermine the conservative values of those Americans who wish to conserve the Christian values of the nation. As you will read below, or have previously read, the ultra liberal feminists in America, who profited from the Civil Rights legislation that was meant to remedy the injustices against Black or African Americans, growing out of slavery, Reconstruction, post Reconstruction, Jim Crowism, segregation, lynchings, church bombings, the ku Klux Klan, and the White Citizen Councils in the South, have taken over America. They, along with their offspring, whom they have raised and educated to be liberal, pro-choice, anti-life, "pseudo Black activists", open borders, intolerant of opposing views, one world government advocates, have formed a coalition with the liberal media and press, Hollywood and the Entertainment industry, and the "Federal Deep State" run government in Washington D.C. This coalition comprises the Democrat Party led by Nancy Pelosi, and her coalition of radical White feminist Congresswomen, the "bought and paid for" Congressional Black Caucus, better known as Black lackeys of the Democrat Party, the liberal media of the four major broadcast televison networks, CNN, and MSNBC, and the major U S Newspapers and Magazines.  This radical liberal coalition also includes, sad to say, many members of the Judiciary in Federal Courts of Appeal. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the Democrats' zeal to overthrow the duly elected President Donald Trump and nullify the votes of those Americans who voted for him, the Democrats have embarked upon proceedings to impeach and remove from office President Trump, who was elected President under the Constitution of the United States.  They could not wait until the next election, in just one year away, to wait for the voters to decide if President Trump should be voted out of office.  No, the Democrats, which includes the coalition described above, have decided to remove President Trump through far fetched accusations, against the President, that do not comprise "high crimes and misdemeanors". The Democrats in Congress cannot hide their reckless impeachment actions in the camouflage of "upholding the Constitution."  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The trumped up charges by the House Democrats against President Trump involve a telephone conversation that the President had with the leader, President Zelensky of the foreign country of Ukriane.  According to the Deep State whistleblower, lodged inside the White House, President Trump asked the Ukranian President to follow up on the questionable relatonship of former Vice President Joe Biden's son to a Ukranian gas company, while Biden was serving as Vice President.  The President had every right to try and resolve unanswered questions surrounding the relationship of Biden's son with a foreign country's natural gas corporation.  President Trump asked the Ukranian President to investigate the matter, since Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama or their Justice Department had properly evaluated the appropriateness of such a relationship between the sitting Vice President's son and the interests of a foreign country, Ukraine.  President Trump asked the Ukranian President to do the "favor" in the interest of providing answers to unanswered questions regarding the Biden/Ukraine relationship, of which his son, Hunter, had apparently profited.  President Trump, apparently, was interested in pursuing the corruption in the 2016 Presidential Election, and any role that Ukraine may have played in the cover up of wrong doing by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Party (DNC).  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

When President Trump made the call to the Ukranian President, he did not consider Joe Biden as a serious contender for the Presidency in 2020. Joe Biden had run for President as a Democrat three previous times, and each time the Democrat voters rejected his bid for their nomination.  He was picked up by Barack Obama and added to the Obama/Biden ticket, because of his more than 35 years in Washington (at that time), and to compensate for Obama's lack of experience.  President Trump had no reason to fear a Biden run for President.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, President Trump did not and does not consider Joe Biden a worthy opponent.  He had no reason to hold up funding to Ukraine, to gather "dirt" on Biden and his son's controversial dealings with the quasi Ukranian government gas company.

Joe Biden announced his 2020 candidacy for President on April 25, 2019.  The telephone conversation between President Trump and the Ukranian President took place on July 25, 2019. President Trump makes and receives many calls from foreign leaders during the course of his duties. The difference between the July 25th conversation with the Ukranian President and his many conversations with other foreign leaders, is that a "Deep State" whistleblower, spying inside the White House, took it, upon himself to report the call, as one that raised questions of treason and high crimes and misdemeanors.  There was no motive, on the President's part, for the crime that the Democrats are trying to impeach the President.  There was no crime. The Democrats have concoted a motive, on the President's part, and used their concoted motive to support a crime.  There was no quid pro quo.  President Trump did not and would not go to the extent to attempt to hold up funding to Ukraine, in exchange for "dirt" on Biden and his son, when he did not even consider Joe Biden as a worthy opponent.  The President knew that Joe Biden does not have the stamina or backbone to make a good President.  In the first place, Biden has spent more than 44 years in Washington, far too long.  Biden is part of the "Deep State", and the swamp that President Trump is trying to clean up. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Impeachment proceedings against President Trump have about as much merit as the trumped up charges against Judge Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice. This time, instead of the biased Christine Blasey Ford bringing the unsubstantiated charges against Judge Kavanaugh, there is the lying, hypercrite, Nancy Pelosi, leading the trumped up allegations, against the President, with the complicity of an "unnamed whistleblower", and Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee, and the Intelligence Committees. It stinks to high heaven. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the meantime, while the Democrats in Congress are busy waisting taxpayers' money with their inquisition to impeach the President, the legislation which they should be working on is going unattended. The nation's infrastructure is crumbling and in need of major renovations, the nation's health care system needs strengthening to protect those citizens with and without health insurance, and the nation's borders need to be secured. None of this is getting done because the Democrats' only agenda between now and the Presidential election in November 2020 is to impeach the President. Their hate for President Trump is further dividing the country, and preventing any legislation from being passed. Is this what America wants? So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

If you previously read below about the impact that the "Deep State" has had and is having on America's democracy and Republic, you will understand the grave peril that the nation faces. As the subject of this segment indicates, when the head is rotten, the entire fish stinks, America has been stinking for a long time. The head is corrupt. The head is the unelected senior buereacrats in the Federal Agencies that run the government, and the old fermented members of Congress and the Senate, who have been in those institutions far too long. These unelected bureaucrats in all of the major Federal Agencies are allowed to run the government and spend the taxpayers' money in ways that go unsuperivsed and unnoticed by Congress. These Senior bureacrats in the Federal Agencies of the U S government are not housed only in Washington D C, but also in every regional office of those agencies. The Senior managers in those regional offices are also a part of the "Deep State". So, the "Deep State" resides in Washington D.C. and outside of Washington D.C., when it comes to running the Federal government. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Trump was elected to drain the swamp, the Deep State" that has taken over the government of "we the people" from the citizens of the United States. The voters, who voted for President Trump, wanted him to go to Washington, drain the swamp and return their country to "we the people". The nation was so sick and tired of the corruption in Washington D.C., and their desire to "take back their country" from the D.C. swamp, and the "Deep State", including "career members" of Congress, and K Street lobbyists, that they rushed into the embracing arms of Donald J. Trump.

President Trump, in an effort to get the "Deep State" under control, within the Executive Branch of government, recently did what no other President before him has done. He has created a special office within the White House which will have a hands on review of the Federal Agencies, and how they go about setting policies and implementing regulations. The agencies will be required to publish online their plans for policies and regulations going forward. This will not correct what has already been done in the past, that has proven so detrimental to the nation, but it will be the first time an attempt is being made to rein in the run away "Deep State" of the Federal Government. No broadcast or cable station reported on this important act by the President. They are too busy covering the impeachment and trying to persuade the nation, through their coverage, that the President should be impeached.


The extent to which the Deep State has penetrated the highest ranks of the State Department is seen in the spectacle of career State Department Ambassadors and Deputy Assistants, Senior members of the National Security Council parading themselves before Congress to give their biased and slanted views of what they believe to represent grounds for the President's impeachment.  The motley crew of deceivers, include Ambassadors and career diplomats, who have been in those positions long enough to be immersed in setting U S foreign policy.  This crew of career professionsals each has their own agendas where President Trump is concerned.  Bill Taylor, the U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine, viewed President Trump's policy as going against the long standing "Deep State" policy of his and other U. S. diplomats.  This long standing "Deep State" policy was set by the likes of former Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, who in 2014, engineered the overthrow of the then elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.  The policy was devised by former President Bill Clinton, and his Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, and continued by Democrat President Barack Obama and his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Victoria Nuland.  The Clintons, Madeline Albright, Victoria Nuland, and all senior level foreign service officers, such as Ambassadors, and other diplomats are all current or former members of the Council of Foreign Relations, that bastion of a "One World Government" policy.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Adam Schiff, the "cross eyed", Democrat Congressman, who is in charge of the Democrats' efforts to impeach President Trump, has called the slew of "Deep State" Ambassadors, diplomats, and other high ranking civil servant Foreign Service Officers, to make a case for impeachment against the President. The common thread running through all of their testimonies is that they "did not think" it was proper for the President, or I "believe" that what the President was doing was contrary to long established policy. To name names, each of those who has given testimony, such as the U S Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, whom President Trump removed, had their own personal agendas. They were disgruntled, or thought they knew better than the President how to conduct America's foreign policy. The President is in charge of America's foreign policy, as one of his consititutional duties. The "Deep State" career civil servants, at the State Department and the Defense Department, and the National Security Council, were and are hell bent on denying the duly elected President to set foreign policy, and carry out his promises to the American people, who elected him.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It is because of the corruption at the State Department, and its policies, and the corruption, in the way that the Federal Agencies run by "Deep State" Senior level bureaucrats, that the American electorate sent President Trump to Washington to try and fix things. He has been met by resistance on every angle, and reinforced by the apparent corrupt Democrat members of Congress, who want to maintain the status quo, even though the status quo is killing America's democracy. The Impeachment Proceedings demonstrate just how corrupt the Federal Government is and how corrupt the Democrats, who run the House of Representative, have become. America's head is corrupt and stinking.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Democrats and the Democrat Party demonstated the level of hatred and impunity that they have toward the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  Methinks Nancy Pelosi protests too much when she declared the following day after the Judiciary Hearing that she and the Democrats do not "hate" "anyone".  What other adjective could describe the vitriol and venomous partiality that the Democrats displayed in the "lack of evidence" and the way they conducted the Hearings.  There were no fact witnesses.  The Hearing was more like a kangaroo court, pardon me, a "donkey" "jackass" court.  The Democrats' Judiciary Committee hearing to impeach President Trump was an affront to the the Nation's Constitution, and a disgrace to Judicial Preoceedings in what is supposed to be a civilized democracy.  It was a heinous spectacle.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The biased and prejudged law professors who testified before the Judiciary Committee, to support the Democrats foregone conclusion to impeach the President, offered their biased and contorted opinions and comments. For what it was worth, it was just their opinions. Everyone knows what opinions are.  They are opinions and nothing more.  Opinions, as substitution for bonafide evidence, can never be held up in a court of law or a Judiciary proceeding.  Each one of the three Democrat law professors from Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of North Carolina, were and are admitted Democrats who have donated to Democrats Presidential candidates.  In the opinion of the Oracle, they are liberal, left wing intellectual academics, who are contributing to the disturbed minds of those who are filled with hate for President Trump, the Republican Party, and the 63 million voters who voted for President Trump.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


If you have been reading this Propechy from when it was first published on this website in 2000, you will recall that the Ancient Oracle indicated that "America is a failed State". One wandered how could that be? Not the great United States of America, the richest, most powerful country in the world. Well, what you have witnessed in the impeachment of President Trump, by the Democrats in the House of Representatives, is the beginning of the unraveling of America. The impeachment which cannot be justified on any legal basis or standing, represents the disenfranchisement of the 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. The Democrats never accepted the results of that  election. They are filled with mean spirited hate, arrogrance, and pomposity, toward President Trump and his 'deplorable" supporters. In an effort to legitimize their hatred and superiority toward President Trump and the Republicans, they embarked on the dangerous and irreversible course to impeach the President. This one act will have long term, irreversible consequences, and will lead to the ultimate failure of the great experiment called the United States of America. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Nancy pelosi is nothing more than a glorified greeter in a hotel or restaurant in the view of the Ancient Oracle.  Nancy is not fit to hold even a postiton of hospitality hostess or greeter at one of President Trump's hotels or restaurants.  With her deceptive, cunning smile, she is beneath even the requirements of a good hospitality hostess at a restaurant.  Nancy would turn the stomachs of those whom she greeted in any restaurant or hotel.  The Jackass Democrats chose Nancy as their leader, bringing shame, disrepute and dishonor on the House of Representatives and to the United States of America. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives brought impeachment charges against President Trump, which could not be substantiated or avowed to in any objective, unbiased, and non partisan tribunal or court of law. The so called charges of "Abuse of Power" and "Obstruction of Congress", have nothing to do with the requirements necessary to the constitutional definiton of impeachment.  Furthermore, the Democrats in the Intelligence Committee and the Judicial Committee, did not allow the President and his Republican defendants to present their witnesses to repudiate the trumped up impeachment charges against the President.

After the Democrats, and their hate filled malfeasance against the President, passed in the House of Representatives as as an impeachment of the President, lamebrain, conniving, Nancy Pelosi, refused to send the "Impeachment Charges" against the President to the Senate.  Nancy and her Democrats in the House of Representatives knew that the charges of their impeachment against President Trump would not hold up in a trial in the Senate.  At the last minute and just before adjoining for the Christmas Holidays, Nancy refused to send the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate, as she is required to do under the Constitution.

Nancy and the Democrats are scrambled like roaches to avoid sending their Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate.  Their delaying tactics, in the face of the Constitution, showed how desperate the Democrats were in keeping the Senate from holding a trial of their flimsy and unsubstantiated Impeachment Articles against President Trump.  Nancy and her Democrats and their 'lamebrain", Harvard educated lawyers, are even speaking of adding more and more concocted impeachment charges to the ones that have already passed in the House of Representatives.  It is not the responsibility of the Senate to provide an investigation of charges that Nancy and the House of Representatives fell to investigate in the House.  The House rushed to impeach President Trump without taking the time to call witnesses and prove impeachable crimes under the Consitituion.  Nancy, the Democrats, and their legal advisors have made a sham and a circus of the Constitution and demeaned the entire Impeachment process. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Nancy Pelosi, through her irresponsible actions, is fulfilling the Prophecy, and doing irreparable damage to the Constitution and to the nation.  Nancy, when you depart this Earth, a place will be waiting in hell for you as Satan's greeter, to greet the souls headed for the pit of hell.  Nancy, you and your fellow Democrats, and all of your supporters may all be headed to the pit of hell for your wickedness in this life, if you are not careful.  The Constitution will not be able to defend you in that hellish place. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Nancy, you are old.  You do not have much time left on this Earth, relatively speaking.  Your wickedness and your wrongdoing will pursue you to the gates of hell.  Your seed will inherit the seeds of your wickedness.  You are the consumate hypocrite.  You say that you do not support abortion, yet you support a woman's right to abort her unborn child.  You say that you pray for President Trump, while at the same time holding the knife of impeachment to his throat.  Nancy, you say one thing and do another.  Nancy, you speak with the fork tongue of a serpent.  The day of judgment is coming for you and those like you.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Every Black American or African American member of the House of Representatives voted for the trumped up articles of impeachment against President Trump.  To the Ancient Oracle, their votes and support show how much they are lock, stock and barrel, in sync with the corrupt Democrat Party.  For so called former Civil Rights leaders, like John Lewis, to invoke the Civil Rights movement in support of the Articles of Impeachment shows just how low they will go to support the indefensible.  John Lewis and others of you, cheapened the Civil Rights movement and its struggle, when `you use the Civil Rights Movement to justify the unjust and inappropriate impeachment charges against President Trump. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Democrats are incapable of running anything.  They can't even run their own elections adequately. They have proven that they cannot manage and run the nation's largest urban cities from Detroit to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco. Corruption, incompetence, and malfeasance follow the democrats whether it is in the Halls of Congress, the City Halls of the largest cities, or the Presidency of the United States. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, have some of the same DNA that allowed their African ancestors to sell their fellow African brothers and sisters as slaves during the transatlantic slave trade.  Whatever little trinkets that bird brain Nancy Pelosi and the power structure in the Democrat Party are handing out, the Black Representatives in the House seem to be all too willing to follow and vote the party line, regardless, of its indefensibility.  In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Maxine Waters is probably the most corrupt and ignorant member of the CBC.  She is a poor representative of her consitituents, and reflects badly on them.  Maxine Waters is as dumb as Nancy Pelosi, but without her money. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America lost its innocence a long time ago.  The heart and Soul of America, in the heartland of the nation, those who pay their taxes, farm the land, send their husbands, fathers, sons and daughters to the military to fight in her wars, never realized what was happening to their country, until it was too late.  In the view of the Ancient Oracle, in modern times, it started with the assasination of President John Kennedy in 1963, by the CIA, and conspiring FBI.  Next came the assasination of Malcolm X, the assassination of Rev Martin Luther King, the assassination of Robert Kennedy.  Next, the cold blooded slaughter by the FBI of young, Black, African American men, known as the Black Panthers, who were acting in defense and liberation of their fellow Black citizens. The head of the FBI at that time was J Edgar Hoover, the infamous, evil, "Deep State" provocateur, who spied on America's own citizens, and worked with the heads of the CIA to assassinate and murder those from President Kennedy to the Black Panthers. Most Americans do not accept the findings of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald acted along. Does the "Deep State" really believe that Americans are that dumb?  You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The same "Deep State" has continued to evolve to the point that it is a "Deep State" that spies on its own citizens.  There is no privacy in the personal lives of average citizens.  The same "Deep State" has morphed into the "Deep State" of disgraced former FBI director James Comey, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Attorney Lisa Page, former Senior Agent Peter Szork; the "Deep State" of the CIA led by former director John Brenner and former National Security Director James Clapper. Those unelected bureaucrats, including the current anonymous Whistleblower lodged inside the White House, believe that they know better, than the elected President of the United States, what is best for America.  Because the work of the FBI and CIA involves spying and deep secrets, the real truth about the works of those agencies is kept from the American people. The "Deep State" does not stop with the FBI or CIA but includes every Federal Agency, including the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, the Commerce Department, Homeland Security and on and on.  There are more than 400 Federal Agencies and sub Agencies, and they are all run by unelected, senior level bureaucrats who are a part of the Federal government. Of those, there are 127 independent agencies of the Executive Banch. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As a result of the "Deep State", operating inside the Federal government, many if not the majority of Americans are afraid of their own government.  They see the abuses and how the government and the "Deep State" can come after them for any trumped up reason. They realize that they would not have the resources to defend themselves against a "Deep State" out of control government. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The same impetus that created the "Deep State " of a J Edgar Hoover, has now come to affect the lives of ordinary American citizens.  Many Americans wonder when will the "Deep State", aided and abetted by their fermented members of Congress and Senate, repeal the 2nd Amendment and come to take away their guns.  Many Americans see the 2nd Amendment as their last defense against a "Deep State" and corrupt government, as the "Deep State" has morphed into.


When America was not a so called "Deep State", America never worked for African Americans. African Americans, from the time they were kidnapped from their ancestral home in Africa, unto the time of the first slaves arrival on the shores of America, America was never intended to work for them.  It was never in the cards.  The Ancient Oracle sees that things will not end well for African Americans in America.  It hasn't worked well for them so far, and the future does not look any different. That is why it is so perplexing that members of the Congressional Black Caucus readily align themselves behind the "Deep State" in Congress.  It is the same "Deep State", as described above, that not only assassinated President Kennedy but also murdered young Black African American men who called themselves Black Panthers, seeking liberation for their people in an unjust America.  Yet, Black members of Congress are the first ones to come to the defense of corrupt leadership of those "Deep State" Agencies.  No, they are not defending their oath to uphold the constitution when they do so, rather they are defending and supporting a corrupt and rotting government that is detrimental to the democracy. Think of how J Edgar Hoover and his FBI spied on Rev Martin Luther King, even to the point of listening to the most intimate moments between him and his wife.  How could they forget or do they just convienently refuse to remember? So sees the Ancient Oracle.


No where in the founding documents of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights does it state that America is an "indivisible nation".  The word "indivisible" does not appear in one founding document. One nation, "indivisible under God" is a phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States. The Pledge of Allegiance was written 116 years later, in 1892, by Francis Bellamy, with words "one nation, indivisible".  In 1954, "under God" was added before "indivisible, thus reading, "one nation under God, indivisible". So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It is a fallacy to believe that the United States is "indivisible", because it is not.  The Founding Fathers were wise enough to know that the vision of an America, as an experiment in democracy, would have many unforseen hurdles as it struggled to define how the American experiment would look 200 or 300 years from its founding.  As America enters 2020, some 244 years after the Declaration of Independence and the signing of the Constitution, America is facing a division, among its people, that tears at the very notion of "indivisiblity". So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House, announced that she had approved an impeachment inquiry against President Trump to begin in the House of Representatives.  She prefaced her announcement ingenuously and slyly with the admonishment of one of the nation's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. In the quote that Pelosi referred to, Benjamin Franklin indicated that the planners were "leaving a Republic if you can keep it".  Nancy, in her ignorance and callousness did not fully understand that what she and the Democrats in the House were doing was setting the nation on a path of irretrievable and irreconcilable divisions.  What Nancy and her Democrats, and their radical liberal coalition are doing, is attempting to overthrow the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, which they never accepted.  In the process, they disenfranchise the more than 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump in that election. So see the Ancient Oracle.

Nancy Pelosi and the liberal left wing Democrats, the liberal media and news organizations, the Deep State in Washington D.C., the Washington D.C. Think Tanks and their lobbyists, Hollywood, and the Entertainment Industry have so divided America that it has become "divisible".  The time may have come in America's history for a "timeout", where the opposing sides go into separate corners. In other words, it may be time for separation and division, between the two opposing sides, as described earlier in this Prophecy.  The "timeout" would by definition, mean a separation into geographical units, uniting people with the same or similar political views, governing themselves, and those with opposing views, living together and governing themselves.  The Ancient Oracle sees that the liberal states of California, Oregon, Washington State, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania would form the alliance of States of liberal America.  The remaining States would serve as the bedrock of Conservative America. Those liberals who have migrated from the liberal left wing states, to states like Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama could migrate or return to those liberal states from which they migrated.  America would still be the United States but organized along political alliances. This might be a possible solution to create some breathing room between the deep division of hate that is eating away at America.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This may seem like a preposterous notion, but Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party and their donors and supporters have driven the nation to the brink of of what Benjamin Franklin so insightfully forewarned.  America is irrevocably divided. When you have a nation of Americans who hate each other and who would rather separate than continue to live with and support those whom they disagree with, then the nation has a serious problem which threatens its union.  The Ancient Oracle does not see the situation changing anytime soon.  The differences and divisions are great and deep.  Wake up America and stop hating and being mean to each other.  Respect the Office of the Presidency and the President. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America wants to heal. However, the late night comedians, the talking heads on the liberal broadcast chanels (ABC, CBS, NBC), on CNN and MSNBC, the editors at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post,etc, are tearing away at the scab, to the point that the sore cannot heal. America is like a festering sore that is trying to grow a scab to cover the effusions coming from the gaping wound.

The comedians on the late night comedy shows are not funny in the opinion of the Ancient Oracle. The comedy that they dish out is cheap. It is cheap in the sense that it is not witty or worth laughing at. Their comedy is all about destroying the soul of an individual and that individual happens to be President Donald J. Trump. President Trump is a human being and he should not be attacked in the cheap way that those comedians do in order to garner laughs at his expense. Good humor is first of all self deprecating, because it highlights the human condition, throught the life experiences of the comedian, that his audience can relate to. The humor of those late night comedians is devoid of any thoughtfulness about ordinary, every day experiences of their audiences. The humor is evil, mean spirited, and not worth listening to, in the view of the Oracle. Besides that, those comedians will pay a terrible price on judgment day when they have to account for the pain and misery they caused their victims, in trying to generate such cheap, unfunny jokes. They are helping to tear the country apart and make Americans hate each other. Stop It!

Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers, said that he trembled for his country, when he reflected that God is just. He further commented that God's justice cannot sleep forever. Alas! the time for God's justice on America is here now. It is at hand. The uneasiness that America is feeling is the feeling of hundreds of years of America's wrongdoing, starting with the disastrous act of slavery, her unpaid debts of reparation to the descendants of African slaves in America, and the unjust wars, including the war in Iraq, that America has fought. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America is at a crossroad. It can go forward, or reverse course and go backwards. If you look at all of the Democrat candidates vying for the nomination to run against President Trump in the November 2020 Presidential Election, none have the innate leadership ability, style or charisma of President Trump. Most are trepid and lackluster at best. None inspire followship unless you are left wing, liberal, a pervert, confused about sexual identity, or an anarchist. President Trump is the man for this time in America's history. If the progress he has made in just 3 short years is measured, in spite of the Democrat oppostion and obstruction, he has accomplished a lot. Tax cuts have benifited most taxpayers. He has eliminated through Executive Action, choking, unnecessary federal regulations that burden small businesses and impede a competitive economy. He has appointed Judges to the Judiciary, who will intepret the law as written, instead of legislating from the Bench. He has defeated ISIS. He has achieved this in spite of the steady drumbeat of impeachment from the first day he took office. He had to undergo a "witch hunt" investigation of his adminiatration, because of trumped up charges of a Russian conspiracy in his election to the Presidency.

Those of you who are planning to buy new homes in the future, or make purchases such as automobiles, large appliances or furniture, should think about the future of interest rates and how they will affect your ability to do those things. Think about your 401K portfolio, and the future of its continued growth for your retiremnt, in a Trump administration. If you are satisfied with the direction of the economy and the ability of President Trump to continue a prosperous economy, creating jobs and making America energy independent, then you should vote for Trump's reelection. You may have to hold your nose when you vote for him. No one is pefect and President Trump has his character flaws, but those flaws do not rule out his ability to lead the nation at this time in history. For the good of the nation at this time in history, set aside your personal feelings about the man, and vote your pocket book and what is best for the country.

The above comments were made prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the killing of George Floyd by racists cops in Minneapolis. America's economy has fallen into a recession with the loss of 44,000,000 jobs, and the need for Americans to social distance. The virus is highly contagious and has infected more than 2,000,000 in the U S and killed more than 200,000, with the numbers increasing. Trump can no longer run on the economy, his strongest point for reelection. He handled the response to the Gerorge killing poorly by calling for "LAW AND ORDER" against the demonstators and protestors in the street. What Trump, and neither his senior advisors of his overrated daughter, and his docile son-in-law, realized is that the term "LAW AND ORDER is a racist term to African Americans.

To Black people, African Americans, the term "LAW AND ORDER is a code word for "keep niggers in their place". It was commonly understood that was what White people meant, and what racist police departments meant throughout the South. Trump chose the wrong words and terminology to use against the demonstrators, many of whom were African Americans. Trump, became a "Law and Order" President, which is synonomous with the racists term of "keep niggers in their place". Mr. President, you will lose African American votes because of that ill advised misstep.

You will note that in some segments of the Prophecy Trump is given credit for trying to contain illegal immigration along the nation's borders; reigning in a corrupt and pervasive "Deep State" Federal government; overhauling and eliminating burdensome regulations, which have strangled small businesses; challenging the the interpretation of the 14th Amendment as it pertains to the "freed slaves and their descendants"; criminal justice reform; and appointments of Judges who interpret the Constitution, according to its intent, and the way it was written. Trump is not a well read man and has to depend on his advisors for making decisions. His senior advisors, namely his daughter and son-in-law, in their zest to appease Trump supporters, came up with the campaign slogan of "LAW AND ORDER". That slogan was used to counteract the demonstrators and protestors.

The only part of the Trumps that will be missed in the White House, should Trump not prevail in the November election, is the beautiful First Lady, Melania and her son Barron.  Melania is class personified, quiet, unassumimg, elegant, kind and a gentle soul, who exhibits the "Fruits of the Spirit".  To all of the members of the vicious press, media, turncoat staff, such as Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, publications such as Vogue Magazaine, do not criticize First Lady for using the expletive "f" word in private conversations.  Would you expect her to use a "Sunday School" word when expressing her frustations with the unwarranted criticism that she has received for simply carrying out her duties with amazing grace and style?  Here's hoping that Melania looks down from Heaven one day, in her white, flowing silk robes, at her vicious critics burning in hell.

Good riddance to Ivanka, the Jewish Jezebel, and that husband of hers.  They should have never worked in the White House.  The biggest mistakes that Trump made, in his presidency, were his staffing choices, including his daughter and son-in law, who gave him bad advice.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Official Photo of Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, President Trump, First Lady Melania at U.S. Embassy dinner in London.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of President Trump and First Lady Melania, departing Air Force One, upon arrival in Paris France.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Photo of White House First Family, the President, Melania and Barron leaving the White House to board Air Force One

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Official White House Photo of First Lady Melania Trump

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Official Photo of First Lady Melania Trump

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


Meghan Markle and Wallis Simpson, two American divorced women, both in their late thirties, met and married heirs to the British Monarchy, through, in the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, manipulation and a charming magnetism. Markle, a "B list" actress, who apparently could not find roles in Hollywood, moved to Canada, where she had a role in a television series. She was at best a "B list" actress, and could have never hoped to be a leading lady Hollywood starlet. The biggest role that Meghan Markle ever had was when she became Prince Harry's wife, and was escorted down the aisle, on live TV, by the future King of England, Prince Charles. The Royal Family welcomed and embraced Meghan Markle with open arms. Unfortunately, Meghan Markle was too self absorbed to appreciate their warm and gracious welcome. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Photos of American divorcee Wallis Simpson and American divorcee Meghan Markle.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Unlike, Wallis Simpson, Meghan Markle was able to have one child, a son for Prince Harry. By the time Edward, the Duke of Windsor, had abdicated the throne and married the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson was forty years old, and at that time probably too old to have a child. She may have been forbidden to ever become pregnant by her husband, the Duke of Windsor, in exile. Shortly after Meghan Markle had the boy child for Harry, she had secured her place in Queen Elizabeth's family. By some accounts, Meghan Markle could not abide living in a place called "Frogmore", isolated house in the countryside, far away from the glamour and glitter of big cities of California, New York, and to a lesser extent Canada. It is somewhat of an irony that Frogmore Cottage is near the grounds of Frogmore burial sites where Wallis Simpson and her husband, Edward VIII, are buried. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Meghan Markle clearly appears to have the upper hand in her marriage to Harry. Being a previous married woman, a divorcee, she had the social and sexual experiences of married life. Megan Markle could easily persuade Harry to her point of view. Impressionable as he is, Harry, apparently, fell for the sexual and intellectual magnetism of Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle, it seems, never planned to live permanently in Britain. She wanted all of the trappings of Royal life without the commmitment. After a 6 weeks hiatus in Canada, Harry and Meghan announced their desire to step down from their royal duties as "senior members" of the Royal Family. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Like Wallis Simpson, who fled London to France, after Edward VIII announcd his abdication, Meghan Markle fled back to Canada after announcing their plans, after arrving in London. She had left her baby son in Canada, as an indication that she would not be returning to London. Megan Markle had accomplished and achieved everything she had wanted. She had become famous on an international stage, bigger than any role that she could have ever hoped for in Hollywood. She had a achieved a royal title. She had tapped into the treasury of the British Monarchy, funding a lavish lifestyle of high fashions, chauffers, servants, and invitations to the Queen's castles. Not bad for a mixed race, B list star, who would go unnoticed, otherwise, in a crowd. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Megan Markle takes great pride in being mixed race and that you cannot tell what she is mixed with. That is an insult to Black people and Black women in particular. It is as if she wants to be anything but Black. She does not consider herself Black and neither do Black people. She should consider not traveling to South Africa again, and bringing her half White child, by Prince Harry, for South Africa's Black leaders to fawn over. Megan Markle, you are totally irrevelant when it comes to Black people. Stay in your mixed race, out of touch world. It seems like you with your "bird legs", and dysfunctional Prince Harry deserve each other.

Besides being American divorcees, both Wallis Simpson and Meghan Markle were of a similar age, and both were similar in size and stature. Wallis Simpson was a petite, diminutive woman. Megan Markle also appears petite and diminutive.

Wedding Photo of American divorcee Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Wedding Photo of American divorcee Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, and his wife Wallis Simpson lived their lives in exile in France. It remains to be seen if the money, wealth and fame that Harry and Megan seek will materialize, now that they have relinquished their roles as "senior members" of the Royal Family. One cannot help but ponder how many young, beautiful British ladies would have been so happy and privileged to live the Royal life that Meghan Markle has turned her back on. What a pity. Meghan Markle appears to have no appreciation of the Royal Family and its traditions. Too bad for Harry. Too bad for the Royal Family. Too bad for the British Monarcy. Let this be a lesson. No more American divorcees welcomed into the British Monarchy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Meghan Markle, who has never associated herself with being Black or with the suffering of African Americans, used the interview with Oprah Winfrey to accuse the Royal Family and the British people of being racist toward her. How convenient to play the race card, when she and her husband, Harry, are losing the privileges of royalty, which they walked away from, when they moved to America. The Queen, the Royal Family, and the British people welcomed Meghan with open arms into their society. They extended all the privileges of royalty to her. They gave her a royal wedding, fit for a princess. Prince Charles paid for all the living expenses of Meghan and Harry. The Queen went out of her way to accommodate Meghan. It was Meghan and Harry that rejected the kindness and hospitality of the Queen, the Royal Family, and the British people.

In a last ditch effort to regain their Royal status, and turn the world against the Queen, the monarchy, the Royal Family, and the British people, Meghan and her husband, played the race card by trying to portray the Royal Family and the British people as racist. Neither Meghan and certainly not Harry know the meaning of racism. Meghan, who has always mixed in the "White" world, and had previously been married to another White man, should be the last one to cry racism, when she has tried to portray herself as "other", certainly not Black. Consequently, the fair skin and the long, straight hair, where she identifies as a "California" girl.  Now that the financial rug, and the perks of royalty are being withdrawn from her and Harry, they staged an interview with Oprah Winfrey to attempt to destroy the Queen, the monarchy, (the institution), and the Royal Family.  As far as the skin color of Meghan and Harry's children, the fact that Meghan and Harry's children would be mixed race, had already been factored into the equation when she was accepted into the Royal family.  That was not an issue and Harry and Meghan should stop trying to make it an issue. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In that interview, Meghan was upset about passports and about losing their "Royal" status. Meghan is still a U.S. citizen and has her U.S. passport. She will never again have a British passport. The real question surrounds Harry's status and passport. Harry is now a permanent resident of the U.S. and has the privilege of applying for a green card, which will allow him to work in the U.S.  After obtaining his green card, Harry can become a U.S. citizen. Harry needs a green card if he is going to be employed in the U.S.  Harry and Meghan need to start paying taxes on the more than one hundred million dollars that he and Meghan are raking in. Part of that comes from their Archwell foundation. The foundation operates as a non profit entity, and as such is not subject to federal income taxes. Harry and Meghan cannot raise the hundreds of milllions of dollars that they plan on raising, without the Archwell foundation having a royal attachment to its name. Also, Harry as a private U.S. citizen, along with his wife and children, who are private U.S. citizens, will no longer be issued British passports with Royal insignia, or diplomatic status.  When they travel, in the future, it will be as regular, private citizens of the U.S.  Harry, as a U.S. citizen is a commoner, just like his wife. Yea for Harry!  He is no longer "trapped" in the Royal family. He has been released, free to live in America with his American wife, without the trappings of royalty.  They got what they wanted. So stop griping.

The irony of Harry's escape to the U.S. with his American wife and son, is that Harry, the royal Prince, had to depend on the temporary generosity of the African American descendants of slaves to provide for the basic needs of him and his family.  The descendants of slaves, who accommodated Harry and Meghan and their son, included Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and other famous African Americans.  Prince Harry, who represented what was once the British empire, and whose wealth derived from African slavery and colonization, fled Britian to live in America, and off the generosity of the African American descendants of slaves.  That situation is all messed up! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Harry is like his mother, Diana. Diana was a rebel. She never tried to "fit into" the Royal Family. Diana was a commoner, and felt uncomfortable trying to adjust and learn how to be a "Royal". She was all about glamour, clothes, popularity, and being more popular than her husband, Prince Charles. She developed causes to work on such as AIDS, and homelessness, in an effort to appear in sympathy with the less fortunate in British society. In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, this was Diana's way of compensating for her own inadequacies in conforming to the traditions of Royalty and being a reliable and supportive marriage partner for Prince Charles.

When Prince Charles and Diana became engaged, Charles was young, handsome, and the world's most eligible bachelor.  Girls swooned over the young Prince.  Who can forget the engagement announcement of Prince Charles and Diana, when she was introduced to the world, at Charles' side, and she "looked or stared from under her eyes", at the cameras. That "look from under her eyes", was said to indicate that Diana was shy and coy. Diana was "shy" and "sly", sly like a fox. Diana had her own agenda and that was to ensure that Charles would never be King. She resented Charles, who she indicated did not show her enough attention. She screamed at him. She threw objects at Charles, threw herself down the stairs, and developed the awful eating disorder of bulimia.  It got so bad that Charles moved permanently back to his residence of Highgrove, to escape the "hell" of living with Diana. Charles, as a Royal, who was brought up to be the future king of England, could not understand such outlandish and strange behavior by Diana.  It is said that Charles stated that the "stench" of vomit in their quarters at Kensington Palace was too much for him to bear.  Charles left Kensington Palace and, moved back to Highgrove, leaving Diana and the two boys at Kensington Palace.

Diana, in that infamous interview with Martin Bashir in 1995, stated that "the marriage was a bit crowded because there were three people in the marriage". There were not three people in the marriage in the early years of Charles and Diana's marriage.  Diana drove Prince Charles into the arms of his long time friend, and soul mate, Camila Parker Bowles, becuase of her outlandish and strange behavior.  No man would tolerate what Diana put Prince Charles through. In that interview, she talked about how she adored Captain James Hewitt, one of her first lovers.  In fact, according to a documentarty by ABC News, Diana had many lovers coming through the gates of Kensington Palace to service her sexual needs.  In addition to her secret lovers who serviced her at Kensington Palace, after her divorce from Prince Charles, she pursued a Pakistani doctor, and her last lover was the Arab, Muslim businessman, Dodi Fayed.  In fact it is said that they were engaged and on the threshhold of being married.  The two of them died together in a horrible car crash, supposedly trying to escape the paparrazi.

Diana, a romantic, would have wanted to be buried alongside her Arab Muslim fiance, and not have the grandiose funeral of a "people's princess".  The fanfare and the outpouring of grief, which played on the sympathy of the British people for her two surviving sons, was directly related to Tony Blair's labeling Diana, the "People's Princess". Diana was anything but a princess. She had smeared, and soiled the name of the Princess of Wales, by her secret and public lifestyle. Diana was a disaster to Prince Charles, and to the Royal family, and truth be told to the British people, if truth be told. Wake up Britain, the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth of nations, the Empress had no clothes on!  Enough with the Diana lie! The television series "The Crown", is fiction, and perpetuates a great big lie, where Charles and Diana are concerned. In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, outside of her majesty, The Queen, Charles is the most dignified, and the most decent member of the Royal family.  Prince Charles has been wrongly vilified, and, because of protocol, he could not defend himself against the false narratives that have been perpetrated against him.  After her death, Prince Charles, along with his parents, the Queen and Prince Philip, were left with the responsibility of raising Diana's two sons from adolescence into adulthood.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Tony Blair, the then prime minister of Britain, called Diana, the "People's Princess", and there began the fable of Diana, the saint, the caring, loving, mistreated princess. To this day the people of Britain have memoralized Diana as the beautiful, caring, adored, princess, who was mistreated by Charles and the Royal Family.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Diana had many lovers on Charles. Charles had only one woman, whom he loved and was his soul mate, after leaving Diana, and that is now his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Prince Charles and Camila's relationship, is more than physical, it is a deep spiritual love, of two souls.  Diana, left this world, seeking and searching for the love, which she forfeited with her husband, Prince Charles.  Diana rushed her death by the choices that she made in her life.  She was the rebel.

As indicated above, Harry is a rebel like his mother, Diana.  There is a question surrounding the paternity of Harry.  William is more like his father, Prince Charles. He is not rebellious, and is sworn to his duties and loyalty to the throne of England, of which he will some day be King. Could it be that the differences between the two brothers, Harry and William, is in their paternity?  Diana, herself, said that she had had an affair with Hewitt, and that she adored him.  There is a striking resemblance, between Harry and Captain Hewitt, red hair and rosy skin. Prince Charles has been too much of a gentleman, to reveal or confirm the truth.  Perhaps, is now the time to confirm or deny the paternity of Harry as a way of explaining his rebellious and seemingly, depraved behavior.  There is a black sheep in every family, and Harry appears to be the black sheep in the Royal Family.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Diana, the rebel, the so called "people's princess", casts and continues to cast a long, dark shadow shadow over the British monarchy, the people of Britian, and the United Kingdom. The truth about Diana would not have been brought forward, except for the infamous interview that Harry and his wife, the self absorbed American Meghan Markle, conducted against the Monarchy, and the British people. For the sake of her two sons, Prince William and Harry, the world was satisified to ignore the detriment that Diana caused to herself, Prince Charles, the reputation of the Monarchy, and the Royal Family.  Harry, Diana's rebel son, has caused the seal that had been placed on the real Diana, and her story, to be removed from the unearthed truth. Many of the British people, and especially young people, cannot accept the truth about Diana, because they have been fed a lie by the media, social media, and British filmmakers, over many years.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Two things can be said of Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, they are both "ambulance chasers". Whether it is this infamous interview with cunning and manipulative Meghan Markle, and a seemingly, deranged Harry, or Gayle King's interview with the perveted entertainer R. Kelly, they are ambulance chasers.  The term "ambulance chasers" is a derogatory term used by the legal profession to describe plantiff lawyers, who go chasing after every accident victim, who has been in any kind of accident. They profit off of others' physical, emotional and mental injuries. Winfrey, used this interview with Meghan and Harry to get back into prime time broadcast television. Her OWN network, does not have the viewership to garner widespread coverage. In order to make a big, world wide comeback into national and international media, Winfrey used the delusions and so called "entrapment" of two narcisistic misfits, to attempt to bring down the British monarchy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The term racist is tossed aroud too casually by White people. When it comes to a White person calling another White person racist, it is laughable. In each case, you have half a dozen on one end and six on the other, they are both the same. The White person calling Trump is as much a racist as Trump is. All White people operate from a basis of White privilege in America and all around the world. Because of this instinctive White privelege, they consider themselves advantaged and superior to other races, but especially Black people, e.g. African Americans. When Whites return to their abodes at night, behind closed doors, you don't know what is said behind closed doors. You don't know how many times the word "nigger", is used in reference to African Americans, when it is believed the words will not go outside the walls of that home. That goes for the most liberal, left wing White person to the most Red Neck, two stepping Southerner.   As far as African Americans, they are willing to give their liberal White friends a pass when it comes to racism. However, they don't go home with their White liberal friends at night, and know what converstaions and words are used to denigrate Blacks such as the "N" word.  Trump has made poor choices and will pay for his poor choices and bad decisions at the polls in November.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Read below for updates to existing sections as well as new comments on important, recent events. Coming soon the Ancient Oracle will make a major announcement!


Judge Kavanaugh

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

The Senate Confirmation Hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was a disservice to the legitimate grievances of those in the "#Me Too" Movement.  The Senate Hearing of Judge Kavanaugh was scandalous in the "trumped up allegation" against the Judge and the efforts by women, with an agenda, to destroy the man and his reputation.  The woman, Christine Blasey Ford, who initiated the persecution of Judge Kavanaugh, and those that followed, all had one thing in common, they could not support their allegations against the Judge with corroborating evidence.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Christine Blasey Ford

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

The Hearings turned into a disgraceful outbursts of hard core radical women feminists, who come hell or high water, were determined to prevent Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation.  It appeared that Blasey Ford had her own personal, hateful reasons for attempting to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.  The radical feminists took up her cause in the interests of preventing Kavanaugh, whom they considered pro life, from confirmation to the Supreme Court. The Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Kamala Harris, did everything in their power to prevent Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation, and went along with supporting the accusers of Judge Kavanaugh.  Kamala Harris was especially vicious in her interrogation of Judge Kavanaugh.  It was clear that the Democrats had their own agenda in supporting the liberal, radical, feminist movement in this country, of which many are members themselves.  What transpired was a shameful episode in using the safeguards of a democracy to perpetrate a hoax and an abuse of justice to achieve a political end.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


One of the unintended consequences of Trump's campaign promise to "drain the swamp", is that the "swamp" has been identified in ways that were hidden before. In the Washington Swamp's resistance to Trump and his policies, the Swamp creatures have come to the forefront as they viciously attack Trump in every way possible. The creatures in the D.C. Swamp have come forth in all their filth and slime to show their swampy, putrid colors. Those swampy creatures are former and existing officers of the intelligence Agencies, senior management of the FBI, and the Justice Department, and former and current military Generals, and high ranking officers of the military. After leaving the employ of the Federal Government in Washington D.C., with their top secret security clearances, they take those security clearances with them to obtain lucrative jobs in Washington Think Tanks, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Woodrow Wilson Institute. They have also become high paid consultants to the Cable News Networks and broadcast networks, such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC. They shape the nation's foreign and military policies, and influence the American public to support their policy directives, regardless of its detriment on America and the American people. These high paid government officials, who leave the Federal Government with their security clearances, use the prestige of their former service in those agencies, to garner high salaries as consultants in the CIA infiltrated think tanks, and on television networks. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This cadre or nest of wasps, use the power of their former positions and their secuitry clearances to sway American policy and the American people's view of their policies. In other words, they trade on their security clearances and use them as valuable assets. With those security clearances, they can claim a premium in the outside private world, in their positions of power.

As the American people have seen with President Trump, this nefarious swamp of high ranking officers of the U. S. Intelligence Agencies, the FBI, and the Justice Department, trade on those security clearances. Those security clearances that the former high ranking government officials have a high monetary value once they leave their Federal Government positions. With continued access to Federal Government classified documents, they can influence American policy on an ongoing basis. Not only do they exert immense influence on America's policies, they also influence the American people to support their points of view, which have shaped foreign and domestic policies. Members of the D.C. Swamp have infiltrated the White House, and are undermining President Trump and what he is trying to accomplish. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

What the American people have seen and observed is a nonstop nonending attack on President Trump's agenda, which he was elected on, by these nefarious operatives, who are representing the policies of the political organizations and defense contractors for which they are consultants. The D.C. Swamp could not get away with their detrimental actions without the complicity of members of the House of Representatives, and the Senate, who serve on the Intelligence Committees, the Foreign Relations Committees, and the Judiciary Committees. There is a "symbiotic relation" between the D.C. Swamp, as described above, and those Congressional Committees. Since most of the Members of those Committees, have served in Congress and the Senate for many terms, there is a certain level of tolerance and acceptance of whatever the Intelligence Agencies, the FBI, and the Justice Department offer to them. A case in point is the shameful way in which the Foreign Relations Committee accepted at carte blanche the deceptive and manipulative testimony of Susan Rice, right after the start of President Trump's administration. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Congress and the Senate are unable to properly provide oversight of the activities of the Federal Agencies, which they are responsible for overseeing. This is partly attrbuted to the way in which Congress carrries out its duties. Members of Congress write and pass the laws, and rely on the Federal Agencies to write and implement the corresponding regulations which govern their work. Congress shifts the writing and implementing of the regulations which implements the laws that they have passed. By passing the authority of writing the implementing regulations for the statutes Congress have passed, to the staff of the respective Federal Agencies, Congress has forfeited major parts of its authority. It is the Congressional Representatives and their staff, who should be writing the accompanying regulations to the statutes which have been passed. Without this hands on involvement in the drafting and writing of the implementing regulations, Congress is unable to become intimately involved in how the Federal Agencies, under their oversight, are carrying out their duties.

In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Members of Congress, including the Senate, are not prepared to spend the time in Washington, writing regulations and rules, to implement the Acts and Statutes they have passed. To do so, would require them to spend more time in Washington, and less time working to be re-elected for the next term. That is why term limits are needed, as described below. If Representatives knew that they could serve for 6 terms maximum, and the Senators knew they could serve 2 terms maximum, they would concentrate on spending their time doing the people's business. They would become effective legislators, seeing the legislative process to its completion, through writing the implementing regulations for each Federal Agency.

As it stands now and has stood for a very long time, Congress is in no position to adequately provide oversight to the Agencies they investigate through the Committee process. They accept at face value the lies, misrepresentations, and "fudged" information that is fed to them by the leadership and senior managment of those Federal Agencies. Congress goes through the process of providing oversight, but it is inadequate. The unelected bureaucrats of the Federal Agencies are running the Federal government, and most times, Congress does not have a clue. Members of Congress do not understand how much they are manipulated by the Deep State inside the unelected Federal bureaucracy. Oftentimes, Senior management of these Federal Agencies, refuse to provide Congressional Committees with documents, on the grounds that members of Congress "do not have a need to know". The requested information is "too highly classified", even under threat of a Congressional subpoena. Congress has delegated a large portion of its legislative power to the supervisory and management staff of the Federal Agencies. It is no way that Congress can provide adequate oversight in that type of environment. The Federal government has slipped through the hands of Congress and, consequently, slipped through the hands of the American people. America is no longer a government of the people and by the people for the reasons explained herein. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Trump cannot clean the swamp alone. It will take the voters to support President Trump as he withdraws thousands of Security Clearances of people who no longer work in the Federal Government, including former heads and senior management of the CIA, the FBI, the Justice Department; and Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice. It will also take the voters to set term limits by not electing any Representative for more that 6 terms or 12 years, and no Senator for more than two terms, or 12 years total. This is the only way that the American people can drain the swamp in Washington D.C.  Members of Congress and the Senate will never set term limit for themselves. It will have to be done at the ballot box, by not re-electing them.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle, Bob Corker, of Tennessee, and John McCain have been detrimental to America's foreign policy. Both of those Senators have worked in conjuction with the D.C. Swamp to create hositilities toward Russia so that the U.S. military and NATO can have excessive budgets; while social net programs, such as Social Secuirty and Medicare suffer. Members of the Senate Intelligence Committees, and Foreign Relations Committee, have worked in concert to deprive the President of his Constitutional responsibility to determine and guide the nation's foreign policy. President Trump was elected on the foreign policy of improving relations with Russia. Yet, these "dictators" on those Senate Committees, such as John McCain and Bob Corker, with the advice of members of the D.C. Swamp, are preventing him from executing his constitutional authority. Their swampy coharts in the Intelligence Agencies have contrived all kinds of lies and conspiracies to mislead and support a so-called "Russian collusion" and "Russian interference" in Trump's 2016 Election.   Take heed! All of those swampy creatures will be weighed on the balance in time, and they will find themselves in the place of eternal torment, where their friend and cohort John McCain is. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Folks, What you have just read is just the tip of the iceberg, and the iceberg is melting into the Deep.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The upcoming 2020 Presidential Election in November 2020 is President Trump's to loose.  Only something like an unprovoked attack by the United States against Iran or some other Middle Eastern country, could threaten or diminish his likelihood to be reelected as President. How President Trump allowed these same Intelligence Agencies that accused him of being a Russian agent, and a traitor to America, to provide so called "intelligence" justifying the assassination of Iran's Military General inside of Iraq, is beyond belief.  This is the same CIA that lied America and George W. Bush to bomb Iraq , based on Sadaam Hussein having "weapons of mass destruction" inside Iraq.  Trump fell into the very trap that the Intelligence Agencies, and the "neocons", urged him to do.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

At the center of the debacle of assassinating the Iranian General into pulverization, by dropping a bomb on his head, was war monger Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, John McCain's Senate buddy.  Graham's interest in the Middle East is protecting defense contractors so that they can continue to equip the U.S. military with missiles and planes, as well as Saudi Arabia and Israel.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

One of the problems with President Trump and his administration is that he has hired the wrong advisors and consulted with the wrong advisors from Lindsay Graham to neocon John Bolton, to Rudy Julianna, and to his Jewish son inlaw, Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump.  Trump has allowed Israel, and Netanyahu to dictate his foreign policy in the Middle East.  America is serving as Israel's proxy in the Middle East, and carrying out a pro Israel and Pro Saudi Arabia foreign policy.  Killing Iran's top military General is something that Israel would have done, not a U S President.  A restrained U S President would not have abused the militatry power of America in such a way.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Trump needs to stop trying to be a Cowboy.  Cowboys are men of honor.  They do not go around slinging their gun on their hips, and threatening to shoot up everybody in the neighborhood.  Trump's reckless twitter comments against the Iranian people and their leaders are disgracefully bullying.  Trump will soon learn that might does not make right.  Iraq has voted for America to remove its military presence in its country.  Next, the U S Embassy will be closed and the green zone returned to the Iraqi people.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It was a sad sight to see American men and women suited up and flying off in military jets to prepare for another war in the Middle East.  To President Trump, you have two adult sons, who also should be suited up and sent off to fight another war in the Middle East.  The fact that your sons are married and have families, is no excuse for them not to volunteer.  Many, if not most of those soldeirs just shipped out to the Middle East, are married and leaving their families behind.  Time will tell what the impact of the assassination of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani will have on Trump, his Presidency and the American People.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Donald J Trump, President, who has been in office for less than 100 days at the time of this first update, has taken it upon himself to order the bombing of Syria, without the consent and approval of the U.S. Congress. Trump, ordered the bombing of Syria while surrounded by his top advisors, e.g., his daughter and son in law, and while entertaining the Chinese President Xi and his wife at Trump's Florida Mar a Lago estate. It was an evil thing on Trump's part to invite the Chinese President to his Florida estate, and under pretense of entertaining them, start the bombing of Syria.  Undoubtedly, had the Chinese President and his delegation known that Trump and his family members would start bombing Syria while dinner was being served, they would have declined Trump's invitation to come to Florida.  Trump's reckless action placed the Chinese President, his wife and the Chinese delegation in almost a hostage like position. The Chinese almost appeared to have been ambushed by Trump's actions, supported by his top advisors, e.g., his daughter and his son in law. Trump and his family members did not care about the implications and impact of the bombing of Syria, on Russia, and Iran, or on China's relations with Russia and Iran. The only country that seemed to be overjoyed by Trump's actions, was Israel, which maintains close contact with Trump's trusted Jewish son in law, Jared Kushner.

Donald J. Trump has since filled his presidency with hawkish military generals and people from the deep state, swamp of Washington D.C., such as former head of the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Pompeo, and General H. R. McMaster.  If this list could not grow more ominous to world peace, Trump has added the extremist neocon from the former Bush administration, John Bolton. Trump's rhetoric grows more militaristic daily, supported by war hawks, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain. It will not take much urging from his military generals, CIA henchman, Mike Pompeo, and war monger, John Bolton, for Trump to act impetuously and to provoke a nuclear confrontation with Russia, and thus the end of human life on this planet. Trump is illiterate, unread, and does not even appreciate the recent history of his predecessors. President and former General Dwight David Eisenhower, warned his successor, President John Kennedy of how the military would try and force then President Kennedy to engage in wars that would not be in America's best interest. President Kennedy, himself a decorated war hero, experienced immense presssure from his military generals to send American troops to Viet Nam, where America was ultimately defeated. At the same time, the CIA persuaded President Kennedy to approve an invasion of Cuba, which led to the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This same CIA, whom Trump is now dependant on for advice in conducting America's foreign policy and wars, also lied America into the war in Iraq, by falsely indicating Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Trump as ignorant and as impetuous as he is, relies on this same cast of characters to get America involved in wars that it cannot win, including the ultimate war with Russia. All sign are pointed in that direction.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


John McCain

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

John McCain got his last wish to have a funeral of a U. S. President, with all of the military honor and governmental tribute that accompanies such trappings of power. John McCain tried to be elected as the nation's President two times and both times he was rejected by the American people. The base of the Republican Party, which he represented and ran on, loathed him because of his belligerence and intolerance of their views and outlook on the country. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

John McCain traded on his POW status. He used it to get elected to Congress upon his return from Viet Nam, and later to be elected to the Senate. Every time one looked at McCain, he wanted you to remember that he was a POW in Viet Nam. Besides being a POW, which the nation honored him many times over by his seat of power in the Federal government, McCain was also a hateful and vengeful man. McCain wa a tyrant of sorts, who dominated America's military and foreign policy, often for the worse, while he served in the Senate. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

McCain imposed his one sided myopic view on America's foreign policy. He was able to form strong alliances with new members of the Senate, winning them over to his hateful, mean spirited, and lopsided view of the world. He was determined to keep America in a cold war posture toward Russia, even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Even after the rise of Islamic terrorism in the world, McCain was unable to shift his world view and recognize the growing threat of that catastrophic movement. McCain still saw Russia and its President, President Putin, as the number one enemy of America in the world. He continued to seek a stronger NATO to confront Russia and President Putin. McCain was on the wrong side of history in his view of Russia, and the enemy coming out of radical Islamic terrorism. At the height of the conflict inside Syria, against ISIS, McCain met with the terrorists rebels that America was supporting against the President of Syria, President Assad.

McCain died filled with hate in heart against President Putin, a man who had never done ill towards him. Because he hated President Putin, he also hated the Russian people, because Putin was and is their President, and the people of Russia love him. In the view of the Ancient Oracle, the hate that McCain carried in his heart for President Putin, Russia and the KGB weighted his heart on the Balance. He was found heavy hearted with hate, and is in torment where he is now. The Ancient Oracle will leave it there. Putin is still alive and President of Russia, where he is trying to serve his people. McCain, through his hateful policies of sanctions and lies against Russia, has caused enormous harm and suffering to the Russian people through those evil sanctions. All of this has been shown to McCain where he is now, and he is in unbearable torment on all three levels. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

So while America gave McCain the hero's honor that he had always wanted, somehow the other 500 POWS, who were also tortured in Viet Nam and released on the same day as McCain, never received that kind of recognition. They remain the unsung heroes, never expecting a funeral reserved for a President of the United States. The real heroes are the thousands of soldiers, who died in combat, and whose names are etched on the Viet Nam Memorial. McCain, knew that he was dying and in no condition to serve out his term in the Senate. He would not relinquish that seat and allow it to be filled by a patriot of the Republican Party, who could physically serve. By holding on to his Senate seat, McCain died as a sitting Senator, and could more reasonably justify giving himself a funeral befitting a President of the United States.

Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

McCain and his daughter, and Lindsey Graham, McCain's buddy in the Senate, succeeded in sending him off the way he had wanted. Meghan McCain, McCain's daughter, in her Eulogy that her father had asked her to give, was not only a tearful grieving, daugter, but she was as vengeful and hateful as her father.

Megan McCain giving eulogy at her father's funeral

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Megan's Eulogy was filled with disrespect and anger against the sitting President, President Trump. It was obvious that both she and her father despied President Trump. McCain had no respect for the office of the Presidency under President Trump. And it was obvious, that as a sitting member of the Senate, and a war hero, he had taught his daughter to do likewise.

Megan McCain and her father together

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Never mind that the President, whom the two of them were disrespecting, was the President who had to approve the orders for all of the military assets that were used in his funeral. John McCain's funeral and his daughter's eulogy further divided the nation. If it was meant to teach Trump a lesson, it missed the mark. Now President Trump's supporters and the nation's real heroes have dugged in their positions more strongly. Trump supporters, who are the salt of the earth, are nationalists, who believe in secure borders, the rule of law, controlled immigration, lower taxes, less crippling regulations, the Constitution as it was intended and written, and the Bill of Rights. They will fight to the death to ensure that the United States does not become a part of a a One World Government, and the encroaching New World Order.

In the last words, McCain sent to people of America, he said that America was not a land, but America was an idea. Most of the attendees at McCain's funeral in Washington National Cathedral feel the same way. They are the elitist, who have gone to colleges and Universities, that teach that kind of thing. They believe that the Constitution is a living document, and can be changed to fit the whims of the time. What crazy nonsense. The only other American people who would entertain such ideas are people who watch Megan McCain and the other disconnected ultra liberal femininists on "The View". Megan McCain fits in well with them. She certainly does not appear to be a Republican, and carries the title in name only. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To now deceased John McCain, perhaps by now you see the errors of your ways, wherever you are. America is more than an idea. America is a land mass of 48 contiguous States, plus Alaska and Hawaii. That land mass represents 3,119,884.69 square miles, and the land mass of Alaska and Hawaii add another 663,268 square miles and 4,028 square miles, respectively. Without the land mass, there is no populating of the land, erecting buildings on the land, and growing agricultural products or raising cattle. An idea exists on paper, and in the minds of the people, who live off the land. If you believe America is an idea and not land, try taking that land away from the 320 million people who populate America. You will have a war. America has fought her wars over land starting with the 13 original colonies, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Alamo, and any war that threatens the sovereign land of America. McCain, as a sailor, should have known that. However, he had become brainwahsed by those pseudo intellectuals, like Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of them. McCain's last words are straight from the playbook of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The people who staged this spectacle of a hero's/ Presidential funeral, including McCain, himself, his daughter and the rest of his family, Lindsey Graham, CNN, the broadcast media, and the other proponents of McCain and his beliefs, showed the extents they will go to attempt to choose America's leaders. There will be no transfer of his Senate seat to McCain's daughter or to his wife or to any other McCain. During the interim, the Governor will decide and after that, the people. John McCain stood for a one world government, open borders, amnesty to those illegals who have broken the nation's immigration laws, continuing and unending conflict with Russia and a return to the Cold War; increased defense spending at the sacrifice of spending on needed programs to protect the safety net of deserving America's citizens. John McCain was a warmonger and a tyrant who tried and succeeded in imposing his dangerous world view upon the American people, and the rest of the world. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

There is an adage that if you can't say something good about the dead, then don't say nothing at all. Well, using that adage, John McCain is dead. Good By.


This Prophecy was first posted on this Prophecy website in 2000. With the most recent updates, the entire Prophecy is more than 800 pages. The length of the Prophecy makes it difficult, if not impossible, to download in its entirety and read.  Therefore, the Prophecy will be divided into Secions 1 and 2 and will be found under siteofthesoul.com/hall.htm and siteofthesoul.com/hall2.htm; or siteofthesoul.com/prophecy.htm and siteofthesoul.com/prophecy2.htm. Hall2 and Prophecy2 will include all of the Prophecy from 2000, including September 11, 2001, and all the events as they occurred over a span of the last 20 years.  Nothing will be left out.

The Ancient Oracle of KMT's Prophecy follows below. No longer will you have to scroll through hundreds of pages to find it. The Prophecy in its original form follows below. There have been those who have come to the Prophecy page and taken materials and ideas to publish on YouTube and elsewhere, as if they were the the originators of that material. All the Ancient Oracle will say is that your karma is great and Maat's Scales will weigh you in the balance.

Every word of this prophecy is coming into manifestation.  When this Prophecy was first published, many questioned how could any of it ever come true.  Well, look around you and every word is being manifested. A word of warning:  Don't try and interfere with this Prophecy.   Do no write to the Oracle of KMT and ask the Oracle to stop the Prophecy and the Wheel of Karma.  That is a stupid request.  The Wheel of Karma never stops.  To interfere with the Wheel of Karma will cause many kinks in your own Karma.  You will not be able to bear the sounds of the kinks in the Wheel of Karma, which only you will hear for trying to interfere with the Wheel of Karma.  You have been forewarned.



The following prophecy is from the Ancient Oracle of KMT, or Ancient Egypt. All is not revealed herein. However, prophetic changes manifesting all around will continue until the prophecy is fulfilled. The prophecy is protected and those who atempt to interfere or attempt to change events will pay a terrible price.

This site and its prophecy are based on the Ancient Egyptian concept of Maat, the symbol of universal law, justice and balance. Maat was symbolized by the Ancient Egyptian feminized principle of the goddess Maat, who wears the feather in her hair, and is sometimes depicted as blind. It is the same principle, which the western symbol of lady justice, holding the scales and blindfolded, is based on. However, Maat, to the ancient Egyptians, was more than blind justice. She was the symbol of the law, and the cosmic glue which held the universe together.

Maat was the embodiment of all that is neccessary to cosmic harmony and balance. Maat not only goverened man-made law but was the law of the universe. The ancient Egyptians understood the delicate balance between order and chaos in the universe. That is why their lives were dedicated to the principl of Maat and maintaining that order. It was a way of life. The Ancient Egyptians were Maati beings, who were able to preserve the natural order and maintain balance in the universe for thousands of years. Read more about Maat and karma in a discussion below on the subject of Maat and the concept of karma.

It is necessary to understand history and especially ancient history if one is to understand the events in our world todyay. The effects and impact of ancient history did not end millennia or centuries ago. The effects of events keep moving with time, affecting and intermingling with other events. There is no cut-off period in time for the effects of events to end. The events of ancient history continue to impact our lives even until the present day.

The events of 9/11/2001 show how important it is to understand the ancient past. Ancient history played a significant part in the events of 9/11 and will continue to influence events going forward. The effects of history, even ancient history, are lasting.


The question has been posed as to what is karma from an ancient Egyptian perspective. Karma is a word based on the ancient Egyptian concept of Maat. Maat is the ancient Egyptian symbol of harmony, order and balance in the universe. The symbol of Maat appears on this page with outstretched arms, in balance, and wearing the feather in her hair. Maat maintained the order of the universe and kept everything in balance. The feather, indicated that, even, an injustice as light as the weight of a feather, would not go undetected and uncompensated. Maat must be in balance and harmony at all times, as symbolized by the feather and the outstretched arms of Maat, representing the scale of balance.

The concept of Karma, like the symbol of Maat in Ancient Egypt, is based on the action of cause and effect. For every action there is an effect, and each occurs at the same time. Maat is always in balance. The effects of the action may not be seen or felt, immediately, because in a three dimensional world, events appear to take place in a sequential, linear fashion. However, because the effect of an action has not been experienced in time, does not mean it has not taken place. The effect only awaits to be experienced in the physical world.

Karma applies not only to individuals but also to the race and ethnic group that one is born into. Karma also applies to the nation, institutions, religions, corporations and other entities created by individuals. Nations, religions, and institutions attract individuals and activities to themselves, which reflect the character and characteristics of those entities. The individual reaps not only the karma, positive or negative, created by his own individual acts, but also the larger karma of his race, nation, religion, business, corporation etc. The individual on a personal level is surrounded by karmic energy that is causing effects or results in his or her life. Nothing happens by coincidence or accident. What happens in one's life is the interplay and convergence of many karmic effects, operating from different levels at the same time.

Whatsoever you do unto others will be done unto you. This is the law of karma and this is in keeping with the scales of balance of Maat. For every action, there is a corresponding action. The symbol of Maat stands for universal order and is what maintains the order amd balance of the universe.

May you live in right and truth!


We all know that God is invisible. He is hidden, the hidden one; Amen, as the ancient Egyptians called Him. We can only know and experience God through his manifestations, his creations, which can be seen every day in nature.

Since God is invisible, and untouchable and unknowable except through his creations, what can we as visible beings living on a visible plane, offer to an invisible God? Certainly, the only thing that will communicate to God, the invisible One, must be, by definition, an invisible thing. God dwells on an invisible plane; therefore, the only way of communicating with God is through that which is invisible.

If we are visible beings functioning on a visible plane, then the only thing that we can offer to God is our spoken words. That is the only thing that comes from man that is invisible and that can be transmitted to God - the spoken word. That is the spoken word, not the written word. Once the word is written and becomes visible, it looses its invisibility. It is always the spoken word that is invisibly transmitted to God through sound and the ear.

The second way of communicating and making an offering to an invisible God is through the sense of smell. What we smell is invisible. We can see the source from where the smell emanates, but the actual smell is invisible. The sense of smell operates on the invisible level. The sense of smell transmits what it has sensed up to the nostrils and thereby to the invisible God. When we burn incense, the smell or odor of the incense is transmitted up to God through the visible smoke.

The third way of communicating to an invisible God is through the sense of feel. We can feel an invisible presence around us. When the wind blows for example, we cannot see the wind, only the effects of the wind on objects and things around us. For example, we can see the leaves and branches on the trees moving as the wind blows, and we can feel the wind against our skin. However, we cannot see the invisible force of the wind, itself.

The sense of feel as we search in the dark for an invisible God is akin to what the ancient Egyptians referred to as a "knowingness". To know the invisible and hidden God, we must reach into the darkness of invisibility where He resides, and where we gather a sense of "knowingness". This is such a personal level of communication and knowingness that it can be only experienced in the deepest and innermost part of oneís being.

One should be guarded with the spoken word. Every spoken word, intended or not, is an offering to an invisible God.

When one goes to an establishment to worship God, such as a church, temple or synagogue, one should know that the only offering that will go up to God from each individual is the spoken word, spoken or through song and music. Those words and songs can be facilitated as an offering to the invisible God through the burning of incense. Oneís words and songs can be offered up to God through the smell of the burning incense. When the offering basket is passed for a monetary offering, know, however, that offering is going to a visible, physical church or temple, and not to the invisible God.

The Ancient Egyptians knew and understood the invisible nature of God. Unfortunately, many foreigners invaded her land, destroyed her temples and religion, and forced the Ancient Egyptians to turn away from their "knowingness".

The invaders stripped and mutilated her Temples and the words of the gods, and corrupted her teachings. The columns in her Temples and courtyards were duplicated later in Greek and Roman temples. Her obelisks were dismantled and carried off to every major European capital and Central Park in New York. Her majestic symbols were used as the icons for the foundation of America. The all Seeing Eye, and the pyramid are on the dollar bill. The Washington monument is built in the form of the obelisk. The reflecting pool in front of the Washington monument imitates the reflecting lake found on the ancient Egyptian Temple grounds of Karnak in Upper Egypt.

The Hebrews, Romans, and Greeks, in the name of a new spirituality, which they called "the only God", borrowed ancient Egyptiansí wisdom texts, and created a new religion called Judaism and Christianity. Later, the Moslems would create an even later day religion called Islam, which was even more violent in denouncing and destroying the ancient Egyptian worship of the invisible God. The Arabs to this date, in the name of Islam, cut off the breasts of nursing mothers in Southern Sudan, as a punishment for not converting to Islam. They castrate the genitals of young African boys and young African men, whom they capture in the Sudan, and take to Saudia Arabia and other Arab countries, to work as slaves. After castration, they kill most of the African Sudanese males, both babies and young men. This practice continues until today as witnessed by the Oracle of KMT.

The Arabs justify the destruciton of these ancient African people and their traditions because, according to Islam, they are not "people of the Book". Yet the Sudan or Ancient Nubia had a well defined worship of the Godhead thousands of years ago, while the Bedouins or Arabs roamed the desert as nomads. This fact escapes the Arabs. They fail to appreciate the comparative short history of Islam and the Arab nation (used plurally), compared to Nubia and Ancient Egypt. Words revealed by the God Amun.

The ancient Egyptian religion and her majestic Temples of worship, which had withstood over 7000 years of worship of the invisible God, were deemed pagan. Yet, those who had destroyed the temples of Ancient Egypt, adopted her ancient wisdom texts and incorporated them into their religious texts, which were written some 5000 years later,and some 5,600 years later.  

He with eyes to see, let him see, and he with ears to hear, let him hear. Seeing you may not be blind and hearing you may not be deaf.

May you live in right and truth! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.



Websterís dictionary defines a pagan as a heathen, an irreligious person. On most of the Internet search engines, the religion of Ancient Egypt is filed in the "Pagan-Kemetic" category. All other religions are filed in their respective origins, Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, Hindu, etc.

If the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are the oldest form of writing, and if the ancient Egyptians were the first civilized culture in the world, and if the ancient Egyptians were the first people to have an established and ritualized form of worship of the Godhead, which continued for over 7,000 years, how could the ancient Egyptian religion be referred to as pagan?

All other religions, which are now practiced on the face of the earth, started millennia after the establishment and perfection of the worship of the Godhead in Ancient Egypt. In fact, as late as 7000 years ago, according to Egyptologists, pilgrims from all over the known world traveled to the ancient and holy city of Abydos to leave offerings to the Egyptian God, Osiris. To this date one can see the remnants of broken vessels containing the offerings left by pilgrims. Those pilgrims were exposed to the teachings of Ancient Egypt and returned to their lands and started their religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Some Hindi names have the RAMA root word, which were sounds, used to call on the Godhead in ancient Egypt. Many Arab and Persian names,have the RA sound in them. Arab, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Iraq. RA was an early expression of the manifestation of God.

A visitor to Abydos today will see the Oseirion where there is underground water, the source of which is unclear. There is no visible lake or spring in the immediate area. Some Egyptologists believe that the source of the water dates back 50,000 years ago when that part of Egypt was covered by lakes and water. The Oseirion would therefore have to be at least 50,000 years old. Much more research needs to be done, but it appears that the worship of Osiris and the holy city of Abydos may date back to at least 50,000 years ago.

Current Egyptology dates ancient Egyptian history as starting with the pre-dynasty, the period prior to 7000 years ago or 3000 B.C. If the above is true, regarding the Oseirion, there were 43,000 years of pre-dynasty history in Ancient Egypt before the first king, Narmer, unified Egypt in 3000 B. C. According to Egyptologists, the first step pyramid in Saqqara was built 200 years later in 2800 B.C. According to these same Egyptologists, the three pyramids of Giza were built over the next 200 years during the period of 2700-2600 B.C.

These same Egyptologists are unable to date the Sphinx. Recent research by Egyptologist, John Anthony West, has called into question the true age of the Sphinx. Because of the water erosion of the stone surrounding the base of the Sphinx, the Sphinx would have to be more than 12,000 years old. This observation is true, because the only way water erosion could have occurred was, when there was sufficient rainfall in the desert to cause water erosion. The last of those floods would have happened around 10,000 B.C.

The Ancient Egyptians practiced their religion and refined their understanding and worship of the Godhead over many thousands of years. If we accept the way that Egyptologists have dated Egyptian history, starting around 3000 B.C. or 5000 years, and continuing until the last Egyptian Temple, was ordered closed by Theodosius, in 384 A.D., then the ancient Egyptians had a long and rich history of religious practice for more than 5000 years.

Through those 5000 years of history, the ancient Egyptians had been invaded and conquered by unending foreigners, who the Egyptians referred to as bringers of chaos. They thought of the outsiders as outside of the natural order. They were attackers and destroyers of Maat and the natural order. These intruders and invaders included, over the millennia, the Hyksos, the Hittites, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and, finally, the Arabs and Islam in the 7th century A.D. What remaining vestiges, of Ancient Egyptian civilization there were prior to the Arab invasion and conquest, were wiped out, as Islam became the religion of modern day Egypt, and Arabic the language.

The inhabitants of modern day Egypt are Arabs who have little, if anything, in common with the Ancient Egyptians. As Moslems, they practice a religion that contributed to the destruction of the religion and culture of Ancient Egypt. They have desecrated the sacred monuments of Ancient Egypt. They have stripped the outer stone covering the great pyramid and use it in their houses. They build their houses on top of the graves and artifacts of Ancient Egyptians. Without proper regard for the ancient Temples of Upper Egypt, they built the Aswan Dam, which inundated and destroyed many sacred Temples, and irrreplaceable history. They live and die as Arabs, not even respecting the ancient Egyptian burial customs at death.

All of the invading and conquering nations of Ancient Egypt, ripped off a little of her culture and her traditions. The hymns of Akhnaton formed the basis of the Psalms of King David. The first rosary or prayer beads were found in Amarna and are in the Cairo Museum. The Christian Bible was written in 330 A.D., some 5000 years after the Pyramid Texts were written, some 4000 years after the Coffin Texts, and some 3500 years after the Pert Em Hru, or The Book of The Dead. The Koran was written even later, in the 7th century A.D., some 5600 years after the Pyramid Texts.

The Greek historian, Herodotus, wrote that the ancient Egyptians were the most religious of all people. All nations came to Ancient Egypt to marvel at her Temples and to learn how to worship the Godhead. Since the foreigners were not allowed to enter the mystery schools they could only marvel at a distance the grandeur of the massive columns and beautiful paintings on the outside of the Temples. Be that as it may, the Hebrews, the Romans and Greeks, adopted her columns and used them in their Temples. They adopted the division of their temples into outer courts and inner courts.

The Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great, invaded Egypt in 332 B C. After Alexander's death, in 323 B C, his general, Ptolemy I, made himself King and Pharoah, thereby adopting the Ancient Egyptian religion and customs. As a Greek, who occupied Egypt as a King, Ptolemy controlled the ancient Temples, and was exposed to the ancient mystical knowledge which resided in those Temples. The ancient Temples of Isis at Philae, Horus at Edfu, Khnum at Esna, and Hathor at Denderah were reconstructed to show Ptolemy Kings as Pharoahs, replacing the images of ancient Egyptain Pharoahs. Later Ptolemy Kings following in the footsteps of Ptolemy I, declared themselves to be Kings and Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt, gaining exposure to ancient rituals and the secret wisdom of the ancient Egyptian religion. This included the Greek, Ptolemy queen, Cleopatra, who was a "want to be" Ancient Egyptian Queen.

The Ptolemies ruled Egypt for more than 350 years. It was during those 350 years, that the Greeks, and later the Romans, under Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, gathered the knowledge that was in the ancient Temples, and had it translated into Greek and Latin. The Ptolemy Kings transferred the hidden knowledge that had been protected for thousands of years inside the ancient Temples, and transferred it to Alexandria, where they created the Library of Alexandria. The Library of Alexandria was a treasure of ancient Temple knowledge, which had been translated into Greek and Latin by the Ptolemies.

Before Julius Caesar burned the great library of Alexandria, many of the great documents were taken to Greece and Rome, where they were used by the Christians and the Catholic Church in creating the religion of Christanity. The knowledge, gained through the occupation by the Ptolemy Kings, for more than 350 years of rule in Ancient Egypt, was later transferred to Greece and Rome, and served as the basis for creating the new religion of Christanity. That transfer of knowledge is now stored in the Vatican. This knowledge was used by the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D., in writing the New Testament, or the Christian Bible.

The wisdom scriptures of The Psalms of David, The Proverbs of Solomon, the Songs of Solomon, and the Ecclesiastes of Solomon are all derived from Ancient Egyptian Temple texts, which were translated into Greek and Latin and included in the Library of Alexandria. What remaining parts of the Library of Alexandria that were not burned during the invasion of the Roman commander, Julius Caesar, were burned and destroyed by the Arabs when they invaded Egypt in 642 A D.

The Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible are a saga or history of the Jews. This history has been described as the "word of God". Besides the historical account of the Jews, the scriptures in both books are of significance because of the texts included from the Temples of Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian texts are sprinkled throughout the books of the Torah and the New Testament. There are numerous examples of Ancient Egyptian texts throughout the Bible. The Torah and the New Testament would be less compelling without the masqueraded inclusion of the ancient text. The ancient Egyptian texts add poetic beauty and profound meaning to the experiences of the Hebrew characters in the Torah and the New Testament, including the life experiences of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Jews, claimed to have been enslaved in Egypt and to have helped construct the monuments of Egypt. However, there is not any evidence of their captivity in the hieroglyphic writing of Ancient Egypt, of the Jews or the Israelites. There are no pictures of this race of people in the carvings on monuments or Temple walls. The only historical claim, of their captivity and enslavement in Egypt, is in the Hebrew Bible, which was written some 3000 years after these events were purported to occur.

The Jews were never mentioned in the picture writing or hieroglyphs of the Ancient Egyptians, because they did not live among the Ancient Egyptians. They were never slaves in Ancient Egypt and they did not help to build the pyramids or any other monuments in Ancient Egypt. As for as the exodus of the Jews from Ancient Egypt is concerned, there was no exodus. This is Hebrew folklore, handed down in oral tradition for centuries. This oral folklore was later used, centuries later by writers of the Torah in describing the Exodus. The Jews were not slaves in ancient Egypt; they did not live among the Ancient Egyptians, and there was no mass exodus from Ancient Egypt. It did not happen and there are no Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to prove otherwise. You cannot make something true that is not true as witnessed by the only record of the time from Ancient Egypt. i.e, the Medu Neter.  Words spoken and witnessed by the Ancient Oracle of KMT

All major nations sent representatives to Ancient Egypt to learn and be exposed to her religious traditions. Those nations, in turn, used what they had been exposed to, and learned in Ancient Egypt, to develop their own religions with their own gods. The writer believes that is why the Jews added their captivity, and life among the ancient Egyptians, as a way of validating and giving credence to their religion.

As a tent dwelling, desert people, the Jews like their Arab brothers, had no opportunity to build amazing structures like the Temples, pyramids, and other monuments of Ancient Egypt. However, if they could establish a way of showing that they had lived among the ancient Egyptians, even as slaves, that contact and exposure would provide a historical basis for them to establish a new religion with monuments and structures such as Temples and palaces etc.

Furthermore, if the Jewish and Islamic histories were turned against the ancient Egyptians so that the ancient Egyptians appeared to be heathens and pagans, the Jews, Judaism, and the Bible, and the Arabs and Islam would supplant the ancient Egyptians as the major religious force for the next 2000 years. And so it happened.

In the Bible, there are many references to the ancient Egyptian gods. When Christians call out Amen in church, they are calling out to "Amen", the hidden One, a name that the Israelites borrowed from the ancient Egyptians. It is now used as a way of closing out the Christian prayers.

Esoterically, the name Israel means God of Isis and Ra. "El" means God, "Is" stands for Isis, and "Ra" stands for the ancient Egyptian God, Ra.  When the angel changed Jacob's name to Israel, the name meant, " God of Isis and Ra ".  According to this interpretation, the Jews named their country after the God of Isis and Ra, two ancient Egyptian Divinities. 

The name Abraham, who is supposed to be the father of us all, comes from ancient Egyptian derivates. "Ab" means heart in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. "Ra" means the god Ra. "Am" means I am. The name Abraham means, "I am the heart of Ra". Christiansí worship of God is rooted in ancient Egyptian divinity, and they do not realize it. This knowledge has been withheld from them. They know not whom they really worship.

The ancient Egyptians understood the nature of the Godhead. To the uninitiated, the foreigners, the destroyers of the natural order, it seemed like the ancient Egyptians were worshipping many Gods. The ancient Egyptians understood that from the One comes the many. When the Christians entered Egypt in the fourth century A.D., they disparaged the Ancient Egyptian religion and their gods. The young Christian religion, which was just forming, had no appreciation for the long and rich history of theology in Ancient Egypt.

One of the first acts of desecration that the early Christians did, when they entered Egypt, was to chisel out the images of the gods on the Temple walls. They defaced and mutilated the beautiful relief on the Temple walls, in the name of their God and their religion. After the Roman Emperor, Theodosuis, gave the orders to close and destroy the "heathen" Temples of Alexandria in 390 A D., destruction of Ancient Egyptian Temples, spread rapidly throughout Egypt.   Christians went on a graffiti and mutilation rampage.

The early Christians, like the Arab Moslems, who would follow, lived inside the ancient Temples of Thebes, Karnak, and Denderah. The smoke from the stoves that they used to cook on, blackened the interior of the Temples, destroying thousands of years of a religious way of life. The blackened and smoke stained walls can be seen until today. The destruction of the Ancient Egyptain religion and the beautiful temples, was especially violent and vicious, on the part of the Christians, and the Arabs, who were to follow the Christians. Neither followers of their religions understood that the Ancient Egyptian religion was based on the One God, the causation of many. God is in every part of creation and nature. The Ancient Egyptian religion gave witness to that recognition.

The most beautiful prayers to the "One God" are included in the Ancient Egyptian Book of Coming Forth By Day, also referred to as The Book of The Dead.   In the author's opinion, no prayers in the Hebrew Torah, the Christian Bible, or the Arab Koran compare to the beauty of those ancient Egyptian texts to the "One God".   Those prayers were written millennia before the establishment of the Hebrew, Christian and Moslem religions, which are supposed to have originated the idea of the One God.

Besides borrowing the designs and layout of her Temples, and the use of columns to support the foundations, every major western capital has lifted her obelisks and carried them to their cities, including, the United States which has an ancient Egyptian obelisk in Central Park in New York.

The symbols of Ancient Egypt are used in the nationís capitol. The Washington monument is built in the shape of an obelisk. The reflecting pool, in front of the monument, resembles the sacred lake on the Ancient Egyptian Temple grounds. The icons on the dollar bill are taken directly from Ancient Egypt. The all Seeing Eye and the pyramid are two examples. Many of the founding fathers of America and those who wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. The writers and signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution used masonic symbols, borrowed from Ancient Egypt, in drafting those documents. At the time of the signing of both documents, the founding fathers, who were Freemasons, dressed in masonic gear, namely their aprons, and engaged in secret, masonic rituals. Those secret rituals and signs were imbued in the founding documents of America.

From an Ancient Egyptian (KMT) perspective, the use of her symbols by foreigners in their documents and architectural structures, is a form of blasphemy against Ancient Egyptian history and traditions. A little knowledge is a terrible thing. Unfortunately, those who borrowed the secret and sacred symbols of Ancient Egypt, were only exposed to the 30 degrees of 360 degree Ancient Egyptian Temple knowledge. The knowledge attained in the highest degree in the Masonic orders would only be a fraction of the esoteric and secret knowledge learned in the Ancient Egyptian mystery schools, as taught by the Ancient Egyptian Temple priests. That is the problem with all Masons and their Masonic orders and Masonic degrees. The knowledge contained in the Masonic orders and lodges leads its members down a road of confusion and distortion of Ancient Egyptian Temple teaching and knowledge.

In Rome, the seat of the Catholic Church, not only does an Egyptian obelisk rise high above the Vatican, the Pope wears garments that resemble ancient Egyptian wear. The double crown of the ancient kings of Egypt resembles the headdress that the Pope and other papal figures wear. A capelet is worn by the Pope that resembles the attire worn in Ancient Egypt. The Popes have adopted the ancient Egyptian burial practice of removing their vital or visceral organs from the body and preserving them in canopic jars inside the Vatican. Inside the Vatican is an Egyptian Museum containing statutes and icons of Egyptian Kings, queens, and Egyptian divinities. Yet, the Catholic Church wants their members to believe that the Ancient Egyptians were pagans and Godless people. At the same time, ancient Egyptian burial customs are practiced by the hierarchy, and an ancient Egyptian museum is maintained inside the Vatican.

The Christian programs broadcast nightly on American TV are set against the background of Temple columns. As mentioned above, the columns are a direct carryover from the Temple columns of Ancient Egypt. The only difference is that the Christians use them for decoration. The ancient Egyptian used them as part of their symbolism of the cosmic order of the universe. Furthermore, the Christians are having to revise and render new interpretations of their Bible as science and astronomy cast doubt on some of the literal "facts" in the Bible. The Christian church, and especially the Catholic church, have had more than 2000 years to develop rituals, texts, and songs to perpetrate the Christian religion.

To understand the violent atrocities that have been committed in the name of organized religion, one only needs to read the history of the last 2000 years since the destruction of the ancient Egyptian Religion, and the rise of Judaism, Christianity, and the Moslem Religions. The history of the last 2000 years include the brutal Islamic conquests of the 7th century, and the Holy Wars or Christian crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. Some of the most barbaric atrocities, including slavery, rape, castration, genocide, and bombings have been committed, and continue to be committed, in the name of organized religion.

What is taking place now in the Middle East is karma within the broader context of the precession of the equinox. The precession of the equinox is discussed below and its influence on destiny and karma. The three major world religions mentioned above are reaping the intended and unintended consequences of their enormous Karma. Those who are members of those religions and who practice those religions share in the karma of those religions.

The contribution of Arabs to the world, within the last 1400 years, started with their invasion of Ancient Egypt and exposure to the great wisdom, including the science,and mathematical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. The Oracle of KMT watched like a hawk, as Ancient Egyptian mathematics and numbers system, were redefined as "Arabic Numerals". The Ancient Egyptian numbers from from one to nine, included zero within each number. Consequently, there was no need to have a separate number for zero. Zero is in all number.

The science of chemistry, which means Kmet, was changed to the name of chemistry. The Arabs took credit for the ancient science of chemistry, which had been practiced for millennia by the ancient Egyptians, before the Arabs invaded the land of Ancient Egypt in the 7th century A.D. After pilfering the knowledge of Ancient Egypt and learning just enough to suit their designs, the Arabs burned what remained of the great library of Alexandria. The karmic debt associated with this one act alone has helped to bring the Arabs to this place and time in history. The price which the Arabs must pay is unfathomable. They will never know peace. Their nature is to fight each other or to fight others. This will continue until the wheel of karma catches up with them. This is happening now. So says the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.

Will the real pagans, please stand up? You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

May you live in right and truth!


The extent to which the three major organized religions have borrowed or taken the ideas from ancient Egyptian religious texts and practices cannot be overestimated.

Besides the examples that were mentioned in Part One of this topic, take the example of the solar disks that are depicted on the heads of the deities of ancient Egypt. The solar disks worn by ancient Egyptian divinities connected those deities with the cosmic and celestial world.

Ancient Egyptian religion was based on the One invisible God, as manifested through the many, depicted in cosmology, the stars and constellations. As such, it was closely connected to the study of the constellations, the scientific mapping of the constellations, procession of the equinoxes, astronomy, and correlation to events on earth. The ancient Egyptian religion was not practiced in a vacuum; it had cosmological, scientific, and astronomical significance. As an esoteric religion, it taught through the use of symbols.

To relate those cosmological and astronomical events to the ordinary ancient Egyptian, myths were created that explained in fascinating detail the esoteric nature of the universe. The mythology associated with ancient Egyptian cosmology gave meaning and order to their ancient way of life that lasted for thousands of years.

The invaders and foreigners took the mythology of Ancient Egypt and interpreted it literally in founding their religions. What were archetypes of the universe from an ancient Egyptian standpoint were literally translated into factual events in the texts that were put in place by the foreigners.

The foremost example of how Ancient Egyptian mythology was taken and used as real events and literal facts is the story of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, and the historical account of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, by the Jews and Christians.

In the cosmological mythology of Osiris Isis and Horus, Osiris and Isis were brother and sister, husband and wife, who birthed a son, Horus; who would later avenge his father's murder and death, at the hands of the brother, Set. There were five mythological figures, Osiris, Isis, another sister, Nephyths, Set, and Anubis, the son of Nephyths and Set. These five mythological figures not only symbolized the great story of birth, death and resurrection, but also the extra five epagomical days of the year which extended the year from the perfect 360 days year to a distorted year of 365 days. Those days of the year were celebrated the last five days of July, corresponding to the Julian calendar, in modern times. These were considered extremely unlucky days in the ancient Egyptian calendar.

Christians would later interpret the mythology as fact and create the characters of the holy family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Jesus was crucified and resurrected from the dead, similar to the resurrection and rebirth of Osiris. Osiris lives in the heaven as the star Orion. It made astrological and astronomical sense for Osiris to be reborn as Orion, a heavenly constellation,since his mother was Nut, the sky, and his father was Geb, the earth. Cosmology and the natural order is what ancient Egyptian religion was based on as told through symbols and mythology. It did not take a leap of faith to believe in the natural and astrological order of events. The concept of blind faith was foreign to ancient Egyptians. Their religion was rooted in Maat and the natural order.

The Christians made no attempt to relate the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus to cosmological events. Thus, Christians are expected to believe in a virgin birth and other doctrine of blind faith from a scientific and natural viewpoint.

The Ancient Egyptians would never have created such a dogma or paradigm, that had no basis in fact or natural phenomena. When virgin births are created in Ancient Egyptain mythology, the figures are related to animals in the animal kingdom who have the ability to generate life without male impregnation. Thus the vulture, who can give birth without the seed of a male, and other life forms, like the beetle, and others, who give birth naturally without the act of impregnation from a male seed. These forms of life are both male and female and possess the power of parthenogenesis.

The human species is not equipped from nature to give birth without the union of male and female, and so the ancient Egyptians would not have created a story about human birth which involved a virgin birth, without male seed. They certainly would not have created a story that God, who is an Energy force, totally invisibile, would impregnate the womb of one woman. If such were possible, or even plausible, her womb would have exploded. No human womb could have withstood such a powerful penetration of Energy, if that were even possible, much less plausible. Once again, we see how Ancient Egyptian mythology was corrupted and transferred into fact in the Christian Bible.

Back to the solar disks that were worn by ancient Egyptian divinities, in order for the Christ figure of the Bible to have a connection with the sun, or divinity, the Christians placed a halo around his head. This was a corruption of the depiction of the ancient Egyptian way of showing divinity. Since the Christians were not prepared to borrow the horns, or the crowns which supported the disks on ancient Egyptian divinities, the next best solution was to place a halo around their heads.

So Jesus Christ, his Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and the apostles and saints, all have halos around their heads. This depiction is a corruption of an ancient Egyptian way of showing divinity.

If Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, and therefore the savior of the world, why is he referred to in scripture as the "morning star"? Clearly, there are billions of stars, and if he is the "morning star", how is he the savior of all the other billions of stars in the universe, including our sun? The morning star, as seen from earth, is Venus, which is not even a star but a planet. This is the problem that the Christian and other organized religions have run into. Because these religions had no cosmological origins, and no rich mythological past to connect with the constellations, and cosmology of the universe, these types of literal inconsistencies were bound to appear in their dogma.

Ancient records will show that the years of Jesus Christís life, which are missing from the Bible, were spent in Ancient Egypt. He learned his masonry skills as a carpenter in Ancient Egypt. He was also exposed to the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt, as were Moses and Joseph, pivotal figures in the Hebrew and Christian religions.  According to Hebrew scripture, Abraham, the great patriarch of all Hebrew and Christian icons including, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Jesus Christ, also spent time in Ancient Egypt prior to his transformation in material wealth and spiritual insight.     

In order for the Arabs and Islam to have a connection to Ancient Egypt, therby gaining historical authority, the mother of Ishmael, was deemed to be Egyptian. Ishmael was born from the union of Abraham and his Egyptian wife when Abraham's wife, Sarah, was thought to be barren. Thus, the roots of all of the pivotal figures in the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim religions have a foot in Ancient Egypt. Yet, those religions have made the ancient Egyptians and their religion the object of scorn in their holy books. This is part of the karma of these three religions..     

When Jesus returned to Galilee from Egypt, he was ready to practice his trade, which he had learned in Egypt and also perform the "miracles", which he had learned from the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt. The miracles of healing the sick, turning water to wine and other "miracles" were common practices by those who had passed through the training of the mystery schools in Ancient Egypt.

Before his crucifixion, and at his last supper with his disciples, the writers of the Christian Bible had Jesus participating in a pagan ritual wherein the disciples partook of the body and blood of Jesus. This pagan ritual continues today in every Christian church, wherein the body and blood of Jesus are symbolically sacrificed, eaten and drunk thorugh a ritual called the "Eucharist" or the Last Supper.

After Jesus was crucified, which was a common execution practice of the ancient Romans, his disciples were able to remove him from the cross. Although badly injured, he still had the breath of life and was not unconscious. Jesus used the training that he had learned in the ancient Egyptian mystery school, and performed a "miracle" on himself. He cleaned his wounds and was able to heal his wounds with that knowledge.

When the disciples next saw him, it was not a ghost. It was Jesus of Nazareth. He appeared before his disciples and showed his wounds to prove that he was still alive. He did not die. There are reports that Jesus lived in India after the crucifixion. However, Jesus withdrew from public life, and lived in seclusion among his inner circle, until his physical death almost thirty years later. He was buried by his followers in a secret location where his body remained protected by the Essenes brothers for several hundred years.

If you can accept the above truths, then the questions of whether Jesus was married or had children are irrelevant to the concept of the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. Those are secondary questions, and really do not matter if you do not accept the myth of the circumstance surrronding his birth and death. So much meaningless hype for the DaVinci Code.

There are many who will never be able to read the above and accept it as truth. Their reality and hopes are entrenched in the Christian Bible, which has selectively left out writings that did not suit the agenda of the early Christian Church. Many will not be able to accept another view, even if that view is rooted in accounts and records that were left out of the Bible.

The Christian church can not let go of the pagan riutal of sacrificing the body and blood of a Jewish Rabbi, named Jesus, over and over again. The Rabbi Jesus has been dead for more than 2000 years. Yet, the Christians will not let him rest in peace, and continue to repeat the pagan ritual of sacrificing his body and blood to atone for their sins. Can't there be atonement and forgiveness, without the sacrifice of human flesh and blood, as symbolized by the last supper in the Eucharist feast?

To those who are prepared to see let them see, to those who are prepared to hear let them hear. So states the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

May you live in right and truth! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


We have just completed the Piscean age of the last 2000 years, which started with the birth of Jesus Christ. It has now been approximately 2000 years since his birth and death. The Piscean age is symbolized by the fish, a water sign. The fish is also associated with Christ and with Christianity. The past 2000 years have been one of the darkest ages in terms of the violence and inhumanity of man to man.

Sadly, the birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth rushed in this dark 2000 years, which those of us living now have had the pleasure or misfortune of living in. It takes approximately 2,160 years for the equinox sun to pass through each celestial sign of the constellations.

The sun is now passing through the Aquarius sign of the celestial zodiac, which will last for the next approximately 2,160 years, according to the precession of the equinox as laid out by ancient Egyptian cosmology and astronomy. This sign is associated with air and should be an age, which ushers in a lifting of the dark mantle, which has covered the earth during the last 2000 years of the fish symbol. The past 2000 years have been filled with negativity.  Just as the earth year lasts for twelve months and passes through twelve astrological sign, so does the celestial zodiac have twelve constellations. The zodiac sun spends 2,160 years in each constellation. As above so below.

Because the equinox sun has just completed its passage through the Piscean sign of the celestial zodiac, a new religious, or spiritual movement will replace Jesus of Nazareth and the Christian movement, in terms of their importance. The world will embrace a new spirituality, which will be associated with the air, and not the fish and water, as was Jesus Christ. This is in keeping with the natural precession of the equinox.

This new world spirituality will supplant Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and all other organized religions, which sprang to importance and dominance during the last 2000 years. The change will be associated with the precession of the equinox. The birth of Christ was associated with astronomical signs, as the star in the East, according to the Bible, foretold of Christís birth. His birth was associated with the precession of the equinox and the passage of the sun into the Piscean sign of the celestial zodiac, where it remained for the last 2000 years.

The shift 2,160 years ago of the equinox sun into the Piscean sign of the zodiac, and the current shift into the Aquarius sign for the next 2,160 years are in keeping with the natural precession of the equinox. The sun spends approximately 2,160 years in each sign of the celestial zodiac. There are twelve constellations in the celestial zodiac. It takes 25,960 years for the equinox sun to make a complete precession through all of the celestial, astrological signs. This orderly precession of the equinox has occurred throughout history, recorded and unrecorded.

For example, in Ancient Egypt, the changing of the equinox ushered a different way of worshipping the Godhead. During the Taurus age, as manifested by the mapping of the constellations, the Apis bull was the focal point of worshiping the Godhead. During the Age of Aries, as manifested by the mapping of the constellations, the Ram was the focal point of worshipping. The writer believes that the ancient deities, Neith and Selket, date back to 25,920 years and 23,760 years ago, respectively, in the current Great Year Cycle, when the equinox sun was in the celestial sign of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Throughout ancient Egyptian history, the focal point of worship of the Godhead changed as Temples and places of worship sprang up around the dominant energies expressed by the sunís position in a constellation sign. The Sphinx with the body of the Lion, would be an expression of the sun in the constellation of the Lion for 2,160 years, which would have been approximately 15,120- 12,900 years ago in the current 25,960 year cycle. This would be consistent with the water erosion of the stone surrounding the base of the Sphinx, at least 12,000 years ago.

The celestial zodiac moves in the counter direction of, or counter clockwise to the planetary zodiac. The celestial zodiac Great Year year of 25,920 years starts with the constellation of Sagittarius, which is the first great cycle of 2,160 years, and moves backwards to each of the 12 great year cycles of 2,160 years each, ending in the last great cycle of Capricorn. The Great Year of 25,920 years was identified as a god, and each of the 12 great cycles within the Great year was named as a god. Thus the following gods and goddesses represented each one of the 12 great cycles of 2,160 years, within the 25,920 Great year.

The Goddess Neith would represent what we call Sagittarius in the first 2,160 year cycle. Neith would have been worshipped in Temples dedicated to her honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 25,920 - 23,760 years ago in the current Great Year.

The Goddess Selket would represent what we call Scorpio, or Scorpion in the second 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Selket would have been worshipped in temples dedicated to her honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 23,760 - 21,600 years ago in the currrent Great Year.

The God Ta-Ahi would represent what we call Libra in the third 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Ta-Ahi would have been worhipped in temples dedicated to his honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 21,600 - 17,280 years ago in the current Great Year.

The Goddess Tarpi would represent what we call Virgo, the Virgin, in the fourth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Tarpi would have been worshipped in Temples dedicated to her honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 17,280 - 15,120 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Pa-Me would represent what we call Leo, the Lion, in the fifth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Pa-Me would have been worshipped in the Temple, called Per-Hu, dedicated to his honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 15,120 - 12,960 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Na Htne would represent what we call Gemini, the Twins, in the sixth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Na Htne would have been worshipped in the Temple dedicated to the honor of the twins, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 12,900 - 10,800 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God PaKa would represent what we call Taurus, the Bull, in the seventh 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. PaKa would have been worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the great Temples of Karnak and Thebes, 10,800 - 8,640 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Rehen of Amen, would represent what we call the Ram, in the eighth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Rehen of Amen would have been worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the great Temples of Karnak, 8,640 - 6,480 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Na Tebte would represent what we call Pisces, the Fish, in the ninth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Na Tebte, the Ancient Egyptian God of the Pisces cycle, did not have a chance to be worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the current Great Year. Instead, Na Tebte was displaced and replaced by the fish symbol of the Christian God, Jesus of Nazareth, during the ninth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Jesus of Nazareth has been worshipped in churches throughout the world for the period 6,480 - 4,320 years of the current Great Year. The last time that the god Na Tebte was worshipped in Ancient Egypt, without disruption, was in the previous Great Year of 25,960 years, when the invaders and disrupters of their religion were still living in caves, and had not advanced to the point of an organized religion.

The God Pa Mu represents what we call, Aquarius, the Water Bearer, in the tenth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Pa Mu will be worshipped in the Temples of Ancient Egypt again during the next 2,160 cycle of the Current Great Year. From 4,320 - 2,160 of the current Aquarius cycle, which we have already entered, the God Pa Mu will represent the dominant energies in which the Godhead will be expressed on earth.

The God Pa-HerAnkh represents what we call, Capricorn, the sign of the Goat, in the eleventh and final 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Pa-HerAnkh will be worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the Temples of Ancient Egypt, (KMT) again during the last 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year.

After the final 2,160 years of the current Great Year recede, the next Great Year of 25,920 years starts again. The first cycle of the next Great Year will start with the Goddess, Neith, or Sagittarius, as we call her name. This will be the beginning of the third observance of the great year of 25,920 years by the ancient Egyptians. This is hard for most people on planet Earth to comprehend, because they cannot envision a civilization that extends back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, of two Great Years totaling 51,830 years. When the last two cycles of the Aquarius and Capricorn are completed in the currrent Great Year, the ancient Egyptians will enter into celebration the third Great Year of another 25,920 years, which would total 77,760 years of civilization, at the end of that Great Year.

Egyptologist, and Archaeologists, start digging! You have a lot of history to uncover. You have not even touched the surface of the Ancient Egyptian Religion and civilizatiion. If you can uncover remnants of the other great religious expressions of divinity, described above, during the current Great year of 25,920 years, you can feel that you have accomplished something. The Arab occupiers of modern Egypt should start by allowing Egyptologists to explore the chambers undeneath the Sphinx, where many ancient records are stored. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

Ancient Egyptian culture and religion had been destroyed, for all practical purposes by the beginning of the last, celestial astronomical cycle of the Piscean Age. It was during the advent of the last Piscean Age that the world witnessed the rise of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the dominant organized religious forms of worships of the Godhead. Two of these religions were forced upon others by the sword, battle and wars. All three of these religions are now reaping their own Karma.

Neither the sword, the bullet or the bomb will be able to stop the change, which will occur during the next 2,160 years of the Aquarius Age, because it is a part of the change associated with the orderly progression of the equinox. To interfere with this cosmic process is to create unfathomable Karma, for practitioners of those religions who interfere, as well as the religion or religions themselves. Each celestical astrological sign has its own influence upon the earth and the affairs of men, as long as the sun remains in that celestial sign. This dominant influence will be felt and will influence events on earth for the next 2,160 years. As above, so below.

As mentioned earlier, this new way of worshipping the Godhead will be associated with the air. It will be liberating. It will not be an institutionalized religion. Worshipping the Godhead will become a very personal and liberating way of expressing oneís inner connection with the Godhead. It will be positive. The two fishes, which symbolized the Pisces cycle, will fade away, as the celestial Aquarius cycle begins. Likewise, the two religions, which they represent will fade away, in the Aquarius cycle of the next 2,160 years. These two religions, which created so much discord, wars, and upheaval in the names of their God will simply fade away. The way to God will not be through a Jewish rabbi named Jesus or an Arab prophet named Mohammed. The way to God will be neither through a Jew or Arab. The Middle East will lose its grip on the psyche of mankind, which will be good for all of mankind. So it is written in the celestial zodiac. So it has already taken place on the cosmic scale. So it awaits completed manifestation on the physical plane.

People will become more spiritual but on a more personal and private level. Worship of the Godhead will turn inward rather than outward, where one looks for God outside of himself or herself. The focus of communing with God will be internal rather than external. There will be no more wars fought over religion during the Aquarius cycle. Organized religions, as we know them today, will simply fade away as the sun has moved out of the Piscean symbol, which gave birth to those religions.

A new morality will return where people do what is right because it is in keeping with the natural order. People will do right because that is what is right to do. It will come from a deep sense of connection with God on the most personal level. The laws of man will be secondary to oneís own internal sense of morality stemming from the deep personal relationship one has with God. Peopleís primary place of worship of the Godhead will be in their inner sanctums in their homes. Every home will have a temple or sacred space for communing with God, as it was in ancient Egypt.

This next 2160 years of the Aquarius cycle will be an age of liberty and illumination. Man will raise his head above the water, which has enveloped his mind during the past two thousand years. Man can begin to breath air and move in an age of enlightenment.

The Internet and cyberspace will help to facilitate the growth of the new spiritualism during the Age of Aquarius. It is in its embryonic state now, but amazing and wonderful things lie ahead in this Aquarius Age. The positive vibrations associated with the Aquarius Age will lead to many inventions which will facilitate the expansion of manís mind and free him to pursue things of the Spirit. The Aquarius Age will be a spiritual age. There will be much love.

For those who are worried about the movement from the Piscean Age and the fish symbol, donít be discouraged. If that is what you long for, along with the return of the worship of Christ, the procession of the Equinox will return to that type of expression of the Godhead in another 21,600 years. It will take a revolution of another 10 cycles of 2,160 years before the precession of the equinoxes returns to the Piscean Age. When it does return, the worship of the Godhead will not be exactly as it was in the previous Piscean Age. But the fish, a water sign, will be the dominant vibration at that time. It will be negative as is the nature of water.

The Ancient Egyptians respected and acknowledged the law of Maat in everything, including the Cosmic cycle. They realized the influence of cosmological events on earth, and never attempted to interfere with the great Cosmic and astronomical cycles. At the end of each of the 2,160 year constellation cycles, the ancient Egyptians acknowleged this change, and changed the way in which they worshiped the Godhead. When the Piscean astrological cycle started some 2100 years ago, they understood that darkness would cover their land and their ancient way of life destroyed, along with their ancient Temples. They did not try and resist the changes that would occur, because this was in keeping with the energies being expressed in the Pisces astrological cycle.

And so it must be with the Christian era. The Christian Church may try and redefine itself in order to maintain its position of power and dominance. However,it will not work. It can not be redefined because it was birthed and will lose its influence at the close of the Piscean cycle and the beginning of the Aquarius cycle. Give it up. Go gracefully away as the Ancient Egyptians did. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam may rise again, like the Ancient Egyptian religion. However, it will take another 21,600 years, when the negative Piscean energies dominate the earth again.

The last 2000 years have been an era of the blind leading the blind. The leaders of these religions, did not understand the role of their religion within the greater cosmological cycle. They did not understand the fundamental precept of maintaining Maat in the universe. As above so below. Religions have degenerated into charalatans of the cloth, prosperity pimps and whores of the gospels, and peddlers of paradise. The karma is very heavy and will be played out in the physical realm, sooner rather than later, during the Aquarius cosmic cycle.

The name of Israel will be changed during the Aquarius cycle, lasting for the next 2,160 years. As the name of Israel was changed from Jacob to Israel, so it will be changed to its true name in the Aquarius cycle. Israel will know its true name. The "Star of David", representing the ancient metaphysical symbol of "As above so below", will no longer be the symbol of the new name of Israel. The name of Israel, rooted in Ancient Egyptian Gods, will be taken away from the Hebrews or Jews. No longer will the Jews be able to hide and live in the energy of the gods of ancient Egypt, through the name of Israel. Their messiah will come and bring a new name for them, and it will no longer be Israel. It will be rooted in Hebrew and the Hebrew God. They will be known by their true identity and can no longer hide their identity in the 6 pointed star. So it has already taken place on the cosmic cycle and awaits manifestation on the physical plane. The Jews knew this day would be coming. They will not be surprised. They have been prepared. So it is above. So it is below.

In the above discussion regarding the karma, which has accrued to organized religions that have committed mean and unkind acts in the name of God, those acts carry their own effects, which will rebound to those religions. Those who practice and participate in those religions will also share in the karma of those religions. The karma earned by those religions will play out in mammoth proportions as the sun begins its 2,160 year stay in the celestial zodiac sign of Aquarius. Such balancing effects will be consistent and in keeping with the attributes of the Aquarius phase of the great 25,960 year cycle. Words revealed by the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.

Keep returning to this web site and you will learn something. Your eyes will be opened.

May you live in Right and Truth!


Throughout ancient Egyptian history, the one God, RA, was worshipped. The worship was eternal and never changes. RA was symbolized by the outward manifestation of the sun. It was the sun that passed or traversed the celestial constellations through the precession of the equinox, and the great year of approximately 25,000 years. The celestial sun or the One God was the supreme cosmic deity.

RA, was symbolized by the sun, and represented The Soul, the Universal Soul. Just as the physical sun, went through 5 changes in its daily journey of rising and setting, so too does the spiritual Soul. The ancient Egyptian observed this daily journey of the Soul or sun, through a ritual of prayers to its various manifestations. The rising or morning sun was called kheper, and was symbolized as the beetle because the beetle rolls its offspring, similar to the sun, prior to birth in the morning each day. The mid day sun was called RA, because that is when the sun is at its peak. In the afternoon the sun begins to wane,and lose some of its energy, and the sun becomes Temu in the evening. The sun had different names throughout the hours of the day and night. This was acknowledged by the ancient Egyptians for thousands of years in their ritual prayers.

The Coptic Arab Christians, and Arab Muslims, have adopted the ancient Egyptian ritual of acknowledging the changing phases of the One God, RA, by praying 5 to 7 times throughout the day. The ancient Egyptian ritual of acknowledging the differnet phases of the sun in their daily prayers, preceeded the Muslims and the Coptic Christian prayers by thousands of years.

In the liturgy of the ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead, or The Book of Coming Forth By Day, many of the prayers, acknowledge the daily manifestations of the One God, by the following invocation:

"Homage to thee, O thou glorious Being, Thou who art RA when thou risest and Temu when thou settest. Thou risest, thou risest, thou shinest, thou shinest. Thou who art crowned King of the gods".



"Homage to thee O Great God. Thou risest, thou shinest, and in thou coming forth, thou makest all mankind to live. Thou doest renew thy youth and dost set thyself in the place where thou wast yesterday. O divine youth who hast created thyself, I am not able to describe thee. Thou art the One One, who hath made everything which hath come into existence since primeval times when the world was created. Thou art the Being whose whose births are hidden, whose evolutions are manifold, and whose growths are unknown. Thou art the God who acteth as God, who moulded Himself, who made the heavens and the earth by his will. Thou art the greatest of the great, the mightiest of the mighty."

"Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou risest and Temu when thou settest. Thou risest, thou risest, thou shinest, thou shinest, thou who art crowned king of the gods. Thou art the lord of earth; thou art the creator of those who dwell in the heights and of those who dwell in the depths. Thou art the God One who came into being in the beginning of time. Thou didst create the earth, thou didst fashion man, thou didst form the Hapi (the Nile river); thou didst create the watery abyss, and thou dost give life unto all that therein is. Thou has knit together the mountains, thou hast made mankind and the beasts of the field to come into being, thou hast made the heavens and the earth. Worshipped be thou whom the goddess Maat embraceth at morn and at eve."

"Thou art crowned Prince of Heaven, thou art the One dowered with all sovereignty, who comest forth from the sky. Ra is victorious! O thou divine youth, thou heir of everlastingness, thou self-begotten one, O thou who didst give thyself birth!"

"Hail my lord, thou who passest through eternity, whose being is everlasting. Hail thou Disk, lord of beams of light, thou risest and thou makest all mankind to live. Grant that I may behold thee at dawn each day."

The above prayers are taken from the Book of The Dead as translated by Sir E Wallis Budge.



As with many parts of the Christian Bible, the reference in the scripture to the "Potter", is a reflection of ancient Egyptian religious text and comes from the great creator God, Ptah, the Potter.

Jeremiah, 18th Chapter, verses 1-6 of the Old Testament reads as follows:

"The Word which came to Jerimah from the Lord, saying, Arise, and go down to the potter's house, and there I will name thee to hear my words. Then I went down to the potter's house, and behold, he wrought a work on the wheels. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter:so that he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel".

Ptah, according to ancient Egyptian religious text, was the great Potter who created the universe on his potter's wheel. He was the primeval shaping force of the universe. Ptah was the first, original, ultimate spirit. Ptah was the ancient One who created all the other gods. He was not only the creator of the gods, but the provider of their peculiar power to be divine and eternal - their Ka's. As the great Potter, he took the form of Khnum of Elephantine on his Potter's wheel.

To the ancient Egyptians, Ptah, in his highest form was "a spirit, self-created, self-existent, without beginning and eternal. He was the Mind of the universe, the Cause of Causes, whose thoughts had produced every material thing and being in heaven, earth, and the underworld. The gods were merely forms of his thoughts and he was therefore God alone. Light was an emanation from his heart, his influences pervaded all nature, through his breath of life every creature lived, and almighty power resided in the Word of his Mouth".

This remarkable, spiritual, metaphysical theology was created by the priest of ancient Egypt in Memphis or Menever some 5000 years before the Christian era.

The ancient Egyptians saw their Great God as a spirit who manifested as Ptah, the Great and Mighty. The essence of Ptah was the Eternal Heart the organ of thought, and Tongue, the organ of speech. Ptah produced the gods by the thoughts of his mind. "What the heart of Ptah thought, passed on to Thoth, who translated it into words, which were uttered by the one great almighty mouth, from which everything which is hath come, and everyhing which is to be shall come. Thoth was the Word-god; his actual creative power was derived from the magical pronouncement by Ptah, who alone knew how to utter the words with the correct intonation".

According to the ancient texts of this theology:

"It happened that the heart and the tongue acquired power over all the other members, teaching that he (Ptah) lived as the governor in every body, and as the tongue in every mouth of all the gods, all cattle, all reptiles, and everything else at the time Ptah (as heart) thinks and as (tongue) commands as he wishes."

"Ptah's company of the gods is the teeth and the lips. The company of the gods of Ptah creates the sight of the eyes, the hearing of the ears, the breathing of the nostrils and make announcement to the heart. The heart makes every information to come forth, and the tongue is that which repeats what the heart has thought out".

The theology and ancient ideas about the Godhead taken by the writers of the Bible from ancient Egyptian religious texts, date back thousands of years before the Bible was written, both Old and New Testaments. If you want to understand the origin of the ideas expressed in The Bible, go directly to the ancient texts from which they were derived. Those texts are the ancient religious texts of Ancient Egypt. Many are referenced and offered through the Site of The Soul Library.

Portions of the above texts were taken from Myth and Symbol In Ancient Egypt by R.T. Rundle Clark, and From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt by Sir E Wallis Budge.


Television and print images coming from Afghanistan and many parts of the Moslem world show bearded men. If one reviews the scenes on the walls of temples and tombs of Ancient Egypt, you will see pictures of similar bearded men, taken as captives by the ancient Egyptians. It could be said that the modern day bearded ones are the descendants of those bearded ones found on temple and tomb scenes of Ancient Egypt. The bearded ones whom the ancient Egyptians fought and captured over the millenia were considered as "enemies of Maat". Most of the bearded captives were Hittites, (the modern day Arabs), Hyksos, the Babylonians (modern Iraq), Persians (modern Iran), and Central Asians.

To the ancient Egyptians, those who grew beards and had body hair were unclean. The hot desert climate may have helped shaped this notion. The ancient Egyptians shaved all body hair. Their beards were shaven and all body hair removed. The men and women wore wigs over their shaven heads.

The king wore a false beard as a symbol of the energy or magnetism, which flowed down the temples along the sides of the face, culminating in the false beard hanging underneath the chin. The ancient Egyptians rubbed the sides of their faces as a way of acknowledging the magnetic energy in that area.

There are so many customs and practices that were borrowed from Ancient Egypt and later incorporated into the religions and practices of peoples who had contact with the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian reason for the practice or custom was lost in time to those who borrowed her practices. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt


The karma of Babylonia, the ancient name of Iraq, has finally caught up with Iraq. The Babylonians were referred to as Hittites by the ancient Egyptians, as were all the Arabs from surrounding Arab lands.

The ancient Babylonians invaded and looted Ancient Egypt throughout the millennia. With each invasion, the culture of Ancient Egypt was exported to Babylonia, where the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were used in constructing the Babylonian and Sumerian cuneiform. The ancient Egyptian gods, goddesses, and divinities were used as the springboard from which the gods of the ancient Babylonians were cast. With each seize of the ancient Egyptian culture, the Babylonians, and the Sumerians, like all other invaders of Ancient Egypt, recast the Egyptians gods, culture, and knowledge into their own makeshift deities, culture and knowledge. With each posession through the millennia, no effort was made to give credit to the ancient Egyptian source from which these cultures had gained their knowledge.

The karma that accrued from the brutal invasions and mutilations of the temples and divinities of Ancient Egypt has carried forth through the millennia, and the karma continues to today. America has been used as the karmic force to restore balance to the karmic scales of balance in Iraq. The bombing of Iraq by the United States, and destruction of artifacts of antiquity, many acquired from Ancient Egypt, is only part of the karma that has finally caught up with ancient Babylonia, known today as Iraq.

America, and her leaders, without understanding history and the laws of karma, have been used in the energy of karma, to bring karmic balance to a situation and conditions created millennia ago in (Babylonia) Iraq. This was an unintended consequence of the bombing and destruction of Iraq by America. Conditions and forces were brought together in history that precipitated the action by the United States in bringing jusice to a situation, which it did not directly create, namely the karma arising from the destruction of the civilization of Ancient Egypt by the Babylonians. By participating in this karmic debt, America has created karma for itself in the name of oil, which America will pay for in order to keep the scales of Maat in balance.

As with all karma, the scales of balance are always in balance on the cosmic plane. The karmic debt, which America accrued in bombing Iraq, has already been paid on the cosmic scales. America will reap this awful karma on the physical plane for a very long time. The outward manifestation on the physical plane here on earth, remains to be seen and felt. Nothing happens by accident or co-incidence. There is a convergence of karmic energies at work at any moment of time, manifesting results that are expected and unexpected.

There is still more karma that has to be accounted for in the Middle East by Arab and Moslem countries, for the destruction of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. How the karma in the Middle East will play out in the physical world remains to be seen. The scales of justice demand balance and compensation for those who contributed to the destruction of Ancient Egypt and its great civilization and culture, which other parts of the world ripped off and forged its signature to it as if it were their own.

The karma of the energies of Ancient Egypt has lain dormant and unnoticed for more than 2000 years. It is in the millennia of 2000 that the scales of balance will outwardly manifest balance to the injustices and destruction of Ancient Egypt by all of her invaders. The energies of Ancient Egypt have been unmanifested for the last 2000 years, waiting for the convergence of celestial energy and conditions to manifest and be experienced in the external world. The karma of the millennia will cause Ancient Egypt to emerge from the ashes, like the Bennu bird of Ancient Egypt.

When this karmic energy begins to manifest in the physical world, the Arabs who now occupy Egypt, will no longer occupy Egypt. The land of KMT will again be reclaimed and belong to the people of KMT and their descendants. The Arabs of modern day Egypt, who have committed blasphemy against her Temples, in the name of a foreign god, will disappear from the land of Ancient Egypt.   Bellydancers, gallabias, and camels will return to Arabia from whence they originated. Neither are of Ancient Egypt origin. The Arabs who occupy Egypt should begin to make their exodus form the land of Ancient Egypt. To do otherwise, is to prolong the karma that is headed your way. These karmic energies have already taken place on the cosmic scales, awaiting to manifest in the physical world. So sees the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

Egypt will return to her ancient glory and the ancient language will be spoken and the ancient worship of the Godhead, as practiced by the ancient Egyptians will be practiced. Her ancient Temples will be restored to their majestic glory. If this prophecy makes your hair stand on end, you have not seen anything yet. Wait until you see the karmic scales of balance unfold the prophecy before your eyes. Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor lips moved.

The Arabs and Bedouins who occupy the countires of Northern Africa and The Sudan, Ancient Nubia, will also be driven out of the continent of Africa during the 2100 year cycle of the Aquarius cycle. They will return to the land from whence they came, which is Arabia and the Arabian desert. Arabs who now occupy the African countries of Morroco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, Chad, and The Sudan, and Ancient Nubia,- prepare your exodus from the continent of Africa. To do otherwise, is to prolong the karma which is headed your way. If you do not heed this warning, your seed will become barren. That which lies between your groins will become limp and useless to your manhood. You will begin to wither in the heat of the African sun. So see the Oracle of Ancient KMT. Celestial energies and the precession of the Equinox will take care of this.

The people of Africa, who have suffered so much at the hands of the Arabs and Islam, will reclaim their land and identity, free of being "Arabicized", so that they know themselves as Africans and not Arabs. When they look at themselves in the mirror, they will know that they are Africans and not Arabs. They will understand that they practice a religion which was forced upon them through violence and slavery. They will understand that they dress like Arabs and speak like Arabs because they were violently trespassed upon by Bedouin nomads from Arabia, who forced a religion and culture upon them by way of violence and brutality. That is what is still hapening in the Sudan til this day. Maat will not tolerate such a violation of the laws which hold the Universe together. What you have done to the people of Africa, and the people of Sudan (Nubia) will be repaid to you in just proportion.

Prophecy is karma and karma is prophecy. All karma on earth takes place within the movement of the celestial energies. The celestial energies described in an earlier section will dictate and influence when karmic events will play out here on earth. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.


As the end of the last cosmic cycle comes to an end, e.g., the Piscean cycle of approximately 2100 years, the new cosmic cycle of Aquarius begins, for the next 2100 years. It is no coincidence that Bush and Blair, who are heads of the countries and empires that have most dominated the Piscean cycle, should be involved in repaying the karmic debt of Ancient Babylon, Iraq, and thus incur an awful karmic debt for their nations going forth. Britain, an island nation, with few resources managed to build an English empire, where the sun never set, through the colonization and conquering of other nations and peoples. America, her offspring and surrograte, has been called on to fulfill the karmic debt of ancient Babylon and Iraq, and, along with Mother Britain, acquire the karmic seeds of their own potential destruction. Bush and Blair were propelled by the weight of the karmic scale of justice to bring war on Ancient Babylon, and the Iraqi and Arab peoples.

America, and her leaders are ignorant of ancient history. The father, George H. Bush, while an educated man, was ignorant of history. He had no sense of ancient history, and the significance of ancient Babylon to Iraq, because he, like most anglo western leaders, believed that history began with their civilization. All other history was discounted in terms of modern events. George H. Bush, the father, eager to preserve the arbitrary colonial boundaries, drawn up by Britain, and eager to appease and come to the aid of his Kuwaiti friends, decided to start a war with Iraq. The 1991 War with Babylon, or modern day Iraq, led by the United States, was part of George H. Bush's vision of a "new world order". Saddam Hussein's vision for his country and his people, ran counter to Bush's goal of a "new world order".

Saddam Hussein had no ill will toward America in 1991, when Bush Sr. decided to attack Iraq. Hussein was a friend of America and would have continued to sell America as much oil as it wanted. Hussein had more of a sense of history than George H Bush. At the time of the Gulf War, Hussein kept referring to the ancient Babylonian roots of Iraq. This escaped George H. Bush and the western alliance that supported him. Karmic forces were being set in motion back in 1991 when Bush Sr. was in office to prepare for the significant changes that must occcur as the new millennium rolled in, and as the new cosmic cycle of Aquarius starts. Bill Clinton continued the policies and bombing of the first Bush president, thus increasing the karma of America. The son, Gerorge W. Bush now completes what his father started, and along with Tony Blair, the other "B" will set the pivotal changes that lay ahead for humanity through the war in Babylon, modern Iraq.

People are fundamentally good. However, the leaders of a nation through their short sighted and misdirected view of history, too often engage the whole of a nation in policies and practices that create heavy and imbalanced karma, which future generations of its citizens must pay. The karma created for America by the two Bushes, father and son, is very heavy and America will bear the karma of the two Bushes for a very long time. In the opinion of the author, Bill Clinton and his wife are dishonest politicians, and she speaks with a fork tongue. America will come to realize that the Emperor has no clothes on, where she is concerned, as she tries to become President. Furthermore, it is the author's opinion that Mrs. Clinton's candidacy is a way for the Clintons to circumvent the constitution on term limits for a President.

Clinton's bombing of Bosnia and Kosov, with the cooperation again of the second "B", Tony Blair, also contributed to America's heavy karmic debt. America must learn that as you bomb and destroy other people's country, so shall your country be bombed and destroyed. America and Britain will stumble under the weight of their own karma. Both America and Britain are arrogrant and both civilizations allow them to justify their actions, as they disregard the karmic scales of justice. Like the two B'S in Babylon, there are so many signs and symbols indicating the karmic changes that lie ahead for humanity. Look around and you will see the symbols abounding.

Many Americans believe that history began when Columbus discovered America. Britain, is an old country, whose leaders had studied history, but who believed they were divine and not subject to the laws of the universe. The Christian religion played a part in that faulty way of thinking. This is where Christian theology has failed western civilization. Nations of the western world have believed that nations do not incur karma or debt for their actions. Many believe that through Christ's birth and resurrection, they can "plead the blood", of Christ; all sins are forgiven and there is not debt or karma to pay for one's actions. This misguided doctrine has led to many in America and America herself, feeling that she is above the laws of God. Just as individuals incur karmic debt that must be fully repaid, so do nations. When nations kill, plunder and steal in the name of a higher cause, they reap the karmic consequences of those actions. God, the Universe, makes no exceptions to its laws. So as you reap so shall you sow. What is playing out in the Middle East is ancient and modern karma fulfilling the end of one cosmic cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

According to Christian scripture, Babylon marked a pivotal change in the condition of humanity, as man decided to build The Tower of Babel, which would reach to Heaven. It was at this time that God changed the languages of the people so the people began speaking many different languages, and so that one group could not understand another group. This marked the start of many nations speaking many languages. This is a tale of symbolism and shows that Babylon was the place where a profound change occured which affected humanity for thousands of years.

So it will be with the War in Iraq. The War in Iraq finds America at the height of its military and economic power. America and Britain have started a process through the War which they started, which will begin the profound changes in the human condition that all humanity will experience. Karmic forces will clash and set the stage for a complete transformation of the world as we know it. This will be in keeping with th Cosmic cycle that the sun has moved into. The changes that will transpire will lay the foundation for the next 2100 years. Read this and weep or salute the Cosmic energies and let the karmic forces cleanse the earth of the inevitable cleansing that must take place.

Those who interfere with the process will collapse under the weight of their own karma. This is what is happening to America and Britain. The British Monarchy is filled with negative karma. The crown jewels of the British Monarchy are filled with the heavy karma of theft, robbery and exploitation, stemming from Britain's colonial past. The jewels which fill the Tower of London and the crowns of the Monarchy were taken or stolen from her former colonies, foremost of which are India, and South Africa. It is incredible to see how proudly the Queen wears the burdensome karma of the stolen crown jewels on her head, which symbolize the karma of the British nation and the Britsh people. The British Monarchy will stumble under its negative karma and so will the nation of Britain. Britain and the British Monarch should do what is right, and that is return the stolen jewels in the Tower of London to her former colonies. The return of the stolen crown jewels will aid the economies of the developing nations from which they were taken.

The nation of Britain sustains her image as a kingdom through the United Kingdom. Besides Britain, the nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales make up the United Kingdom.   Britain, without the nations which make up the United Kingdom, would be simply Britain and the British monarchy. Britain's status among nations is further enhanced through her role in the Commonwealth of nations.

The British monarch is head of the Commonwealth of nations, most of which are her former colonies. Britain also retains her former colonial heritage through some of her island posessions. These former colonies, which are now independent nations, hang on to the old umbilical cord of the Queen, still dependent on the legacy of colonialism for survival. The members of the Commonwealth of nations share certain benefits, which accrue to all of the members for allowing the British Monarch to serve as the individual Commonwealth members' Head of State. Among the benefits which accrue to Britain's former colonies is the right of the citizens of those former colonies to freely visit and migrate to Britain, and vice versa.

Britain's population has grown by the influx of immigration from her former "third world" colonies. In today's age of terrorism, this poses a unique problem for Britain, and also for France. Both Britain and France have allowed liberal immigration policies with their former colonies, in order to maintain close economic ties, post independence of those former colonies. The trade-off of liberal immigration policies between Britain and France and their former colonies, poses unique problems for both Britain and France, and consequently America. Both Britain and France have a growing population from members of their former colonies, who do not necessarily hold the same attitudes towards Britain and The British monarchy, and France and her colonial past, as the native British and French populations, respectively.

The population demographics in Britain and France bear out this stress and strains in a clash of cultures and civilization. This is especially true for those migrant populations from the former Arab and Muslim colonies in North Africa, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Middle East. In order to maintain the ease of flow of people between Britain and France, and their former colonies, Britain and France face unique problems, which in turn extend to America. This is true because of the long standing, relaxed restriction on the international travel among the citizens of the three countries. America, Britain and France have reciprocal arrangements which allow their citizens to travel easily among the three countries, without the visa requirements that would be required with other countries. As a result, these travel arrangements make America subject to the transit and migratory problems of Britain and France, as it affects the travel and international flow of visitors among the three countries.

The vulnerabilities of Britain and France vis a vis their former colonies extend to America, by default, because of the situation described above, regarding the unique travel arrangements among the three countries. The karma of colonization is reverberating to the European continent and consequently to America through the reciprocal relationships in travel and trade. When Bush says that if America pulls her troops out of Iraq, the terrorists will follow them to America, he is undoubtedly referring to the ease of movement among citizens and residents of Britain, France and America, which includes their former colonial populations described above. How else will the terrorists come to America, except if America lets them in through weak border and port security? All three countries are in a karmic pickle, when it comes to immigration and the flow of reciprocal travel among the three.

It is interesting to note the differences in the way that the French leaders, who were deeply rooted in France and whose roots are authentically French, recognized the colonial history of France, and who did not want her to make the mistakes of history in going forth. Those prior leaders include de Gaulle, and Chirac. Whereas, the new leader of France, Sarkozy, who comes from Polish immigrants, has no apparent appreciation for this past. He is thus eager to align with America as she pusues a neo-colonialist agenda in the Middle East. These previous leaders of France had more of an appreciation for France and where she stood in history, and did not wish to join America in her wrongdoing around the world. By being in complicity with America, in this regard, they realized the long term danger to France. The new leader of France, Sarkozy, with his Polish roots, in no way measures up to the great leaders of France, who were genuinely French. He behaves like a small child, enamored by all of the skycrapers, toys and gadgets that America has to offer. His arrogrance toward the former African colonies of France and Britain is obnoxious and disrespectful. The same could be said for the current Chancellor Merkel of Germany. It appears that she too has been compromised by Britain, Bush and America. A friend is someone who will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you would like to hear. America has not yet learned that lesson.

America appears to be a belligerent nation which believes it is above the law and, like Britain, does not believe that its Karma determines its destiny. Thoughts determine actions. Actions determine chatacter. Character determines destiny. This is as true for nations, as it is for individuals.


Like ancient Babylonia, Iran, modern day Persia, has inherited the karma of its ancient past from Persia, which invaded and mutilated the temples of Ancient Egypt millennia ago. With each invasion, the inhabitants of Persia carried off parts of the ancient Egyptian culture and knowledge. The divinities of Ancient Egypt became Persian divinities with Persian names.

The Persians were exposed to ancient Egyptain science, mathematics, and mysticism. They used the knowledge and exposure to Ancient Egypt to become poets, writers, and explore the mysteries, which led to their form of mysticism. According to the Greek historian, Herodotus, the Persians readily adopted foreign customs. They also considered themselves superior to the rest of mankind, regarding others as approaching less inferiority the closer they dwelled in proximity to them. This custom and practice of taking and adopting other peoples' religions and practices, led to the adoption and borrowing of the religion of Islam from the Arabs.

After Persia adopted the Islamic religion, through Arab conquest, the Persians used the learning and scholarship gained from contact with the ancient Egyptians, to develop sufism, which is a mystical branch of Islam. Since the Persian adoption of the Islamic religion, Islam, through the centuries, has looked to Persian scholars for their literary and mystical knowledge.

Syria, formerly Assyria, also like Persia, modern Iran, has much karma accrued and unaccounted for. It is during the millennia of 2000 that Syria, like all other Arab countries, including Jordan, which plundered the civilization, religion, and culture of Ancient Egypt, will reap their karmic justice on the scales of Maat. Karmic debt and celestial energies will bring about this balance of the scales in the external world for all to see and experience. Anyone or anything, which tries to interfere with the balancing of the karmic scales, will pay an unfathomable debt. Your karma will be magnified hundredfold because you incur a debt against the wheel of karma itself, which is unfathomable. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.


The death of Princess Diana and her rich Arab suitor, Dodie Fayed, foretells of the shared destiny of England and the Arab nation (refers to all Arab people). These two individuals were symbols of the people they represented and their shared destinies. Diana and Dodie Fayed, an unlikely pair, were as unlikely as the shared destinies of the two peoples they represent. It is no coincidence that England's largest store, in the middle of her capital city of London, is owned by a rich Arab. Symbols of the converging destinies of these two peoples abound in England. Nothing happens by accident.

The deaths of Princess Diana and Dodie Fayed, were sudden, violent, and unexpected. The way in which they died was a warning and omen of the future for Britain and the Arab world. Both Britain and the Arabs have been guilty of horrendous exploitation of other people and nations. Britain committed her acts of covetousness and lasciviousness in the name of amassing the British Empire and in the name of a Christian God.

The Arabs committed their violent conquest of other people and other nations in the name of their God and in the name of Islam. The name of God was mightily misused in both instances. All of the atrocious acts of greed and violence committed by the Arabs against defenseless people in the name of Islam and the spread of Islam have created enormous karma for the nation of Arab people. The karmic debt of the Arab world is overwhelming. The debt has been paid instantly on the cosmic plane and awaits karmic manifestation on the physical plane. The enormous karmic debt of the Arabs, accrued during the past 2000 years will be manifested outwardly on the physical plane in the new millennia of 2000. This will happen because of the convergence of celestial energies with physical energies, which create the conditions for manifestation of the balancing of the scales of Maat.

The message of the prophecy which is karma is: Nations should not use religion and God's name to control and dominate other people and nations economically, socially and politically.


Prophecy is being carried out or manifested through the alphabets. If you look at events around you, you will see that since the cusp of the Aquarius astrological age started, beginning in the last decade of the last century, prophecy or karma is playing out through the alphabet. The A's, the B's, the C's have dominated world events. Starting with America and Bush Sr. launching the war against Baghdad and Babylon in 1991, Clinton continuing hostility against Babylon during his administration, and the bombing of Croatia. Next, Bin Laden attacks America, and Bush and Blair retaliate by bombing Afghanistan. Bush along, with Blair of Britain, bomb Baghdad and Babylon. Condoleeza, Cheney and Donald participate in planning and designing the invasion of Baghdad. Prophecy and karma are moving through the alphabet to set the environment for the sweeping changes that will occur during the Aquarius celestial cycle.

Since this section of the Prophcey was first written, Beirut has been attacked by Israel. Bush and Condoleeza, whose hands drip with blood from the invasion of Bagdad (Babylonia), are at the center of what is taking place in Beirut. The Bekaa Valley, Bint Jbeil and Baalbeck are pivotal names in the conflict. In addition to Bush, Blair and Condoleeza, the main characters who appear in this conflict are Ahmadinejad of Iran, Abdullah II of Jordan (although he does not yet know it), Assad of Syria, and Abdullah of Arabia (Saudi Arabia). What is taking place in Beirut will spread to other Arab countries, including Amman, Jordan, and Cairo, Egypt, which will erupt in battle. Arabia (Saudi Arabia) will also be swept up in the war which cometh. Abu Dhabi will follow and so will Dubai. America will not be able to protect them from that which cometh.

America is multiplying its karma through its military surge in Iraq, and by convening conferences to guard and protect its vital interests in the Middle East. For every terrorist that America kills in Iraq and elsewhere, ten more new terrorists are created. All of America's efforts are in vain in the Middle East. The weapons, that America is providing today to Saudia Arabia, and the other so-called friends of America in that part of the world, will be turned and used against America. It is just a matter of time. The terrorists will eventually control the countries that you now consider friendly. America's military strategy in Iraq is a no win situation for America. Every desperate and feeble act by America, to postpone the inevitable, is increasing the weight of her karmic debt. These actions are part of the karmic cleansing that is taking place, in preparation for the profound changes yet to come. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Any nations or continents starting with the alphabets A B or C should be prepared for prophetic changes ahead. America, the Arab nations, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Britain, Canada, China, - these are some of the countries, and continents that will be caught up in the prophetic alphabet cleansing cycle.  Aruba, the Bahamas, and the Carribean will also be caught up in the prophetic changes.

When the bees stop being, you wll know that the prophecy is at hand. Many will be confused but those who have read this prophecy will understand.

Africa and Aids. Africa has become synonymous with the word, Aids. Africa is a continent that has suffered much. Africa will experience prophetic changes during the Aquarius cycle. Because the sin of slavery infects the continent of Africa, there will be a moral cleansing and atonement of the continent during the next 2160 year cycle. It will take that long for the continent and its people to reap the karma of selling their own flesh and blood into slavery. The horrors of the slave trade have yet to be paid, both in Africa, America, Britain, Brazil and Europe.

The continent of Africa will be morally cleansed to make a way for the descendants of those sold into slavery to return. Those who never had an opportunity to experience their birthright. Those who were sold off into slavery like chattel and animals will reclaim their ancestral home of Africa. This will not happen overnight. But it will happen. Africa suffers from an Aids epidemic that threatens the survival of large numbers of its people. This epidemic was brought to Africa by the same people ( the Europeans and Americans) who they collaborated with, in selling their brothers and sisters into slavery. The rich European males who paid off African prostitues to sleep with them, and the homosexual European and American males who engaged in sex with young African men, desperate for their hard currency, left Africa infected with that dreadful disease. That process started in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

What goes around comes around. Now, the descendants of those whom, the Africans made slave trade deals with, have returned, and this time to steal the lives of the offsprings they traded with. It is interesting to see how the wheel of karma turns. The cleansing that is taking place on the continent of Africa will last for the next 2100 years, during the Aquarius cycle. The cleansing will not only be in the form of Aids, but other catastrophes and disasters. After the cleansing and atonement for the slave trade, Africa will rise to full splendour and glory during the 2100 year Aquarius cycle. However, during the first 1000 years of the 2100 year Aquarius Cycle, after cleansing and atonement, Africa will start to prosper as she prepares for the repatriation of her scattered seeds. The celestial energies have manifested this to happen.

As for China, there will also be prophetic changes affecting the nation of China. The first thing that comes to mind about China is that it is overpopulated. Whatever changes that occur will deal with bringing balance to that situation. The changes will occur within the context of the overall karmic influences of the nation. The Chinese and other Asian cultures had contact with the Ancient Egyptians either as captives or as traders, as depicted in temple and tomb paintings. The Chinese developed their picture writing system, like the Sumerians and the Babylonians cuneiform, after contact with the Ancient Egyptians, starting in 1500 B.C. China should refrain from dipping into the karma of the Arabs in Ancient Nubia or the Sudan. Do no side with the Arabs against the indigenous Nubians, in the conflict there, for the sake of oil, or you will inherit the karma of the Arabs. You will find yourself in the same trap as America when it comes to the Middle East and the Arabs.

The source of Chinese acrobatics is Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians were the first acrobats, as temple and tomb paintings show. The gestures and movements which appear on temple and tomb paintings were connected to religious ritual. The gestures and positions used in Tai Chi, karate and the marital arts were all based on these ancient rituals and gestures which came from Ancient Egypt, without the connection to Egyptian divinity. The Chinese will acknowledege and confront this aspect of history.

Although the nation of India, begins with the letter "I", her two major cities, Bombay and Calcutta, will be swept up into the prophetic changes of the Aquarius cycle. India appears to be a snobbish and arrogrant nation. The apparent pride and arrogrance of the Indian people often betray the underlying poverty of the nation. India could be described as a nation that somehow does not fit in. Technically and geographically, she is a part of the Asian continent. However, racially, she does not fit in with the Asian people, as her people do not share the facial features of Asians. Many of her people are as black as Africans, but they don't have the hair texture of African people. So they can't call themselves black. They are too dark to be caucasian, but they have the hair texture of caucasians. They don't fit into the three races of man that God originally created (Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid). So they call their place on earth, India, the subcontinent. The writer believes that this lack of identity with one of the three races of mankind, caused the Indian people to develop superior and arrogrant attitudes, as a means of covering up their insecurity about their geographical location relative to the other races.

Prophecy will cause the nation of India and its people to realize their real identity in this Aquarius cycle. They will be humbled.

A word of caution to those who attempt to manipulate the alphabet by changing names, the former name will follow the name change. The wheel of karma cannot be deceived in this manner. Remain as you are and let the karmic forces cleanse and establish balance on the physical plane as has already transpired in the cosmic cycle. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.


In mankind's sojourn on earth, mythology preceded religion and religion preceded politics. With each transition and metamorphosis in man's way of thinking and philosophy, mankind moved into greater deception and conducted his affairs with deception. Today's world is ruled by an organized religion, military and industrial complex. Each needs the other in order to survive.

Religion has been used to gain a foothold in countries so that corporations and rich tycoons could exploit the people and their resources. Christian missionaries first gained access to a country, by offering the Bible to the native people in exchange for the land. This is historically what has happened in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. After submittting to the missionaries and Christian teachings, the corporations come in and take over the country and subjugate the people. This was accomplished initially through colonialism, and subsequently, post independence, through placing and maintaining oppressive dictatorships. These oppressive dictatorships, backed and supported, primarily by American funding, allow for continued economic and military domination by the religion, military industrial complex. The religion, military industrial complex not only rules the developing world, but rules the rest of the world.

Religion continues to be used in this way, particularly in Africa, where so called faith based initiatives, funded by the American government, come as messengers in the night to maintain control of the people and their resouces, through religious and charitable gifts. The missionaries, use beaming satellite technology to gain access to the people and their resources in modern day Africa, whereas before it was just simply the Bible. Today outreach of the religious, military indusrial complex is more high tech. However, each needs the other in order to survive. All are encased in deception and manipulation in order to control the minds of men. Whatever happened to the notion of separation of church and state, of which these faith based initiatives are such a blatant violation? Separation of church and state was a founding principle of the American democracy. However, this line has been blurrred as the religion, military industrial complex digs in for survival and becomes more entrenched, at the expense of the one of the founding principles of America. The whole thing is evil and filled with deception. The karma associated with the religion, military industrial complex which rules the world, is what will cause the end of the world. So sees the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

Today, in order to secure economic, religious, and political advantage, words are used to hide the truth and the motive of one's actions. Politics and the systems that man has created to perpetuate political, religious, and economic institutions, such as democray, fascism, communism, socialism, totalitarianism, and religious theocracies, have proven unsatisfactory and basically dishonest.   In order to please the constitutiencies that make up these political systems, lies, and deceit are too often perpetuated by the politicians in order to maintain their positions of power.  Nevertheless, of the political systems mentioned above, democracy is the best.

This prophecy is not written from a political perspective, but rather the perspective of "Maat" and cosmic order.   However, for the purpose of trying to save America, the Oracle of KMT will make the following mundane comments.

Having read the Prophecy up to this point, you should realize that the world as we know it is undergoing a cosmic cleansing. You should be beginning to understand the cosmic cycle that we are in. Much of what is occurring in America and around the world, especially in the Middle East, is part of that cleansing process, as one cycle of more than 2100 years ends and another begins.

Americans, in general, are a selfish people, full of greed. Capitalism has made them that way. Capitalism brings out the gross side of human nature. Capitalism does not exist and does not operate for the greater good. Capitalism's only purpose is to generate the highest profits. By definition, such an economic system is in conflict with a democracy, which should express the greater good of the people it represents. Democracy is a beautiful notion, except when it is encapsulated by the dragon of capitalism.   When the American Constitution was drafted, nowhere did it mention capitalism as its economic system. However, slavery formed the beginning of capitalism, which formed the economic root of America. This economic practice, which formed the foundation of capitalism as it is practiced in the American democracy, would ultimately strangle the democracy. This is what is happening until today in America.

The war in Iraq is as much about capitalism and the exploitation of other people and their resources, as it is terrorism.   It is the foreign policies of the American government, and the practices of capitalism overseas, which have contributed to a mindset of terror in the Middle East and other countries. Throughout the history of America, the cosmic energies have been at work. Now the very democracy of America and its economic system of capitalism are being used as the instrument and tools for the destruction of America. America's leaders are blind and are blindly leading the nation down the path of destruction, which is part of the cleansing process of this great cosmic cycle. The wheel of karma eventually takes care of all wrongdoing, bringing justice and right and truth to events that have long been forgotten in the minds of men.

Other nations around the world want to emulate the democracy of America.   However, the democracy of America cannot be separated from its capitalist economic system.  Capitalism was waiting for a democratic form of government, that it could encapsulate, when America was born. It found a home in America. The democracy in America has degenerated into a "corporateocracy", a form of government run by, and for the corporations of America. Russia, in its attempt to emulate America, is following the route of capitalism, and will eventually run into the same problems that the American economic system is facing. Capitalism is about profits, and the insatiable appetite for profits is never satisified.   It must continue to expand at all costs, even if it means sacrificing the jobs and well being of the citizens of its root country, as in America.

These corporations control the elections, because the policial parties and their candidates for office, depend on corporate contributions to fund their political campaigns.  It is obscene the amount of money that it takes to run for elected office, especially the office of President. Once elected to office, the politicans are responsible to the corporations and the two political parties which funded them, instead of the people who went to the polls and voted them in.   The voters are led to believe that they determined who would be elected, when in fact, it was the corporations and media who determined who the voters would elect.

In America, it is difficult, if not impossible to be elected to office, if one does not have financial backing from lobbyists, or political action groups, backed by corporate contributions. The lobbyists in the halls of Congress, including corporations, foreign governments, and special interests determine the legislation that will be introduced and passed by the American Congress. Often times, this legislation is contrary to what the constitutents of the Congressional Representatives and Senators would like to see approved. The war in Iraq is an example of the refusal of elected leaders to carry out the mandate of the people by ending the war and bringing the troops home. It is the American people, who do not have lobbyists in Congress, lobbying for their interests. Furthermore, it is apparent that Congress and the Senate do not serve as advocates for the American people, because they are too beholden to the "K Street" lobbyists who walk the halls of Congress.

The solution to this form of corruption of the democratic process, is to set term limits of two terms for each Congressperson and each Senator. Representation in Congress should be more participatory so that the positions are rotated to other citizens who wish to serve, and who have not become beholden to corporations and lobbyists. If the Congressional representatives and Senators will not set term limits for themselves, then the voters must set term limits for them by refusing to reelect any representative or Senator who has served more than two terms. The voters, we the people, must take back their government and democracy. It is apparent the democracy in America no longer works.

Today, in what is called the greatest democracy on earth, America, the politicians of America declare war on words in order to avoid declaring war on the real cause behind the words. For example, America's leaders have declared war on poverty, and war on terrorism, within the last 50 years. Lacking the honesty to declare war on the things or people who caused the necessity for a war on poverty or the war on terror, the leaders declare war on the word. When man goes to war against or on a word, or words, the declared war is doomed to fail. Man as a visible, material being cannot declare war on a word, which is invisible and intangible. When this happens, the word, the invisible and intangible, will always win, becuase it is not incarnate. The word on which war is being waged is not affected by the invisible and visible forces of the universe such as the natural elements. Man is affected by all of these forces and cannot do combat with a word or words, such as poverty or terrorism. The word being fought against will always win when man engages in war against a word such as poverty or terror.

Until the leader or leaders of America are able to define the war on terror as not a war against terror, but as a war against those who perpetuate terror against America and the rest of the world, the war on terror, will be an unwinnable war. Those who perpetrate terror are not in a war with a word, such as terror. America and her leaders must be equally honest and redefine the war against terror as a war against those who want to destroy Western civilization. This is no time for dishonesty by waging a war on a word. The word that you wage war against will always win. Man cannot battle words for the reason described above. A word to the wise is sufficient.


Democracy is incompatible with Islam because Islam is a way of life which embraces every aspect of a society. Islam is more than just a religion. Islam is a political, economic and religious way of life. As such there is no room for democracy in an Islamic society. Islam dictates and completely controls the society. Islam dictates the food and dietary habits of its practictioners, as well as the clothing and dress. Its law of sharia has become codified into the criminal and civil law of Islamic societies. The Islamic law of sharia would not be tolerated in a democratic society. In a democratic society, sharia law would be considered brutal and uncivilized in the way in which it is practiced and administered.

By definition, such a restrictive way of life is inconsistent and incompatible in a democracy. In a democracy, there is a separation of church and state and the laws of the church or religion are not codified into the criminal and civil law of the society. Neither do democracies tolerate any infringement or restrictions on the individual's choice of lifestyle.

America's attempt to bring democracy to Iraq and the Middle East is doomed to failure because the Islamic and Arab countries that America is trying to democratize are first and foremost Islamic societies. Islam will never allow those countries to substitute democracy and a democratic way of life for Islam and an Islamic way of life. America's experiment with democracy in the Arab and Islamic countries was doomed to fail before it began.

As for the Muslims who have migrated to America and other democracies, they live among you but never sacrifice their way of life. They are among you but not of you. They never become totally assimilated into the socieites in which they live. The religion of Islam prevents them from doing so. Most Muslims who move to democratic countries are there for economic advantgage and nothing more. They remain bound to their Islamic way of life, even in a democracy as open and as free as America. They are Muslims first and foremost. Their loyalty is to Islam. They live among you and use your laws against you. A prime example is the use of the nation's Civil Rights laws, by Arabs and Muslims, to protect their presence in America. If they had to choose between Islam and democracy, their choice would be Islam. A democracy does not force one to make that choice. But Islam does, because it is a way of life, which embraces the political, economic, and religious aspect of one's life.

America should remove its troops from the Middle East including Iraq, Saudia Arabia, and the Arabian and Persian Gulf. America is accumulating more negative karma by interfering with the wheel of karma as it brings justice to more than fourteen centuries of conflict in the Middle East. The war on terrorism has morphed or changed into a war of Moslem against Moslem. This is part of the karma of Islam and the Moslem religion. America is in the middle of this civil struggle among Moslems. This is one of the intended and unintended consequences of America's war in Iraq.

America's occupation of Iraq has brought division and civil war among Moslems, not only in Iraq, but throughout the Middle East and other lands. America should remove her troops, from not only Iraq but the entire Middle East, and let the wheel of karma sort out events. The Ethnic Cleansing that has taken place in Iraq, wherein Sunnis have been driven from Iraq, is not a substitute for peace. The Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds will eventually sort out their land without the presence of an American occupation. America's very presence in the Middle East is causing more turmoil, which is creating more bad karma that America will continue to pay for. The oil that America is protecting is not worth the karmic debt that America is accumulating.

The military and diplomatic strategy that America is pursuing of "divide and conquer" is opening another Pandora's box for America in Iraq.  In the interest of dividing the Iraqis along sectarian and racial lines, America's strategy is one that says "race and ethnicity trump religion".  In order to divide the Shiites in Iraq from the Shiites in Iran, America's military and diplomatic leaders are stressing the ethnic and racial differences between the "Iraqi-Shiite" population and the "Iranian-Shiite" population.  America's message to the "Iraqi-Shiites" is that you are Arabs before you are Shiites. America's message to the "Sunni-Iraqis" is that you are Arabs, and therefore Sunnis. In other words, your racial type, of being an Arab, trumps your religious affiliation, of being a Shiite, in the case of the "Iraqi-Shiites". This military and diplomatic strategy is a divide and conquer strategy, along ethnic and racial lines, in order to divide the Shiite population in Iraq, from their "Iranian-Shiite" brothers. Prior to America's divide and conquer strategy, the Shiites in Iraq, had never thought of themselves along racial lines, as being Arabs first, and Shiites second. The Shiites defined themselves in terms of their religion, and not in terms of their racial identity, e.g. as being Arabs, first and foremost.

When the Sunnis under Saddam Hussein, were in charge of Iraq, Bush and America did everything in their power to overthrow Saddam Hussein, unaware that they would be handing Iraq over to a Shiite Moslem population. After realizing what they had done, the American military, and American diplomacy changed their colors, and ran back to the same Sunnis whom they had overthrown. The American military now realizes that it needs Saddam Hussein's Sunnis in order to change the balance of power in Iraq.  By so doing, America hopes to take some of the power away from the Shiite majority, because they identify with the Shiite Muslims in Iran.

America is showing her true colors of manipulation and craftiness in order to maintain military control of Iraq.   America plans to maintain its military occupation of Iraq, and the Middle East, including military bases, for generations to come.   She cannot do this without deceiving and pitting one group of Iraqis against another, in order to divide and conquer. By dividing and conquering along racial lines, America secures a permanent foothold in Iraq to ward off the Influence of Iran.   America hopes that the Shiites in Iraq will consider their Arab bloodline, before their Shiite religion.   In other words, America's policy in Iraq has come down to "race trumping religion", in order to keep Iran from having any influence inside Iraq.

America's strategy of divide and conquer was also used to dismember and bring down the Soviet Union. By encouraging Gorbachev to pursue a democratic form of government, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics disbanded into individual, separate, small countries.  As a consequence, Russia became a weakened world power, and could no longer be called a super power.  Through the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, Russia went from representing a Union of approximately 291 million people, to a Federation representing approximately 142 million people.  The Soviet Union lost a signifcant amount of its territory going from a Union of 8,649,538 sq mi to a Federation of 6,592,800 sq mi.  The result of the fragmentation of the Soviet Union is that America is left as the world's one super power.  The problem with just one world super power, is that the power in the world is unbalanced. Russia and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics were the counterbalance to America's super power.  Without that balance, America, as the world's lone super power, has become a rogue super power, blatantly using her power to subdue any nation that interferes with the weilding of her enormous military power.  Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Zimbabwe are just a few examples of the way in which America weilds her super power status.

If not through outright use of military force, America strangles the life out of any nation she deems "evil", by imposing harsh, economic sanctions and by seizing the economic and banking assets of those nations.  Those economic assets, which have been seized illegally, remain under American control, earning billions of dollars in interest for the American government.   America gets away with such rogue behavior, because she is the lone super power in the world, and no other power is strong enough to confront and challenge her.  However, the Oracle of KMT sees that America's power is beginning to wane because of her excesses.  Some day America's banking assets will be seized by other countries.  What goes around comes around on the wheel of karma.

A word of caution to America is in order as it pertains to Russia and her dealing with former Republics of the Soviet Union.  America should not interfere with the political and military disputes between Russia and the former member Republics of the Soviet Union.  The political, economic and cultural ties within Russia and the former members of the Soviet Union date back throughout the last millennia, and predates by almost a thousand years America's short history.  Russia will try and reconfigure the former Soviet Union which Russia believes is in the best interest of the Russian people and the former Republics of the former Soviet Union.  It is through this reconfiguration and unity that Russia and the Soviet Union will become a stong and superpower again.  In the dispute between Georgia and Russia over the status of South Ossetia, Russia has the right to come to the defense of the people of South Ossetia, who are closely linked culturally and politically to Russia.  Since the break up of the Soviet Union, Georgia has become a puppet of America and looks to America to protect her.  This is part of a divide and conquer strategy.

If the people of South Ossetia want to be rejoined to Russia as part of the former Soviet Union, that is a matter between Russia and the people of South Ossetia.  America should not and must not interfere in this reconciliation between family memebers.  America will make the same mistake that she made in interfering in the Bosnia and Croatia conflict and, as a consequence, warring on the wrong side of history.  America and NATO did a very wicked thing by crushing the people of Croatia as they tried to hold on to their ancestral homeland and identity.  America and NATO will pay for the atrocities committed against Croatia and her leaders at the time.

If America joins in with NATO and interferes in the conflict between Russia and former members of the Soviet Union, it will only multiply the negative karma that America and NATO are confronting.  America looks belligerent and stupid when she tells Russia what Russia must do.  America cannot rule the world with military power.  Russia is a sovereign nation and will do what Russia believes is in the interest of Russia and the former members of the Soviet Union.  Russia's action goes far beyond the concept of "democracy" as defined by America, the European Union, and the New World Order.  If the Europeans can have a European Union, why is that Russia cannot reunite the former members of the Union of Soviet Republics?  American blood and treasure should not become involved in any way in the conflicts taking place between Russia and the former members of the Soviet Union.  Russia, and Russia alone, must work out the divisions that Russia confronts with the former members of the Soviet Union, as Russia seeks reconciliation and reconfiguration.  A word to the wise is sufficient.  So sees the Oracle of KMT.

Condoleeza Rice will go down in history as the worst National Security Advisor and worst Secretary of State in America's history.  She presided over national security when the terrorists attacks of 9/11 occurred.  She was ill prepared to deal with those events and the subsequent fall-out.  She had no background or experience in dealing with the Arabs and the Muslim world, prior to 9/11.  As Secretary of State, she has presided over the erosion in relations between Russia and America.  Rice is supposed to be an expert in the former Soviet Union and Russia, yet her incompetence has led to total diplomatic failure.  She has been provocative and retaliatory toward Russia, which can only lead to a bad outcome.

Back to the divide and conquer strategy in Irag.  Now that America is playing the race card in Iraq, of divide and conquer along racial and ethnic lines, as opposed to religious differences, this racial mentality will spew over into other areas of the Moslem world.  One's loyalty will be to one's racial identity, instead of one's religion. In other words, race will trump religion. Race will trump religion not only in the Moslem world, but also in the Christian world. Consider what would happen in America, if Black Christians, would say that they are Black or African Americans before they are Christians.  Other racial and ethnic groups would say similar things about themselves. In Africa and South Africa, the Blacks would say they are Blacks and Africans, before they are Christians or Moslems.  This type of political strategy and thinking will eventually lead to the breakup of nation states and all types of civil and military discord.  Everything that America does in the Middle East seems to backfire on America because she is doing all of the wrong things for all of the wrong reasons.  This is part of America's karma as she continues to dig a bigger karmic hole for herself.

Americans should consider that Iran is not operating next door to America, in Mexico or Canada, by attempting to interfere in the affairs of those countries.  America, however, is operating next door to Iran, in Iraq and the Persian Gulf, by disrupting Iraq and the stability of the Persian Gulf.  Iran has more right to be in Iraq than America does, because Iran has close religious and cultural ties with the nation and people of Iraq.  Iraq is in the same neighborhood of Iran.  It is America, who is out of her neighborhood, and who has no basis for being in Iraq, other than exploiting and controlling the oil of Iraq.  Bush and America should consider that Iran has every right to defend the intrusion into her waters, into her airspace, and into her weakened, next door neighbor in Iraq, by a hostile, foreign power, called America.  Go home America now before it is too late.  America is hasting its karmic demise by remaining in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

America is attempting to keep monarchies and oppressive regimes in power in the Middle East and elsewhere, who will allow America to continue to exploit the oil reserves, and to deploy her military resources. The oil reserves of the country belong to the people of those nations and not just the royal families. America will be safer when America pulls her troops out of Iraq and the Middle East. The problems that must be sorted out, among the Arabs and Moslems in the Middle East and elsewhere, must be done by them and them alone, without the corporate and military interference of America. Those countries in the Middle East will continue to sell oil to America, once America removes her troops from the Middle East. They cannot eat the oil. They must sell it and they will continue to sell oil to America, after America removes its military presence from Iraq and the rest of the Middle East.

America and its leaders are in a state of denial where Islam is concerned. The war in Iraq is contributing to the bankruptcy of America, and it is time to pursue another course. That course is to remove the American military from Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. America's fear of what will happen if America pulls its troops from Iraq and the Middle East is greater than what will actually happen.   Stop the slaughter of American lives by doing what is right and that is withdrawing the American military from Arab and Moslem lands. It is obscene to see America's military policing and patrolling the streets of an Arab country, knocking down doors and arresting another country's citizens. Where does this authority come from? The authority of the barrel of a machine gun, but does this threat make it right? Does might always make right and do the American taxpayers want their tax dollars spent this way?

American troops are in Iraq and the Middle East to protect the vital interests of large American oil companies and their executives. The protection of the American military extends to the Royal families in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. American taxpayer dollars are being used to prop up royal Arab regimes, similar to the regime of the former Shah of Iran. Once the people took over their country and deposed the Shah of Iran, America was no longer welcomed in Iran. The same will happen to America and the royal families that America is now propping up in the Middle East. Once the people in those countries take over the power from the Royal families in the Middle East, and control their countries and resources, America will no longer be welcomed. America never seems to learn from its mistakes.

When America leaves Iraq, the terrorists will not follow the soldiers to America. They are already in America waiting for the call of Jihad, thanks to the liberal immigration policy of the government. American troops are needed in America to defend within America, and to defend the borders of America. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Oracle of Ancient KMT.


America's love of oil, made from fossils, including dinosaurs, drove the two Bush presidents to lock America in a destiny that may be as fossilized as the dinosaurs. Greed, and the exploration of fossil fuel on America's part, have led the world to a destiny that not one of us could have imagined. As we burn fossil fuel, we have taken on the nature of the fossilized fumes that we breathe. Yes, we have taken on the violent and aggressive nature of dinosaurs. We fight each other, like dinosaurs. Sometimes, we fight without cause. Just for the sheer lust of greed and having it all.

And so who will have the last laugh. It appears that the dinosaurs will. We have created so much bad karma by breathing in fossilized fuels, which make us aggressive, and mean, that we have taken on the nature of the great beasts, the dinosaurs. They live through us. And they are having the last laugh. By burning fossil fuel to take us places we probably didn't need to go, we have become like them. Will mankind have the ultimate fate of the dinosaur? Only the wheel of karma and time will tell. Stay tuned.


America was founded on the idea of freedom from religious and political persecution. Those who settled America, in the thirteen orginal colonies, were fleeing from the religious and monarchial persecution of the British monarchy. "Taxation without representation", and "give me liberty or give me death" were the rallying cries behind the founding of America. The vision of the founding fathers of this nation was not a vision of America serving as a "melting pot" for people from all over the world. In fact, the founding fathers' vision of America was one that did not extend beyond the freedom flight of European immgrants, who were fleeing the European monarchies of the 17th and 18th centuries.

In a Jeffersonian democracy and a Washingtonian democracy, the idea of a "melting pot" would have seemed preposterous. The notion of America as a "melting pot" is a twentieth centrury idea, two centuries, and more than 100 years removed from the drafting of the constitution. That notion developed from a play, written in 1908, by a Jewish immigrant from England, who wrote a play entitled "The Melting Pot". Its message was that all immigrants can be transformed into Americans by melting into the American crucible of democracy. The message of the play, which opened in Washington D.C., was readily accepted and incorprated into the books of American history from that period to the present.

As the idea of the "melting pot" has grown and been indoctrinated into every child, who studies American history in elementary and high schools, the idea has been blindly accepted that a "melting pot" is what America stands for.

The founding fathers of America were above all, a Chrisitan group of men who had common sense. They did not stray far from their Christian background and common sense. That background would have influenced eveything that they did. From a Biblical standpoint, they realized that God gave every people, the three races of men, their land, and their roots. The land from which one originally comes, shapes who the individual is genetically, and the intrinsic sense in which one reacts to the external world. The founding fathers also realized that the country would attract immigrants from various countries, primarily from Europe; however, they did not expect those who immigrated to melt into a homogenous society. They knew that would be folly. You would always be identified even in America from your root country, e.g., the Irish American, The French American, The Italian American. The only group who has never been hyphenated in America is the British, because they were the true founders of the nation. The British people and the English language were synonmous with America becuase that is the origin of the founding fathers and the thriteen original colonies. The constitution and American law stem from the English Magna Carta.

The liberal immigration policies of America and the notion of a "melting pot" society have challenged the ideas and hope of the founding fathers, i.e., that in a multicultural and heterogenous society, shared values about citizenship and patriotism could hold the nation together.

The notion of a "melting pot" is a recent phenomena wherein America became a magnet for attracting immigrants from all over the world. This was not the original vision. The statue of Liberty, when she arrived as a gift from France in 1886, is supposed to represent: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." These words engraved at the foot of the Statute of Liberty appear to be nonsense. No great nation in the whole of history would have ever had that slogan as the slogan of their country. To do so, is to commit national suicide because there are millions of people who fit that description and would want to flee to America.

And so it is with America. It has been said that America is a nation of immigrants, to perpetuate the ideas of continuing to open the borders of America to strangers from around the world. Those who come, come to America in search of a better way of life. When they come, they are supposed to melt into the giant melting pot of America.

The problem with the melting pot is that the pot has started to "melt into the contents". The pot has cooked so long, and the heat has had to be turned up so high in order to continue to melt all of the immigrants, that the pot is beginning to melt into the contents. The pot and the contents are melting all over the stove.The melting pot has become one sloppy melting mess.

The melting mess includes the miscegenation and mixing of the races into a mush of hybirds, whereby the races as God originally created them are no longer recognizable.  With the dilution of racial makup goes the dilution and dissipation of the history that makes up the genetic DNA of that race of people.  Genetic DNA is used in a hsitorical perspective here, and not in a biological context.  Each race has their own roots, history, culture and lingusitic ties.  When races start to mingle and comingle as thery are in America and Europe, the members of those races lose their racial identity and sense of history.  This is exactly what is happening in America's melting pot.  This phenomona has led to the election of someone like Barack Hussein Obama as President.

Barack Hussein Obama owes his election as President to the mixed race, the bi-racials in America who have no racial identity.  They do not relate to any race or culture.  The State of California is the most obvious example of the mixed race status of its citizens.  The people in the State of California are so mixed they don't know who they are, racially.  They are bi-racial as White/Black, Chinese/White, Hispanic/White, Asian/Black, Mexican/Black Indian/Black, and God only know what other mixtures.  The mixed races or bi-racials eagerly voted for Barack Hussein Obama because they can identify with his mixed race status.

Besides the mixed races which voted for Barack Husein Obama, there were the many immigrant groups who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, including Hispanics, Asians, Jews, and Arabs, Muslims, and native Africans.  Blacks (Africans Americans) also teamed up with this group and voted Barack Hussein Obama into the White House.  Throw the liberal White into the mix, including their young adult children, Barack Hussein Obama was elected President.

The notion of a melting pot has diluted the composition of America as America was intended by the founding fathers.  An America, where White Ango Americans are in the majority, is a thing of the past.  The melting pot of mixed races, Hispanics, Asians, East indians, and African Americans will outnumber the Caucasian race.  The sad irony is that the White Europeans came to America to found a country where they would be free from tyrany, and in the majority.  Alas, after almost 400 years, the Whites will have lost their country to immigrant groups and mixed races, who have their own agenda for America.  The Europeans who have been here since the founding have no place to go.  The recent immigrants, who have migrated from their root countries, are still tied to those countries.  Many have dual citizenship and influence the body politics in their countries of origin.  The big loser in the melting pot is the White Anglos.  America's liberal immigration policy has caused this dilema for White Americans.  Liberal Whites could care less that their race is in the minority in America.

This was bound to happen.  The clever people who latched on to the notion of a "melting pot" were interested in growing the country through massive immigration.  In order to grow the American economy, they sacrificed the longevity of the Republic for short term economic gain.  Short term gain in the sense that the slogan of the "melting pot" has brought short-term economic gain over the past 100 years to America.  The Republic of America was supposed to last for at least 1000 years in the vision of the founding fathers.  That may be only a dream now because the pot has started to melt along with the contents.  The future of the Republic is in doubt because those with no vision and no common sense inherited the mantle of the founding fathers, without the vision and greatness of those founders.  Their vision was short-sighted.  They know who they are now and they know the ones who preceeded them.  In a sense they have cooked the books and the history of America.

The next time you read or hear a politician or other person say that America is not a country, but America is 'an idea", you should know that you are listening to, or speaking to a traitor. No real American who loves his country would ever make such a statement.  America is a land mass composed of 50 states, defined as a land mass with territorial integrity.  Anyone who denies that fact and tries to make you believe that America is not a land mass, but "an idea", is simply misleading you.  Such persons, politicians, political commentators, teachers, or professors, are trying to get you to relinquish your sovereign identity to a "melting pot". This is what is happening to America now.  The foolish notion of a melting pot has led to an amalgamation of races, where the population thinks of itself as an idea, a "melting pot" of people.  This foolish notion is leading to the disintegration of America and a complete takeover by the mongoloid mix of nations including Latin and South America, Asia, and the race of people from East India.  All great civilizations have fallen from the interbreeding and mixing of races from outside its borders.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.  Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


Where America stands now is that there will begin a future, mass departure and exodus of America's immigrants from America back to their original countries of origin. Americans will begin to reconnect with their original countries of origins, as America becomes less and less a desirable place to live. America will become a less desirable place to live because of man made and natural disasters. Moreover, America will lose its luster as a democracy. There will be a Civil War II in America. There will be major demographic changes.

In the future, America will have all of the attributes of a a fascist state. Under the guise of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and domestic surveillance, a moot Judicary will allow the trampling on civil liberties and Constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution will be suspended as America's leaders acquiesce to an all powerful Executive branch of government. The Executive Branch and its secret committees, along with the military, will control the government and the American people.  In response to these events, there will be civil unrest and many who uprise against their government. Conspiracies and mistrust of government will abound. When the word "Czar" creeps into the American system of government, Americans will realize how much trouble they are in.

The Government, the all powerful Executive branch, will retaliate against its own citizens with mass killing and imprisonment of those who resist the fascist state and the Imperial Executive Branch. What Saddam Hussein did to his own citizens in terms of the mass disposal of the Kurds and Shiites, will pale in comparison to what the U. S. government will do to its citizens. Those who rebel and who want to break off from a government, which no longer represents them, will pay the ultimate price.

Yes, America will confront the sins of the war in Iraq, this time, in the form of a replicated image of the way in which Saddam Hussein ruled his country. In order to keep the United States together, and to keep it from veering off into a splintered republic, the all powerful Executive branch will be prepared to turn its weapons against its own citizens. This is exactly what happened in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

Consider what would happen in America if the United Nations and some other major world power, imposed a "no-fly zone" over the northern part of the United States, and over the southern part of the United States. In this instance, the only area that America could fly its planes within the United States would be over the central portion of the country. This is the situation that Saddam Hussein faced in his country after the first Iraqi war in 1991. The Kurds and the Shiites benefited from the "no-fly zone" and from the outside interference in Iraq by the United Nations and America. The spoils of the first Iraq war, in the form of billions of "oil for food" dollars, went to the United Nations, various member nations, and to American companies.

Americans appear incapable of mentally and morally placing themselves in the situation that they have created for others. They appear to lack that sense of feeling and relating. Be that as it is, America now will confront the sins of the war in Iraq, this time on American soil. The break-up of America will be the price that the wheel of Karma will exact for the sins of both Iraqi wars, in 1991 and 2003, which were conceived, formulated, directed and implemented by America, under the two Bush Presidents.

The shadow, cast by the karma of the two Bush Presidents on America, will last for many generations. As Bush and America invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein, so will America meet such events. As America occupied Iraq, took over the palaces of the President of Iraq, and killed the two sons of the President of Iraq, a similar course of events will be visited upon America. In a similar manner, America will be invaded, and the White House occupied by foreign invaders. Whoever, the President is when this Prophecy is manifested, will be tried and hanged like Saddam Hussein. What goes around comes around on the wheel of karma. It will take many generations for the Prophecy described herein to be experienced on the physical plane. However, all will transpire on the physical plane as it has already occurred on the cosmic plane. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The Ancient Oracle of KMT is compelled to comment on the hanging, and mental and psychological taunting and torture of Saddam Hussein, carried out with the full faith and complicity of the American President Bush and the American military. Saddam Hussein was handed over, by the American military, to his Iraqi hangmen, who carried out an uncivilized and brutal taunting of Saddam Hussein, as he tried to make peace with his Creator, before taking his last breaths. By so doing Bush, the American military and Saddam's hangmen, commited a crime against God and creation. Bush, the American military and the Iraqi hangmen got involved in a process which no man has the right or audacity to interfere with, and that is coming between God and his creation.

The hate manifested by Bush, the American military and the Iraqi hangmen, in taunting Saddam Hussein to his death, with a noose around his neck as he tried to witness to his Creator, before taking his last breath, will forever be a karmic stain, not only on Bush and his family, but on the American people and the nation of America. Yes, Bush and the American military were complicit in the barbaric hanging and taunting to death of Saddam Hussein, because the military handed Saddam Hussein over to the hangmen. The American military subsequently collected his body and carried it off for burial, after having participated in one of the most brutal, uncivilized and mean-spirited taunting and haunting of a person's soul, as he tried to make peace with his Creator. What happened to Saddam Hussein, at the point of death, verges on medieval, pagan ritual including witchcraft and voodoo, and Bush and America were right in the midst of it all. This one act alone has futher sealed the karmic debt of America. So much for America which calls itself a Christian nation and a people of faith. Oh, what a tangled karmic web America has weaved for itself, and is entangled in.

Those whom America wish to destroy are demonized through an assault on their personalities. America went out of its way to demonize Saddam Hussein in order to justify invading his country and killing him. The same is true of Milosevic of Serbia. Who is a greater war criminal, than the two Bush Presidents and Bill Clinton? One of the Bush Presidents started the first war with Iraq in 1991, and the second Bush President invaded Iraq in 2003, took over the country, and in the process caused the break down of law and order, which has led to the deaths of thousands of Iraqis. Although Bill Clinton bombed Bosnia and Kosov under the cover of NATO's umbrella, the damage to both people and property took a heavy total on the people of Serbia. The unseemly timeing of the bombing campaign was intertwined with Clinton's impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives.

Furthermore, as a result of the first war with Iraq in 1991, and the sanctions that were enacted against Iraq at the behest of the first Bush, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died because needed medical supplies and equipment were withheld from them, as part of sanctions, even though Iraq had the oil dollars to purchase them. Who is more of a war criminal than the two Bush Presidents, and Clinton, who went along with the sanctions, to withhold medical supplies and equipment to the Iraqi people? Should America be invaded in order to capture the two Bush Presidents and Clinton for the war crimes, and crimes against humanity commited against the Iraqi people and the people of Serbia? Should America be invaded and these Presidents captured and put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Most Americans would say no, because again, Americans appear unable to place themselves in the same situation that they have created for others. However, the wheel of karma has no respect of nationality or the shortsightedness of mortal beings. The wheel of Karma sees the correlation, and Maat is always in balance. The physical realm awaits manifestation, and one can only say woe is America as america awaits her destiny. The Christian Church should be addressing these matters with America. However, the Church is too busy "pleading the blood and stripes of Jesus", in order to justify America's wrongdoing and the wrongdoing of her presidents.

American presidents come and go but the negative karma they leave behind plagues the nation for generations. The American people are partly to blame because they elect these people, and the legislative body is also to blame because they fail to provide proper checks and balances to the abuse of power. Unlike Saddam Hussein, these three Presidents will be given State funerals and treated like royalty at their deaths, instead of war criminals, responsible for the death of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

America is like the ship, Titanic, thought to be unsinkable. However, the great ship America, under the two Bush Captains, has run into an iceberg, called Babylon, now known as Iraq. There appears to be nothing that can save America as she begins her sink into the ocean of materialism, greed and capitalism, and militarism. The anchor which should have saved America and steered her into a different course, was the Christian religion and her churches. Instead, those anchors, turned her loose and let her commit all of her acts of greed and exploitation with the blessings of the Christain religion. Some of the most rabid supporters of America's wrongdoing both at home and abroad have been those who call themselves Christians, especially the so-called evangelicals.

In response to all of these man made and natural events, there will be a natural desire of the seeds to return to the roots of their trees, e.g. their origins. This is natural and the way God created the people of the earth. There will be a yearning of the seed to return to the root of its tree, in the search for renewal and rebirth, which can only occur from the root of the tree.

As things stand now, the Hispanic population, including Mexicans, Latin Americans, and the Asian populations (of whom racially they are the same people as the Mexican and Latin Americans, e.g. the mongoloids) will dominate America. They will be in the majority. They will join the native Indian population, who they are racially akin to, e.g., the mongoloid race, and form the majority of the American population. People we call Eskimos and the native Indian populations of North America and South America, originally came from Asia across a land bridge (which no longer exists) into Northern America. This migration from Asia to North America happened almost 12,000-15,000 years ago. They eventually spread across the regions of Mexico, and South America and Central America. These Indian populations include the indigenous tribes of America, and the Amerindians, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Andeans, the Incas, and many other Indigenous people of Central and South America. They all have one thing in common. They are descendants of the Asian or Mongololid race. They share similar facial characteristics, and the straight dark hair of the mongoloid race. The racial mixing with the colonizing Spainards has not changed the basic racial grouping of the Indigenous people from North America, Mexico, South America and Central America.

As more East Indian people, i.e. people from the country of India, migrate to America, they will also be a growing segment of the population. China needs America as an outlet for her population, which is overcrowded. India needs America as an outlet for her population, which is also overcrowded. The race of Mongoloids, (defined as Mexicans, and Latin and Central Americans, Asians, American Indians, and Eskimos), combined with immigrants from India, will dominate American population. There will be little room for any other groups. The Mongoloid race comprised of the Asians and Hispanics will dominate American politics. This racial group will dominate the seats on the local school boards, the City Councils, the State Legislatures, the Congress, and the Executive Branch of government, including, eventually, the Presidency. These population changes, and shifts in power, were brought on by the notion of a "melting pot" and the ignorance of America's leaders, and the greed of America's corporations. In a sense, the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater.

The two groups of people, present at the founding of America, e.g., the original immigrants, the Europeans (the Caucasoids), and the Blacks (the Negroids), who were slaves, will migrate back to their root countries, and continents of Europe and Africa. The prospects for both groups will prove much better, when they return to their roots, because of the melting away of America. Caucasians (Caucasoids) will be a minority in America, just as the Blacks (Negroids) are now, living in a society dominated by the Mongoloid race of Asians and Hispanics. This group of people (the Mongoloids) will not only be in the majority in America but also in their root countries in Mexico, Latin America and South America, as well as in Asia and India. They will come to influence and dominate the body politics, not only in America but in their countries of origins. The immigrants, currently living in Europe, primarily from the former European colonies, will return to their places of origin. The Arabs will return to Arabia. The Africans and other Black immigrants in Europe will return to Africa. The repatriation of European immigrants, will make way for the return of Caucasian immigrants from America, Canada, Australia and South Africa to their places of origin in Europe. This will happen over many, many generations, during the astrological age of Aquarius, and is in keeping with the manifestation of celestial energies.

These changes are associated with the movement of the celestial equinox and only await manifestation on the physical plane. The master manipulators of the earth, and their secret alphabet organizations, cannot stop these changes. You do not control the Celestial Zodiac. As above so below, and not the reverse. This is cosmology, and not astrology.

Please don't argue with this prophecy. You may be ignorant and not educated properly. You have probably never heard of the Continental Drift, and plate tectonics, and the impact of the movement of the oceanic crust. You probably did not know that there are genetically only three races of mankind. In addition to certain genetic differences in the three races, the exterior features that distinguish the races, are skin color and texture of hair. Each of the three races, which God created, is different in this regards. Texture of hair and skin color are by far the determining factor in racial classification.

Don't argue with the prophecy and this description. If you want to argue, argue with the Creator, who fashioned mankind on his Potter's Wheel. You may chose to believe that there are no differences between the races. However, there are. All other classifications of man are based on cultural, religious and ethnic differences, which have nothing to do with race. Those are differences created by the institutions that man has created to perpetuate his identity, over and beyond the identity that God gave to him through his racial grouping. At birth, one is identified by race - not language, not ethnicity, not religion, not country of origin. When the baby leaves the birth canal, the first identifying characteristic is his race and gender. All other classifications, defined by man and not by God, are added later.

The racial differences in mankind should make you have a greater appreciation for God and his creations. You should see through the barriers that man has created, such as religion, language, economics, culture and ethnicity, and appreciate the way that God created man. Man has complicated creation through confusion and deception. However, God allowed each race of man to evolve in their original habitat, and places of origin on planet earth. These natural places of origin are where each race was meant to prosper and thrive. This was the way in which God created man and the earth. Each race living in harmony within his natural environment, which is most condusive to his growth and well-being. Thus the Negroid race, which is native to Africa, evolved on the continent of Africa. The Caucasoid race which is native to Europe, evolved in Europe. The Asian race, which is native to Asia, evolved in Asia. Through continental drift, and shift of the tectonic plates, land masses have moved and, also, the people who live on those land masses. However, the underlying identity of the races of man, as God created them has not changed, despite continental drift and shift in the tetonic plates.

Anthropologically, modern man evolved from Homo sapiens who originated in Africa more than 150,000 years ago. Some Homo sapiens left Africa and spread to Europe and Asia. The Homo sapiens who remained in Africa evolved into the Negroid race. The Homo sapiens who spread to Europe evolved into the Caucasoid race. The Homo Sapiens who spread to Asia evolved into the Mongoloid race. Throughout the evolution of man into the three racial groups which God created, the sun, the symbol of The Soul, was the defining cause of the characteristics of the three racial groups. The sun, the visible symbol of God in our solar system, determined how each racial group would look physically, and the geographical environment in which they evolved. The purpose of this Prophecy is not to give you an education in anthropology or the mitochondrial genetics of the races of mankind, but to help you understand the comments in this section of the Prophecy. Don't get hung up on technicalities; focus on the prophecy in its totality and what it means for you and your progeny.

As mentioned in the description above of the equinox and the Pisces cycle of the celestial equinox, the Pisces cycle of the equinox is characterized by water, which is negative. Each cycle lasts for approximately 2,160 years. The Piscean Age has been characterized by delusion, and deception, features of negativity. The Piscean Age misled and confused man through the institutions of religion, politics and education. Mankind has been severely miseducated and misled. What you should have learned and should have been taught was withheld from you, in order to keep you blissfully dumb. Awaken, you are entering the age of enlightenment and Onenss with God, as the mantle of deception and illusion are lifted from your eyes. This will happen during the next 2,160 year Aquarius cycle, which we have just entered.

As you live and breathe, you will see the prophecy described herein begin to manifest. The prophecy has already taken place on the cosmic scale. It awaits manifestation on the physical plane, where it is unfolding.


The words inscribed on the great seal of the United States of America sealed the fate of America. "E Pluribus Unm - Out of Many, One", is inscribed on a scroll held in the beak of the bald eagle. Is this motto really true? No one has questioned the truth of this statement, which is found on the great seal. Every thing is accepted blindly and without question. The greatest minds and the greatest universities have not considered or debated this underlying idea, which gave birth to America. The truth is that the many cannot produce or create one. It is from the One, comes the many and not the reverse. Many branches and many leaves cannot produce the root of the tree or the root. The branches and leaves come from the one root or tree. It is from the One that the many is created. This is the way the universe works, and is the way God created the universe. From the One, comes the many.

To create the image of "Out of Many, One", there is a bundle of thirteen arrows, representing the thirteen original colonies, held in one of the talons of the bald eagle. There is also a shield on the breast of the eagle referring to the thirteen original colonies, and a constellation of thirteen stars above the eagle's head. Despite all of the symbols, the veracity of the motto on the great seal, does not ring true. All of the symbolism in the world will not make something true that is not true. What is true, is that "Out of One, comes many", and not the reverse of " Out of Many, one".

The dubious motto of "Out of Many, One", has presaged America. In order to perpetuate this untrue motto, and false reality, America has had to rely on the patriotism of the pledge of allegiance to the flag, belief in shared values, and the perilous notion of a melting pot. However, the almighty dollar has trumped these reliances. Americans will come to realize that their country has been sold from under them because of political and economic greed by those in power. Many of America's assets are owned by foreign sources, including her implements of war. Yes, there are foreign claims against the implements of war that America is using to secure and protect herself. Many of America's debts or government bonds and notes are owned by foreign corporations and governments. If you want to understand the true state of America's economy, read the Updated Excerpt  to the Chapter.This Excerpt was written years ago before the manifestation.

Now, America's enemies, or so-called friends, in the oil rich Arab nations are using their wealth to buy up the rest of America. It is said that people who run the stock exchanges and the large multinational corporations will sell their mothers for the right price. America is a living example of this. The Arabs and Moslems know that the leaders of America, both in her government and her multinational corporations can be bought for a price. It's called economic jihad! America's leaders, including her President, were willing to sell the management of the nation's seaports to one of the Arab countries, where several of the 9/11 hijackers originated. The almighty dollar reigns supreme, over and above the pledge of allegiance. Lust and greed reign supreme in America.

The sell-off of America and her assets, including her infrastructure, and war machinery have long been underway. Moreover, the mortgages that finance many American homeowners, are also owned by foreigners, through the sale and resale of morgtgage-backed securities in the secondary markets. Many of those securities are held by foreign investors, including foreign corporations and governments. Arab countries, directly tied to the nineteen hijackers who flew American airplanes into the Twin Towers, on 09/11/2001, are using their oil dollars to buy up American companies, including the stock exchanges.

There appears to be no loyalty or patriotism, in the stock exchanges and the the board rooms of multinational corporations, where the dollar is concerned. American jobs have been outsourced to foreign countries, in Asia, and India. Americans manufacture little and are dependent on others to manufacture the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the toys their children play with, and electronic gadgets that entertain them. Communist China, a former enemy, now is one of America's largest creditors, investing its American dollars earned from the manufacturing jobs that America has exported to China. Americans should stop fatting frogs for snakes. In other words, stop buying products from a country that will ultimately use your American dollars to take over your country, both financially and militarily. Your leaders won't tell you this because the large multinational companies profit, at you expense, from this type of trade. America's leaders allow the selling away of America under the lame excuse of "allowing the operation of free markets".

Americans must ask themselves why is it that Bush and the American military have not captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. One of the reasons is that Bush and the Bush family are tied very closely to financial and business interests in Saudia Arabia, including King Abdullah and the Saudi Royal family. Bush promised the House of Saud that America would not kill or capture Bin Laden, in return for Bush's family and friends, including large American oil companies, having continued access to the billions of dollars of oil in Saudi Arabia. The Bush family somehow continues to maintain ties with Bin Laden's paternal family in Saudi Arabia. The Ancient Oracle of KMT has watched these things transpire.

There have been many deals made behind the scene with the Saudis by Bush and those in political and economic power in Washington. The fact that fifteen of the nineteen terrorists, who hijacked American planes and flew them into the Twin Towers and into the Pentagon, were Saudi Arabians, did not affect these secret and nefarious negotiations with the Arab King and members of the Saudi Royal family. Abdullah and the Royal family do not want Bin Laden captured or killed by American troops because of fear of the reaction among Moslems around the world.

If you notice, Bush no longer refers to the nineteen Arab hijackers as terrorists, but as "misguided young people".  That description came out of the Saudi playbook for America, and the foolish American President Bush repeats it.  Bush has referred to the 19 terrorists who rammed the hijacked planes into the World Trade Center Towers as "19 kids".  Would the almost 2000 people, who were eviscerated and incenerated in the twin towers, call those terrorists, "19 kids"?  Would the people who leaped to their deaths, like birds flying through jet fuel filled air, refer to the terrorists as "19 kids"? For the Commander-in- Chief, the President, to disrespect the memory of those who perished in those towering infernos at the hand of the terrorists, by calling the 19 terrorists, "19 kids", is an abomination. In a sense, Bush has proved, through these comments, that his loyalties lie with the Saudis and the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, and not the American poeple, and not those who died in the burning towering infernos on 9/11.  Bush is the only American who has ever referred to the 19 terrorists, who hijacked the American planes and rammed them into the Twin Towers and into the Pentagon, as "19 kids".

Bush and America have a symbiotic relationship with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Royal family needs America for its protection, and America need Saudi Arabia for its oil.  Bush and America are like the grotesque, ugly pimp of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia and the Royal family are like the obese, ugly whore of America.  The only thing that America has in common with Saudi Arabia is the lust for the oil that comes from there. Americans do not dress or talk like Saudi Arabians.   Americans do not share the religion of Saudi Arabia. The customs and traditions of the two nations could not be further apart.   American men do not require their women to dress and cover themselves in order to control their male libidos.  Oil and greed are the only connection between the two nations.

The karma of America is leading her down a slippery oily slope.  When she turns around and looks behind her as she slides down the slope and over the cliff, there will be minarets on top of the White House and the Capitol. As mentioned previously, America is in a state of denial where Islam, not radical Islam, is concerned.   There is no such thing as radical Islam; there is only Islam.  Connect the dots. Americans did not connect the dots before 9/11, and they are not connecting the dots since 9/11. The Ancient Oracle of KMT sees all the dots and is trying to warn America, because no one else will.

This lax attitude on the part of America's political and economic leaders, toward everything that the average American holds near and dear, begs the question of "why". The Oracle of KMT believes that it is because the very nature of America was formed from branches rather than a root. Because there was no deep root to be tied to, it has become easy for those in power to be lured and attracted by the superficial, the artifical, and the illusionary. The ties that bind, are becoming untied, as the many become too many, and as there is no root called America to return to. There is no root America to return to because America was never a root to begin with. America started as branches, broken off from other trees, so that when the branches become weak and scattered, there is no root America to return to.

As mentioned above, as America becomes a less desirable place to live, the many will start searching for the one. The many will seek to return to the root so that they can be revitalized and reconnect with their origins and roots. This is true, no matter how remote and how removed the many have become from their orignial source, or one.  Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


The George W. Bush Library will unfortunately bring bad karma to the city of Dallas. Dallas, Texas is burdened with two presidential tragedies. The first being the city where President Kennedy was assasinated. The second being the location of George W. Bush's Presidential Library in Dallas. Nothing good can come to Dallas from the karma associated with the Presidency of Geroge W. Bush and the Bush family. If you read the entire Prophecy, you will understand how the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush and the toppling and killing of the President of Iraq, Sadam Hussein, brought the kind of karma which America will pay for, for a very long time. The Ancient Oracle will say no more about this. However, time will reveal the meaning of what is written here.


Whether it is open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, NAFTA, CAFTA, or exporting American jobs to China, the Philippines, and India, the Bushes', (both George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush) policies have contributed to America's decline.  All that George Bush, the eldest, did not negotiate away with China, the younger Bush, George W., gave away to India. George W. Bush literally gave away America's nuclear technology to the nation of India.  It was a one sided deal and America got nothing in return.  The results of this biggest giveaway in American history has yet to be fully realized.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.


A word of warning about multiplying the ego.  The world enabled the multiplication of the egos of Diana, Princess of Wales, Michael Jackson, Barack Hussein Obama and others, to name a few.   In each case, their lives were cut short, or will be cut short.  This is because, by multiplying the ego and creating idolatry and worship of the personality, it detracts from the work of the Soul.  These larger than life personalities, with all of their flaws and warts, thrive on popularity and idolatry, which is cast upon them by the public.  When this happens, the Universe finds a way to snatch the personality away, so that the light of the Soul can shine, and not the celebrity of flawed and deficient personalities.  A word to the wise is sufficient. Stop the personality worship and idolatry of celebrities and politicians.  By multiplying the ego, you multiply your karma and those whom you celebrate as celebrities. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Regarding Michael Jackson and the attempt to idolize this troubled man, the circus surrounding his death, created by the media, by his "mafia, gypsy- like" family, and by questionable civil rights leaders, borders on absurdity.  In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Michael Jackson was a person who hated himself and his racial features. This was seen in the way that he tried to turn himself white, straighten his hair, and wear wigs that disguised his blackness. He was also androgynous with the clownish, painted lipstick red lips.

Michael Jackson literally had his wide, large Negroid nose chopped, and reshaped by plastic surgeons, in order to resemble the nose of a Caucasian.  He was left with two little slits, in a reconstructed nose, to breathe from.  He was so engaged in self hate that he would not allow his own sperm to be used to father his so-called children. The two White women who gave birth to his children, were allegedly impregnated with the sperm of two different Caucasian men.  He did not want a Black woman to mother his children, nor his sperm to father his so called children. The pathology of self hate of himself and his race was palpable.  Michael Jackson was in denial about the depth of his loathing toward himself and his race.  How can you love others, when you hate yourself and your race?

Michael Jackson did not want his children to have Negroid features, thus he forewent the opportunity to seed his so called children.  This troubled individual created music that was experienced all over the world.  His "Thriller" album and video show the extent to which Michael Jackson was a tortured soul, with grotesque and demonic qualities.  When he turns into a grotesque creature during the Thriller video, it raises the question of what was going on inside his tortured mind. His other videos including "Black and White", depict a weird, almost insane blur of racial faces blurring into one another.  His video of "Remember the Time" was another misguided effort to intermingle his tortured mind with Ancient Egyptian scenes.

Michael Jackson's celebrity encompassed a world of outlandish behavior that did not fit within a sane adult's view of the world.  He created a bizarre world of fantasy where only he could live.  He was weird, his world was weird.  Yet, he was able to magnetize a large share of the world's population to his insanity and madness.  America exported Michael Jackson and his self hating madness to the rest of the world.  America exports a lot of her cultural psychosis to the rest of the world. There was nothing great about Michael Jackson.  He did not serve his country in the military.  He was not a war hero.  He made no great scientific discovery or contribution to medical science.  He was an imitator of famous Black entertainers who had gone before him.  But Michael Jackson was not an original, except in a weird sense.  Stop the idolatry and the insane adoration and worship of the strange and afflicted personality named Michael Jackosn.  Surely, you can find a better use of your time and money than to make an icon of this afflicted and troubled man.

As for Barack Hussein Obama, his incarnation involves a different form of self identity crisis. Being the product of a Black African man and a Caucasian American woman, Barack Hussein Obama is torn between his two racial identities.  Barack Hussein Obama is almost ashamed of his whiteness, and yet not quite sure of his blackness.  He would rather be Black than White because of the injustices committed against Blacks in America.  Barack Hussein Obama married a Black American to tie his fate with Black America.  On the other hand, there is always that other side of himself starring himself in the mirror.  Both Barack Hussein Obama and Michael Jackson are tragic figures of history, propelled into history by their ambition, and self hatred and self identity crisis, which are epitomized in their musical and political careers. Both men were and are cunningly shrewd, calculating and conniving.  The Civil Rights pimps and the media have insisted on these two troubled men having a legendary place in history.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As previously mentioned, those who engage in idol worship and adoration of celebrity, to the exclusion of focusing on the light of the Soul, pave the way for the end of that soul personality.  What is left is an empty shale and a memory that will fade with time.  The Soul must be the only focus of an earthly incarnation.

copyright (c) 2000-2022. All rights reserved worldwide.  Respect the copyright!

The Oracle of KMT has published the Prophecy freely because the Oracle sees what no others see.  While the Oracle has shared this Prophecy with the world, the Oracle did not and does not intend for others to take the ideas from this Prophecy and use it for their personal profit.  Those who are engaging in this type of dishonesty are creating karma of a kind that creates a kink in the wheel of karma.  There will be so much noise and clatter in the wheel of karma, as it affects you, that you will not be able to think, recall or remember what you should.  The Oracle will not reward you with what you deserve, but rather the wheel of Karma will.  You know who you are and so does the Oracle of KMT and so does the wheel of karma.

The Oracle of KMT has witnessed those who create for the History Channel, who have read the Prophecy.  Since the contents of this Prophecy have been published at this website, the History Channel has scrambled and put together programs dealing with the Universe, How the Earth was made, the history of tetonic plates, the history of oil and the dinosaurs, and programming dealing with "what if", concerning the future of the solar system and the Universe.  If you had read the entire Prophecy, as you were warned to do, you would understand what the Oracle is describing.

There are others who have tried to link the Prophecy of the Ancient Egyptian Great year of 25,920 years to Mayan prophecy.  The Mayan calendar was not based on the Egyptian Great year of 25,920 years.  To fabricate this story is another sin against the wheel of karma.  The Mayans were a primitive people who engaged in human sacrifice, and primitive rituals of cannibalism.  The Mayan culture and civilization can in no way be compared to the advanced civilization and knowledge of the Ancient Eyptians, the people of KMT.

There is also an author who has written a book, based on the content of this Prophecy, as it pertains to the detrimental effect that religion has had on the modern world.  The author and his book, missed the point, and called God a delusion.  God is not a delusion.  The author and the contents of his books are a delusion in the opinion of the Oracle of KMT.   A little knowwledge gained from reading this Prophecy is a dangerous thing.

There are those who call themselves prophets (false prophets) who have taken portions of this Prophecy and gone off and written books and articles, claiming to be prophecy. They are liars and charlatans.  They are only trying to make money by peddling ideas from this Prophecy.  They require you to buy a book or subscribe to a publication before you can read their false prophecy.  Do not fall for their lies.  Return to this Prophecy, which does not require you to buy anything or subscribe to anything, before you can read the contents of the Prophecy. The Prophecy of the Ancient Oracle of KMT cannot be bought.  A price cannot be put on this Prophecy.  It is priceless and not for profit.

Other than this Prophecy, you do not need to listen to any media, or read any other publication to find out what is taking place in the world.  This Prophecy places everything in the proper perspective and context. Others who derive material from this Prophecy, take bits and pieces and use it to confuse you.  They confuse you because they are confused. They are neophytes. This Prophecy is all that you need. Return again and again to soak it all in.

This Prophecy is like a light hidden under the landfill of trash and junk on the internet.  To find it you have to dig deep on the internet search engines, where it is buried deep among the heaps of junk. Nevertheless, you found your way here for a reason.  Very little is worth reading and visiting on the internet. This Prophecy and website are a ray of light and sunshine among all of the internet garbage.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Oracle of KMT will not hesitate to call out anyone who uses the content of this Prophecy for profit or in any other way.  This is done for the benefit of all and in order to stop you from creating kinks in the wheel of karma, which will forever keep you from freeing yourself from the noise and clatter of your bad karma.  Don't mess with this Prophecy or the Wheel of Karma.


Now that you have read this section of the Prophecy, it is incumbent on you to inform others about this Prophecy.  Give them the website address, where they can read the Prophecy, and the warning for America . Thank you.

May God help you one and all!

If you are fortunate enough to read this Prophecy, you have received a priceless gift. Receive it and go in peace and gratitude.  Destiny and karma are unfolding around you.

Visit the other links, detailed below, on this site, starting with the Page.  There you will find more prophecy and other insightful pages.  Also, you are advised to return to this Hall of Prophecy where more updated comments will be provided on an ongoing basis. The updated comments will be sprinkled throughout the Prophecy in various sections.   You will have to reread the Prophecy to find the added comments.  All is a gift to you. Receive it in gratitude that you are fortunate enough to receive this wisdom.  A convergence of energies has brought you to this site. As appreciation for the wisdom that you have received, refer this website to at least ten other people.  Each one tell one.

"Please send your message below. No need to include an email address unless you request a reply."


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